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Cassandra-Episode 47

Later in the evening, Chinedu and I discussed my future plans in his house. The day really was a very tough one for me. I desperately needed to cool off and come up with something but I found it hard getting any piece of mind. Moreover I couldn’t get Nora’s harsh behavior out of my head and I equally was yet to get my Cassandra on phone. It was now three days of not speaking with her.

‘’I plan going to Cassandra’s school tomorrow. I haven’t heard from her in three days and of course she knew I was returning to the city yesterday’’ I complained to my friend who nodded with understanding, giving me a long look.

‘’come on bro, what’s up with the face?’’ I asked curiously.

‘’you said you plan going to visit your Cassandra tomorrow in her hostel. How are you sure she will be there?. Hope you know that tomorrow is Saturday?’’ he asked, drawing out a frown from me.

‘’what are you insinuating?. She hardly travels home. That I’m very sure of’’ I answered quickly, throwing him a suspicious glance.

‘’okay but you do remember her hostel is a lion’s den. What if her boyfriend Edwin gets you there?. Have you forgotten what happened the last time you ran into him?’’ he said with a smile, bringing out more anger in me with his words.

‘’I don’t know if you are intentionally trying to make me angry or not. Anyway you are my friend and I can’t be angry with you, but please stop the silly comments.’’ I begged seriously.

‘’ will you accompany me to see Cassandra tomorrow?”” I asked hopefully. He quickly shook his head.

‘’no bro, I can’t. I have a wedding to attend tomorrow’’ he quickly answered while I smiled to his lie.


By 10am the next day I was already at Cassandra’s hostel in high spirit. I had to visit so early in order to meet her, in case she had plans of going out but unfortunately I met the girl’s door locked.

‘’oh Sir Cassandra has been away for four days. She travelled.’’ A female neighbor informed me as she saw me standing in front of her door. I had no choice than to swallow my disappointment and walk back to my car. But on getting to my car, I met Edwin and two rough looking boys waiting for me. My heart skipped a beat on seeing them but I didn’t let fear take over me.

‘’hmmm I guess you came to look for my Cassandra again?. That means she isn’t with you. She definitely has left you to enjoy with another guy, hahahaha’’ Edwin laughed, while I tried my best to control my temper.

‘’I warned you to stay away from my girl but you didn’t listen. You showed up here once again and this time you are going to pay. I’m going to beat up like a dog’’ he said arrogantly as a loud thud quickly landed at the back of my head. The impact of the blow from behind by one of his men sent me staggering forward, towards him. He grabbed my neck, spat on my face and slapped me.

My head instantly boiled with great pain as I fell like a wounded Elephant. Nobody offered to help. No one came to my rescue. The quiet street quickly turned into a graveyard as Edwin and his gang took their time in hitting me with heavy sticks.

One after the other their blows landed on every part of me, wounding my flesh and tearing my soul. I couldn’t even dodge any of the blows. They came so fast and so heavily. I couldn’t even blink properly or open my eyes until they were done. It really was by God’s grace that I survived it.

‘’moron, next time it will be your sister that will pay with her life’’ Edwin threatened as he disappeared with his gang, leaving me so terribly humiliated, in full view of thousands of students peeping through their rooms.

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