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Story: THE BLUE LOVE-Episode 36(We didn't make it)



The Blue Love-Episode 36(We didn't make it)

JAJA’s Point Of View
I drink the coffee that Momsh gave to me.

We are sitting on the waiting area beside
the Operating Room. Ben’s surgery is still
on going. It’s been four hours since he was
entered in the OR.
I am still in the middle of understanding
everything. I still can’t believe and accept
the current situation. But I need to be
strong for Ben. I sighed. I just wish that
Ben could survive without losing a

“Momsh, what if he can’t make it?”

“Ben is strong, darling. He can make it. He’ll
fight for you. Just keep on faith with Him.”

Momsh hugged me.

“That’s right, Jaja. And Ben is going to
propose a wedding to you. He should fight
or else he can’t share the rest of his life
with you.”

I bite my lower lip. I feel the heat in my
eyes. I saw Auntie Fely running towards us.

She’s wearing a robe, seems she’s on her
sweet sleeping when Dad called her.

“Oh God! Honey, what happened to Ben?”

Auntie Fely asked as she approached us.

“Ben is on the Operation Room. Doctors
need to remove the tumor on his brain,”

Dad answered.

Auntie Fely’s gaze fell on me. She quickly
walk near me and hug me.
“Are you okay?”

I shook my head. “I’m afraid, Auntie Fely.”

“Don’t be. Ben would be alright.”

“What happened to my son?!”

Our gaze switched to Ben’s Mum. She’s
with Ginny and Olga.

“D*mn! The three b*tches are here,” said
by Auntie Fely.

Ben’s Mum look at me and her concern face
change into angry.

“You! What have you done to my son?! You
witch!” Ben’s Mum was about to fight me
when Dad stop her.

“For pity’s sake, Vina, be ashamed!” Dad
shouted. “Before venting your anger to
someone, know first what really happened!
Use your brain, d*mn it!”

Dad is really angry. I noticed that Ginny is
quiet since they got here but she’s staring
at me like she wants to kill me. Even Olga,
the shameless Olga, is looking at me like I
was cursed.

“Ben have a brain tumor and he needs to
undergo on a brain surgery. Now, you
should thank Jaja because if it wasn’t
because of her, Ben is dead now,” Dad said
to Vina, Ben’s Mum.

“Oh my God! My son! It can’t be! Why my
son?” Vina cried. Seems she didn’t know
that real condition of Ben, she just know
that her son is sick. It was just not me who
had been kept a secret, even his Mum. Vina
fainted out because of shock.

They admitted Ben’s Mum right here in the
hospital for she had suffered from nervous
break down.

We’ve waited for another four hours until
the doctor come out from the Operating
Room. Everything around became slow
motion. My heartbeat became louder and
louder until it was the only sound I can

I closed my eyes and sighed a few times to
ease my nervous. My cold hand is shaking
and my knee became weak and weak. It’s
like I am slowly became numb. I shook my
head to bring back my senses.
“Doc, how is my son?” Dad asked.
I gulped and hold my breath.
Please, God, let Ben be alive. Please. Momsh
hold my hand and smiled at me to ease my

“I’m sorry, Mr. Alvarez, we didn’t make it…”

My heart skipped a beat when I heard the
doctor. My hearing senses had been
disabled and the high pitch beep sound
was only the thing I am hearing. My body
was stunned.

Oh God! Why?! I fainted when I couldn’t
handle the pain anymore.
WARM SOFT bed is really comfortable to
sleep at. It makes my sleep better. I felt
someone touching my face. I moaned as I
stretch my body before opening my eyes.
Ben is smiling while staring at me. He’s
lying beside me, his head was on top of his
folded arm.

“Wake up, beautiful lady.” He kiss me on
my lips. “I don’t want to forget you.”
I look at him, confused. “What are you
talking about, heart?”

He smiled, this time his smile is sad even
his eyes is in pain. “I’m sorry for not telling
you my condition, sweetie. I just don’t
want you to be included with my

“But I am your girlfriend. You should share
everything to me. Let me know everything
you know. We are couple, we should fight
every challenges together. Don’t solo your
problem. We can make it.”

He rose up into sitting position. “We can’t
make it, sweetie.”

“What are you saying?!”

He faced me. “I’m leaving you, sweetie.”

I gulped. “Where are you going?” I know
what is he talking about.

“I am happy to meet you. You’ve
completed my life. I love you very much.”

“Where are you going? Answer me!” I
He smiled while his tears are flowing down
to his cheeks. “I love you.”

He’s slowly fading. I cried as I hold his hand
tightly. “I love you, Ben. Please don’t leave
me.” I hug him, afraid to lose him.
“Let me go, sweetie.”
“No! I won’t let you go. I’m going to fight
for you. Don’t leave me, please. I beg you,”

I said between my cries.


My tears didn’t stop flowing. My heart is
aching because of his words.

“I said NO! Come back to me, please! Fight
with me.”

“But, this is my time, sweetie.”

“No! It wasn’t your time to go up! It was
your time to wake up! You’re still going to
marry me!” I shouted.

He was silenced for a moment. “Then wake

me up, sweetie.”


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