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Story: ANGLES DO WEEP - Last Episode



Angle Do Weep - Episode 24

{ the end is now }


Promise in my perspective isn’t something all
human should make, because no one is sure
what tomorrow or days to come hold.

In heaven, the supreme one takes promise
very importance, when done to another party,
he expected it to be fulfilled or else it
becomes a debt on you which you carry
around till the day you fulfil it.
That’s why I’m against the idea of promising.

Only death can pay the debt of promise but if
ones die before fulfilling his or her promise but
already had the chance to fulfill the promise
but didn’t, then death wouldn’t have enough
dime to pay for that person’s promise.

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But what would be my fate when I return to
heaven with a debt on me, a shame for

I made promise to Ranking to protect Tabitha
but the promise was already drifting away
from my reach and I knew I’ve to fulfill it.


Happy ending, a great phrase that humans so
much believe in, tho many were compelled to
believe that the phrase will always be the end
of their life because of too much movie.

But the real fact is that out of 100% little
ones, only 40% always have that phrase while
others end in tragedy.

Before all people reading my story will fully
indulge themselves to know what finally ended
me, I can’t assure you that you might not be

As I’ve told you before, not everyone have the
opportunity to swim in the river of happy


Brother Luci accepted his request and gave
him the immortal sword .
” watch out to how I will destroy the earth
which your father value most ” he said
before he disappeared into the ground in

” this will be more than an ordinary sparring ”
brother Lucien said as he charged at me.

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My time with humans especially Tabitha took
it toll on me.

I wasn’t very strong, brother Lucien took the
pleasure of beating me to pulp, he was much
stronger than I was, he dealt with me like a
kid, I tried my all to also fight him but I
couldn’t land a single punch .
The sword in his hand was burning through my
flesh as it touches me because I didn’t have
my armour on me.

He was inflicting pain on me, I knew it was to
make me the feel the pain he felt when I
defeated and hurt his pride in the magnificent

I knew that the more time I spend with brother
Lucien, the closer Tabitha get to death.

I knew that brother Luci would have to take
her to the middle of the earth, the water of
creation inside Tabitha can’t survive more
than a minute on earth before it lose it
potency, so brother Luci would have to take
her their before he drains her of her blood and
miss it with the hakintolite water.
I screamed in pain as the immortal sword cut
through my left rib. The cut accompanied by
burning pain sank deep into my body and I fell
on my knee with no power or strength left
inside me.

” where’s that strength you displayed in the
magnificent hall when you fought me then ”

he said with an angry voice,
” you disgraced me, embarrassed me and
made me felt useless and worse of all, you
made me lose my pride ” he barked in an
angry tone.

” help me, I’m going to die, please save me,
my love ” I heard this tunes which were
portrayed in Tabitha’s voice coming to me in a
tone that portrayed fear and helplessness.

” I’ve been looking forward to this day ever
since the day I came to earth and now you’ve
to pay for treating me that way ” he added but
I wasn’t listening as the image of Tabitha
suddenly appeared in front of me, tears was
streaming down her beautiful face, and she
looked helpless and pitiful.
” I know you’ll save me my love ” she said in
a melancholy tone and was stretching her
hand towards me, I tried to grab it but it
disappeared when my hand was about to
touch her.

I screamed loudly in anger and lightening
started striking in a fearsome manner.

Brother Lucien raised his sword to strike me
at once but my armor as if being attracted by
a magnetic force, flew to where we were and
wore itself on me at once shielding brother
Lucien attack.

I stood up at once with a new adrenaline of
energy circulating inside me.
He tried to attack again but I swiftly rolled on
the ground to dodge his attack and picked my
sword which was laying on the floor.

I turned and strike him from behind with all
my strength, he lost balance and felt down but
quickly stood up.

My sword unlike the immortal sword isn’t
capable of killing an Angel but is capable of
inflicting pain on an Angel when they’re struck
with it.

He groaned in pain as he stretched the
immortal sword at me but wasn’t balanced
well on the ground as he kept staggering little
by little, I knew he was trying to steady
himself, I made motion to attacked him again
and he quickly raised his sword up to also
attack me but I aimed at his hand, as he
waved his sword at me, I swerved to my left
and quickly struck his hand with my sword and
he was disarmed by that move as his sword
fell down from his hand.

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He quickly wanted to pick it back but I
channelled all my strength into my right hand
and gave him an uppercut, the force of the
punch made him fly a bit before he landed on
his back.

I weaved my hand a bit in order to get rid of
the pain I felt inside it.
The uppercut had so much force that I heard
some funny sound inside my wrist , i felt like it
was broken.

I picked the immortal sword and moved closer
to him.

Before he could say jack, the sword was
already embedded in his chest.
I watched as his body caught fire and bit by
bit, it turned into ashes and the wind escorted
it into the atmosphere.

I tried to connect with Tabitha but all I could
get was a faint connection, I knew it was
because she was being travelled underground.
I knew their destination and I knew I had a
chance of getting there in time to save

They were going to Kaba in Mecca, that’s
where the middle of the earth is located.

But what I wasn’t sure is if I could make it
that far in my human, I wouldn’t have been
worried if I was still an angel.
I brought out my wing as I head out of the

The weather has already change to qualify the
impending danger, I can best describe how
the weather looked to lunar eclipse.

When I got out I flew up at once, and started
flying to Mecca.
All little ones are all stiff, everywhere was
silent as cars ,lorry humans all were glued to
the position they were before brother Luci did
whatever he did that made them stiff.

With all the speed I could muster, I flew to
Mecca, it got to a point, I felt myself blacking
out on flight, I knew it was because I overdid
it, I was not suppose to be flying such long
distance in my human form, but the thought
that I have to save the little ones and Tabitha
kept me going.

It got to a point ,my feathers started coming
off, I was still a little bit far from kaba when
this started happening.

And I knew if I didn’t make it to Kaba before
all come off, then I will crash midway.

With my sore hands and tired self, I increased
my pace again and kept on flying.
I was getting weaker and I felt myself dying
internally and my feathers won’t stop tripping

I was very thirsty and felt my oesophagus
shutting down, I passed many rivers, sea,
ocean and many water source but couldn’t
have a drop of water because I felt like a
second wasted will lead to the eradication of
the earth.

My wings were almost like that of a de-
feathered chicken, when I saw the symbol in
Kaba, tho I was still a little bit far from it.

All the feathers were almost gone, my once
glorious feather turned to something of the

My eye sight was getting blurrier, and I
wondered where I was going to get the
strength to fight bro Luci and his agents even
if I made it.
And it happened that when I was about to get
to Kaba, my wings stopped functioning and I
crashed on the floor with a loud thud.

I fainted at once, tho I tried hard not to but I
couldn’t control it.

I didn’t not know how long I was gone but
when I woke up, I was hearing a loud
murmuring from afar, it was like incantation.
I knew it was coming from Kaba and by
brother Luci and his agents,
That means I got to Mecca before them.

I stood up feeling alright, I was surprised to
see my wings on my back again in it full glory.

I flew at once and headed to Kaba.
My sword at my back and the immortal sword
sheathed beside my leg.
I saw a great view when I got to Kaba, the
agents of brother Luci all having a dark
glasses worn on their face formed a big circle
chanting, while brother Luci was inside the
circle with Tabitha who was tied up like a
sacrificial lamb, she looked like she’s
sustained many bruises on her body.
Brother Luci had a small black knife in his
hand and a calabash that looked sacred which
I presumed contains the hakintolite water.
Brother Luci suddenly looked up and saw me
hovering over them.

He gave me a wicked grin which I didn’t know
what it was but not for long.
” plan b ” he suddenly shouted and all his
agents suddenly brought out an object which I
didn’t know what it was, they all hit it on the
floor at once and a great blinding smoke filled
everywhere, that was when I knew what the
work of the sunshade the agents of brother
Luci had on .

I was blinded temporarily by the smoke and
couldn’t see anything, when the smoke weared
off ,I saw all brother Luci’s agents with bow
and arrows in their hand aiming at me. I was
sure the arrow will also have the melted part
of the immortal sword in it.

Before I could escape, they all shot at me at a
go, I quickly brought out my sword, I was able
to use it to shield many arrows but many still
find their way into my body and I fell down.

I was directly falling into the circle but I didn’t
know the force that pushed me away when I
was about to land inside it and I fell outside of
the circle groaning in a severe pain as the
arrows were visibly on my head and my leg,
only my chest was left out because of the
armor I was having on.

I la!d on the ground in pain as I saw brother
Luci dipped the knife into Tabitha’s rib.

Just then a lightening struck and scattered all
the agents of brother Luci.
Then I saw as the heaven opened and the
greater one with brother Michael by his side
on flying horses and armies of angels from the
warriors department at their back also with
sword in their hands.

Brother Luci on seeing this shivered in fear
and tried to quickly finish what he started,
seeing the backup coming to help me gave me
a lot of strength, I stood up and I forced all
the arrows playing chess in my body out at
once, I ran with speed and with a flying kick ,I
sent brother Luci away from Tabitha who was
bleeding profusely from where she was

I held her in my hand and started weeping as
she looked at me weakly.

Her breathing was weak, she looked at me and
smile and tear drop released from her eye.

She weakly raised her hand up and placed it
on my cheek which was already wet with

Brother Michael and the greater one were
already down and captured brother Luci.
” Benmanna ” the greater one called my name
as he placed his hand on my shoulder.

” please save her, she isn’t dead yet, it’s an
easy task for you to save her ,please save her
” I cried to the greater one as I wept

” she’s going to live but you have to back out
of this mission and agree that you’re going to
allow another guardian angel take over ” the
greater one said looking at me with pity
” I agree , please just save her ” I cried
agreeing to his condition at once.
He placed his hand on the injured part of
Tabitha and she became healed at once and
all her bruises disappeared.
She hugged me at once and thanked the
greater one for saving her.
The greater one had to free brother Luci
because killing him will foil the prophecy of
the battle of Armageddon.
After everything has been settled, I left
Tabitha to discuss with the greater one.

” you made me proud boy, tho I believed in
you but after seeing how everything took a
sour turn, I didn’t know that you could still be
devoted to your mission ” he said to me
smiling at me and I felt a tingling of pride rose
within me.

” does the supreme one feel that way too ” I
asked the greater one with a countenance
that showed that I was a little bit sad.
” because of all your sins right?” He asked
and I shook my head shamefully
” I don’t know what the supreme one is
thinking because he didn’t share it with me,
but it’s either you’re been punished or
rewarded but the percentage that you’ll be
punished is high ” he replied me and I became
scared, I felt like not returning to heaven

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” okay, but who’s taking over from me ” I
asked feeling sad.

” Michael ” the greater one answered shocking
me ,fact is that brother Michael has never
serve as a guardian Angel before because he’s
greater than that, he is the fierce warrior of
heaven and him taking the position of a
guardian Angel is a little off.
” did the supreme one force him to do it ” I
asked looking surprised
” no, he nominated himself ” the greater one
replied stunning me with more shock.

Brother Michael being a guardian Angel isn’t
bad, but I feel for all the evil doers that might
try to harm Tabitha especially Yemi.

Brother Michael is ruthless unlike me that am
still a bit merciful.

I haven’t seen him smile once ever since have
known him and I knew that any wrong move
from Yemi towards Tabitha, she’s already

” okay, it’s good but what will happen to
Tabitha, will she be given the honour to live
with the memory of seeing you and the angels
” I asked not going into full details of the

” the divinity has been exposed too much and
we will have to eradicate all the memories
from her head and your memories from this
earth making all those who have your
memories to forget about you ”
” including Tabitha too “? I asked interrupting
the greater one.

” yes ” he replied me making me more sad.
” okay, but can I ask for a favour ” I asked the
greater one with a pitiful eye.
” you’re free to ” he replied
” please, let me return Tabitha home so that I
can have the chance of bidding her farewell
before she forget everything about me.

The greater one contemplated it for some
seconds before agreeing to it.
” but you’ve to make it snappy because in the
next one hour, you’ll regain your angelship
back and all memories of you will be wiped
away from this earth.” He warned me before
he placed his hand on my wing and it became
very big and stronger.

I thanked him before I moved to where
Tabitha was ,took her in my hand and started
The journey wasn’t stressful this time and

I knew it was the doing of the greater one.
We spent only fifty minute before we got
home where everyone were still glued to their

I took her to her room, she looked at me
smiling and Happy but I was sad because it
wasn’t going to last.

” do you remember the promise you asked me
to make you this morning ” I asked glaring
into her eye
” yes ” she replied.
” here is my reply ” I said and she changed
her sitting posture glaring into my eye like if I
speak the wrong word, she’s going to eat me

” I can’t be with you forever, I’m going back to
heaven soon and another angel will take
charge of in guarding you ” I added using all
my power to stop the tears lurking behind my

” no, I don’t want anyone except you, please
don’t leave, I’m ready to follow back to
heaven if need be, if you leave me alone, I
won’t be able to forget you” she said with
tears on her eye, I couldn’t hold my tears
again as I also started weeping profusely.
” you will, you will be able to forget me ” I
said amidst tears.

” no, no, no ” she started screaming loudly .
” you’ve to forget about me, you have to
continue living your life happily, get married
to a good man, have cute kids and have a
pleasant career ” I said wiping the tears on
her face off.

” will I be able to see you again ” she asked
calming down a little.

” I’m not sure ” I answered her.
” then I think I have to do this for the last
time ” she said as she brought her head
closer to mine and kissed me passionately.
We were still kissing when I felt myself
flickering, I knew my time was up. I quickly
disengaged the kiss.

” good bye Tabitha ” I said as I finally became
invisible and I attained my normal height and
stature back.

” good bye Ben ” she said surprising me.

” did she not lose the memory if me ” I asked
myself rhetorically as I flew out of her room.

I wanted that to be a form of mystery to me
which I will be deliberating on when I get to
heaven, whether if she still remember me or

I was already on my way to heaven when I felt
the urge that my story shouldn’t just be in
dark like that, after all I went through, I feel
like it’s some kind of compensation to me if
people know my story.
I flew to one the highest rock I saw around,
sculpt out a part with my sword, and wrote my
story on it, I threw it down to earth hoping it
get into the hand of a story writer who will
help portray the story of my life on earth to
the people.

I looked down to the earth again and started
weeping as I knew I was going to miss it.

I continued my journey back to heaven with
my heart in my mouth because I know not
what await me by the supreme one, but I
thought he should still reward me because I
was returning the immortal sword to him, that
was when I remembered that it has been long
since I felt the immortal sword on my leg, I
touched the place I put it and that was when I
knew that I’ve lost the sword.
What now await
me, reward or punishment.


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