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Story: THE BLUE LOVE-EPISODE 33(My Son is Sick)



The Blue Love-Episode 33(My Son is Sick)

JAJA’s Point Of View

“I’m sorry, I’m late. Just got from the
hospital,” Ben said.

He kiss my cheek and Momsh’s. He sit
beside me.

“Hospital? What did you do there?” Momsh

“Had a check up, Momsh,” Ben answered.

“How’s the check up, heart?” I asked.

He smiled. “Good, sweete. So, the result
haven’t arrived yet?”

We shook our head. I look at Ben and hold
his hand. I can see sadness in his eyes but
he’s trying to cover it up by smiled. I know
he found something that made him sad. I
just hope that’s not about his condition.

“Are you sure you’re okay? What did you
found out?”

“Just a mild illness, sweetie. Don’t worry.”

The result had arrived. Me and Momsh hold
an envelope where the result is. I quickly
give it to Ben. Momsh did it too. Ben is now
holding our envelopes and confused look is
on his face.

“You should take a look of the result first,
dear Ben. Then tell it to us.”
Momsh seems

“Alright.” Ben smiled and opened the

My heat beat fast when he took the paper
out of the envelope. Momsh hold my hand
tightly, like she was scared to know that
the result is negative.

We took a deep breathe and look at Ben. He
is reading the paper. I can’t see any
expressions on his face, he’s emotionless.

“Heart, what does it says?” Hope can be
notice on my voice.

Ben sighed like he was disappointed.
“Momsh, sweetie, are you willing to accept
the truth?”

Momsh grasp tighten. “Yes.” We said in

Ben smiled. “The result is positive. 99%
percent accurate that you are relatives.”

COLLEEN FAMILY welcomed me warmly.

After we’ve confirmed that I am the lost
granddaughter, the whole family rushed
into the restaurant to meet me. I thought
they are going to question my identity but
I was wrong. They are happy to see and
meet me. They even made a welcome party
for me right there in their mansion.

Momsh requested that she want me to live
with the Colleen family in their compound.

Their compound is very huge. And it is okay
for Ben because it is my time to have a
bond with my real family.

“Darling, how are you?” Momsh asked as
she enter my room. She walk towards me
and stayed beside me. We’re both looking
at the big human size mirror.

“I’m happy, Momsh. I’m very happy to
meet and live with my family. I thought I
have no living relatives but here I am, living
on a place where all of my relatives, who
was happy to have me, is here.”

Momsh hug me. “We are thankful to see
you, darling. Give us a chance to be with
you and do every bonding we had missed
with Jane.”

“Thank you, Momsh.”

“I love you, darling. We love you very

“I love you too, Momsh. I can’t wait to
know more all of you.”

We hug each other for a moment until Ben
come into my room.

“Good evening, Momsh. You’re beautiful
tonight.” Ben greet and kiss Momsh on the

“Good evening, dear Ben. And thank you
for the compliment. You look handsome

“Of course, Momsh. I am the escort of your
lost beloved granddaughter.” Ben look at
me and smiled.

“Alright. I’m gonna leave you here for a
while. Get down if you’re ready, darling.”

Ben walk towards me when Momsh closed
the door. He gave me the bouquet of roses
that he was hiding behind him.
“You’re getting more beautiful, sweetie.”

I hug him tight. “Thank you, heart. Are you
sure that it’s okay for you that I’m going to
live here?”

Ben returned the hug. “Of course, heart.
You need to have a bonding with your
family and get to know them more. We’re
still going to see each other so I won’t
mind if you live here.”

“Thank you for understanding, heart.”

Ben kiss my forehead. “I love you, sweetie.

I won’t stop to understand you and I will
do everything for you.”

I TOOK A deep breath and hold Ben’s hand
tightly. I can see lots of elite people who
attended the party here in the Colleen’s.

“Don’t be nervous, I am here.” He kiss my

I smiled and nod. “Don’t leave me.”

“I won’t. I will never leave you.”

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you for coming here in Colleen’s
Compound. As we had stated in the
invitation we had given to you, this event
is a welcome party for my lost
granddaughter,” Momsh said. She’s holding
a mic and she’s in the middle of the huge
verandah of the mansion.

I heard gasps and buzzing voices filled the
whole place.

“We had hidden the truth for almost a
century. I have a daughter, only daughter.

Her name is Jane, or the lady you know the
Mysterious Princess of Music. Yes, she is my
daughter. And as you can remember, she
suddenly vanished and we have no
information about her…”

Momsh tell the story about the reason of
Mum’s disappearance.

“Now, God had given us chance to meet the
only remembrance from Jane. We had met
in an unexpected way but I am happy to
know that there’s someone left by
Colleen’s princess. Ladies and gentlemen, I
would like for you to meet my darling, my
lost but founded granddaughter, Jaja

The spotlight focused to me. Ben stood up
and hold my hand. He pulled me and
guided me to go to the verandah.
“Smile, sweetie. I am here,” Ben said as we

People make a way and they are smiling
and clapping while we are walking pass
them. I hug Momsh and we faced the

Ben guided me and Momsh as we get down
the stairs. People walk towards us and
shake hands with me. All of them are
saying they are happy to meet me.

I gasp when someone accidentally poured
the wine on my gown. People around me

“So, you are not just a witch. But a rich

I look at the lady. It was Ben’s Mum. She’s
wearing black cocktail dress. She looks

“Even you’re rich, I still don’t like you for
my son. You b---h! You are the reason why
my son is sick!”

She was about to slap me when Ben grab
his Mum’s arm.

“Stop it, Mum. What are you doing here?!”
Ben looks angry.

“I’m here to watch the scene made by the
witch. Even elite people are dumb for
believing her lies.”

“Mum. Don’t make a scandal here. Let’s go

He look at me and smiled apologetically at
Momsh. “I’m sorry. I’m going to leave you
for a while. I’ll just take my Mum home.”

He pulled his Mum away from us.

“Stay away from my son!”

To be continued

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