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Story: THE BODYGUARD- Episode 19



the bodyguard- Episode 19

Written by

Tisa Phiri

I looked around me, some machines 
connected to me. I felt my whole body numb as I tried to move.
” what’s happening to me?” my inner voice asked.
I was still struggling when I head a feminine voice.
“stay stiil sir” she calmly whispered. I turned to look at her..
“who are you and where am I?” I asked still wondering what was going on.
“Am Doctor Mwamba, you are in a hospital” she answered with a smile.
“glad to have you back Mr..” she added..
“you have been out for a while.”
“What do you mean I have been out?” I questions further.
She sighed moving close to where I was
“well Sir , someone brought you in 2 months ago. You were barely alive, your body had burns and wounds. You were involved in a road accident a few meters away from Chingola town. I have been working on you ever since” she explained
“no one ever came to claim you nor visit you, we have no idea who you are or any your family members.”
Her statement clicked, I didn’t know who I was either. I infact didn’t even rememeber the accident she was talking about.
“Sir” she called me out when I was
still wondering.
” can you tell me your name?” she asked.
“What?” I responded looking sharply at her. I tried to think but nothing, the only thing I could remember was the things I saw some minutes before I started talking to her.
“I don’t know Doctor” I told her honestly.
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” it’s okey ” she comforted.
” try to remember anything about yourself then.” she said holding a file in her hand..
I looked up the ceiling trying so had to remember but it was blank. it was like I never existed before.
“am sorry Doctor, I don’t remeber a thing my memory is blank.” I told her after my effort to retrieve a thing from my memory failed.
She sighed..
“it’s okey. don’t push it. it’s normal for people with cases like yours. God willing you will recover your memory soon. Meantime, let’s get you checked and see how much damage the accident has caused to your brain and body”
After a series of tests I was told I had amnesia, that it was quite serious and would probably take time to recover my memory. I felt defeated, I felt like I had an obligation to someone, my inner self told me I had to protect and defend someone who’s life was in danger but I couldn’t remember who it was or where that person was.
2 weeks later… I felt better, with the strong medications to rub on my skin burns I got my skin smooth again and Doctor Mwaba offered me a place at her home. she told me her husband agreed they would help me. I had no option at the time so I agreed.
We drove to her home on 7 th street nchanga area. The family was so welcoming. Dr Mwaba had two kids, a 15 year old son and a girl aged 13. Her husband, a dark skinned short man spoke calmly and welcomed me to their home.
“We heard what happened to you and we are really sorry, just stay calm and feel free here. am sure you will be okey soon and will get back to your family.. ” he assured me.
“Thank you” i told him honestly.
I was led to the dinning table at dinner that evening. My heart felt at peace but the strange feeling of wanting to know who i was was still so strong.
I was stattled as Dr Mwaba’s daughter Maya called me..
“hey uncle! So what do I call you since you don’t know your name ?” she asked as we all laughed..
“Well, what do you think?” I asked her smiling.
“Mmm let’s see” she said closing her eyes.
“I think I will call you uncle Will!” she shouted..
I let a laugh,

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“why Will?” I asked her.
“Well, because I love Will Smith and you have a body like his” she shrugged as we all laughed loudly
“Will, it is Maya” I told her and she smiled proudly.
A week passed and I still couldn’t remember a thing. I had slept one day and I dreamed of being in some kind of jungle running dressed in a camouflaged combat. I told Dr Mwaba and she explained that maybe I was in some kind of army before. she insisted I took it slow..
“maybe the dreams will lead us some where.” Whe affirmed.
She handed me a small paper.
” We found this in your damaged trousers the time someone brought you to the hospital I don’t know if it can help.”
I unfolded the paper with hope. An address was written down for some plot within chingola.
“I have no idea what this address is or who stays there” I told her shaking my head.
“But I can go their this afternoon if you can help me find the place.”
“That’s a good idea” she agreed with me.
“my son will show you the area, let’s just hope something comes up from that” she added as she left the room I was given..
I changed into some black sneakers, a grey t-shirt and a black cargo pant. I looked at myself and remembered Maya teasing me that i looked like Will Smith and they all had been using the name. I had watched a few movies with her and I liked the action of the guy. I was even getting used to call myself Will too.
I smiled and wished I really knew who I trully was. I looked at the small pieace of paper again and left to join Mwamba, Dr Mwaba’s son outside.
“let’s go uncle, I will drive” he shouted the moment I stepped out.
“am coming too!” the smiling Maya called from behind joining us.
“I want to help you too” she looked at me when the brother told her to stay back.
“It’s okay angel, Let’s go.” I shrugged casually. Mwamba frowned furious

“come on guys lets just go already” I told them as i sat in the passenger seat.


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