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Story: THE BLUE LOVE-Episode 39(Making Fun)



The Blue Love-Episode 39(Making Fun

BENJAMIN’s Point Of View

I really forgot Jaja. I haven’t recalled her
face when I saw her. I don’t remember her
yet my heart was pounding hard and fast
when I saw her, and I felt a pain in my
heart and guilt when I saw her almost
crying. But my full memory come back
after she introduced herself. Jaja. That
name means everything to me. She had
amused me the way she fight verbally with
Olga. I would like to make fun to her
before telling the truth that I remember

It’s been five days since I woke up and
making fun with Jaja. She’s helping me to
remember mg lost memory by bringing
other significant things for us two. Like the
embroidered apron that she got when we
are on the resort before.
“What about this apron? Are we having a
bonding time through cooking?” I asked,
still acting that I still don’t remember
anything about us.

I saw her face blushed. I love to her blush,
like she blush when I am taking her. I
simply shook my head because of what I
am thinking.

“This one… You said apron is your new
fetish. You want me to wear this at night
instead of lingerie and nightie.”

“I’m that wild huh?” I commented.
She nod. “Wild and brutal.” She look at me.

“I know it’s sound amusing but I love the
way you lose control when we are making

“It’s making love.”

She nod and smiled. “Indeed. Making love.”

“What if my memory doesn’t come back?
What if I couldn’t recall everything on my
previous memory, ever? What are you
gonna do?” I asked suddenly.

She stared at the air for a while, seems
thinking. “If you can’t remember me
anymore, then we’ll do another memory of

I simply smiled. That’s my Jaja, she’s a
fighter and brave lady.
“Do you want to make anew memory with
me? If ever?” she asked.

“Hmmm.. Let me think about it.” I stared at
her lips. I miss those lips touches mine.

“Kiss me.”

She look at me, surprised. She haven’t
expected my command.

“Let’s hope that if you kiss me, I’m gonna
remember you. But if I really can’t recall
our past, then convince me to make anew
with you by kissing me.”

“Okay.” She slowly got up from the chair
and close her face near me. I closed my
eyes and wait for her to kiss me.
“I love you, heart,” she whispered and kiss
me, smack kiss.

“Hmm…So quick.”

We have been talking for about an hour
when she said she needs to use the
bathroom. When she got out, I called Dad
and Momsh to enter.

“What is it?” Dad asked.
“Can you do me a favor, Dad and Momsh?”

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JAJA’s Point Of View
“Momsh, why are you so energetic and
happy?” I asked when I noticed her smiling
and humming while cutting the plants.

“I’m just happy that Ben can go out now.

You’ll be having lots of time to bond and
make another memory.”

I smiled. Ben can now be discharge today.

His recovery is fast that’s why doctor let
him go. They just give him some
prescription and medication to take.

“Alright, Momsh. I’m going. Aren’t you
going with me?”

Momsh shook her head. I was about to
enter my car when my phone rings.

“Hello? Who is this?”

“You d*mn b---h! We gave you shelter and
feed you yet you still pay us like this?! Your
Uncle is suffering in jail! You heartless

It was Auntie Polly. How did she got my

“Who is that?” Momsh asked when she saw
my reaction when I answered the call.

“Auntie Polly, I had warned Uncle Troy
before to stay away from yet he still insist.

He even attempted to kidnap me and kill
my boyfriend. You think I can just let him
go away from what he have done? He’s a
threat to me, Auntie Polly.”

“Even though! He is still your Uncle! You
should love him the way he love you. Is
that the way you love him?”

“The way he love me? That’s the way he
love me. I had suffered from your arms
then it was his time to suffer in jail. He
needs to pay for everything he had done
wrong to everyone. And even though I take
back my demand, he is still going to jail
because he was a drug addict.”

“You shameless b---h! You act like you’re
rich yet you are just picked up by a wealthy

I sighed. “Auntie Polly, please don’t put
yourself in shame. I still respect you as my
Auntie. Don’t keep on insisting that I
should freed Uncle from jail because it’s
not only me he have done wrong and who
wants him to go in jail.”

I sighed after I ended the call. Auntie Polly
and Uncle Troy are my worst relatives. I
don’t know if they are really my relatives
the way they treat me. I haven’t felt that
they had loved me. They just took me to be
their slave.

I turned on my car and drive towards the
hospital. I am in the middle of driving on
the empty road, that is unusual, when
some car blocked my way.

My heart pounded hard when lots of men
emerged from the car. They are on mask
and have guns. Oh God!

“Get out!”

I get out from the car. “Please don’t hurt
me. Take anything you want!”

“You’re the one we want. Cover her head!

Do not hurt her. Take her in the car


Who is behind this?

Find out in next episode

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