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Cassandra-Episode 48

Few minutes after Edwin and his gang left, I picked up myself and staggered to my car, not caring to check the level of injury done to my body. All that was in my head that moment was to get out of the place as fast as possible. I really was very humiliated and messed up by the silly boy and of course I was very ashamed of myself.

I really couldn’t stop the horrifying event from playing back in my head over and over. The idiots really paid no respect to my personality or age as they dealt with me as if I was their mate.

‘’’you will pay for this Edwin, I swear. I won’t mind killing you if the police fails to act on this” I swore as I drove furiously back to my apartment.


On getting to my apartment, I took a quick shower, changed and first headed to a small clinic close to my house to get myself checked up by a doctor. Afterwards, I headed to the state police headquarters to lodge a complaint but I couldn’t make any headway with it because I was asked to first report my case to the divisional police station within the school community where the crime happened and if the police over there should fail to take any serious action that I should report back to them.

After a little argument, I had no choice than to return to my apartment and eagerly wait for Monday to come by. I just couldn’t wait to throw the little rascal and his gang behind bars.


Sunday dragged by very slowly, offering nothing exciting to me. I spent the day all alone, suffering the great the pain from my injuries and thinking about Cassandra. I spent the day all alone like a man without friends and the painful part of it all was the feeling that Cassandra was probably having a good time that moment with another man. An idea Edwin consciously sold to me and yes I bought it because that could be the only reason why her phones where all switched off.

‘’I pray I’m wrong. I hope she isn’t with another man. God please I hope it isn’t true?’’ I prayed inwardly as my thoughts wandered dangerously towards what she could be doing with another man since the day she left her hostel.

‘’perhaps she’s safe in her house and I’m here thinking rubbish’’ I merely concluded after hours of ceaselessly thinking.

‘’but what if she is really seeing another man, what will you do?, can I bear the pain and torture?, can I stand to look her on the face anymore?. noooooooo’’ I breathed as the questions kept popping out of my mind every second no matter how hard I tried to suppress it and to be sincere I really had no answer for them.


Early Monday morning, I headed towards Cassandra school to make an entry at the police divisional headquarters located there. All that was in my mind was vengeance. I just couldn’t let the humiliation of the previous week go without taking any action. I badly needed to deal with the little rascal no matter what it takes.

Unfortunately for me, the policemen I met there were really something else. They were just very dull and lazy. The officer I reported my case to bluntly told me that there was nothing they could do about it at the moment.

‘’Mr. David I really understand how you feel right now, but unfortunately there is nothing we could do now than to carry out an investigation. The reason is because you really don’t know where we can get the hoodlums this minute nor know where they live. Supposing the girl in the center of this whole deal is available, perhaps she could easily lead us to them but unfortunately we have nothing’’ he said softly, leaving me extremely furious.

I shouted at him without reservation, without caring that I was in his office. I was very uncontrollable and mad. I refused leaving until the D.P.O in charge of the division showed up and appealed to me to calm down. He had to rally about six of his men and together we all headed to the place where I was beaten up on Saturday.

Unfortunately for me, we couldn’t get Edwin nor any of the guys that joined him to beat me. None of the students around were able to offer any help and Cassandra’s room equally was still locked as it was on Saturday.


I had no choice than to return to my apartment like a man who lost a battle. I couldn’t think properly. I just couldn’t figure out what else to do. I even found it had to eat. I felt like crying. I thought about my life journey so far. My business wasn’t going as planned. My resources were very low because of the huge investment I made in getting my burnt shop back to its former standard. The year was quickly coming to an end and I really didn’t know what to believe of Cassandra anymore.

‘’Cassandra I pray you are not cheating on me. I’m ready to use my last resources to marry you. Where are you?’’ I lamented as I dialed her phone numbers over and over, getting the same old response.


Finally later in the evening, my phone rang and it was no other person than Cassandra calling. I quickly answered the call, breathing heavily as lots of questions raced through my head.

‘’what’s up with you Dave?. I just heard you came to my school to make trouble . Why is that?’’ she asked bluntly, not caring to greet or even ask of my welfare. My heart quickly boiled with anger. I hate being disrespected.

‘’seriously I can’t believe you called just to ask these silly questions. Where have you been all these while?. Why are your phones switched off?. I demand explanations right now?” I demanded furiously, but to my dismay Cassandra hissed and ended the call leaving me totally stunned.

To be continued

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