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Story: ANGLES DO WEEP - Episode 9



Angle Do Weep - Episode 9

{ Unrequited Love }

Can you try and put yourself in Tabitha’s shoe for just a minute, a minute is enough, just imagine losing 9 years of your life to oblivion ,but in this case ,a living oblivion.

Not knowing how the world evolved, being oblivious of the introduction of new technologies, not having the knowledge you’ve supposed to have gained throughout the nine years, having to go through stages you supposed to have been through, not being able to point to any achievement when people you’re supposed to be of the same caliber has achieved many.

And after all this, waking up to know that your mom is dead, your best friend has magically turned to your sister and her mother would be taking the mantle of being your mother, what more could be called tragedy more than that.

Thank you for the minute.
The Supreme really played It rough in the case of Tabitha, I thought the perfect one were supposed to be without any painful experience, their life filled with happiness everyday till they return to dust, I didn’t know that it wasn’t so. But I kept assuring myself that the Supreme one always has a reason for doing his things, maybe it was also to prepare for the future, to prepare for the greatness she was going to attain in life, well,I didn’t know if my presumption was right but I hoped it was because I didn’t think I could bare seeing her going through something like that again.
What does fate has in store for Tabitha again, I don’t know but time will reveal it.


After waking up from a coma lasting for 9 years, I hope you’re not expecting them to start talking, walking ,standing and the likes at once.

Tabitha’s mind was in disarray as she couldn’t decipher what really happened or what was happening
” who is the woman that always come with dad everyday, who’s the girl staying opposite to me, why is dad using the term ” daughter ” to qualify her, where’s my mom , why does it seemed to me that my body has changed, why am I staying here, why can’t I move my body ” all sorts of rhetorical questions were bubbling in Tabitha’s mind as she stayed on her bed with her eye wide opened and not being able to do anything.

Nina wasn’t also left out,watching her dad massaging another girl’s hair, calling her his daughter and even showing her more care than her was very perplexing to her. But all she could do was just stare, not being able to do anything.
After a week the girls were already alright, they’re now able to talk and can also move their body part but they’re separated, placed in different wards. Tabitha’s memory was already updated, she knew who Nina was and and who the lady coming with her dad was, she knew it was Nina’ mom but what she couldn’t get grasp of was what she was doing with her dad.

Ranking’s visit to the hospital was constant, he already asked the hospital to put the two girls in different ward when he noticed that their health was already improving, the day he heard Tabitha called him dad again was like a dream come through, tears of joy was streaming down his face as he embraced her, looking at her made him to remember Precious, she was just like the incarnate of precious but a better version of precious.

But his heart was filled with guilt, he didn’t know how he was going to tell her that her mum is dead and that he has successfully replaced her with another woman and that she also has a step sister and that she has lost 9 years of her life to slumber.

After two weeks in hospital, the two girls got perfectly healthy and were discharged, Ranking was planning to introduce the same girl to one another right there in the hospital, because if it result to any sort of complications, they will quickly be attended to.

The ward Nina was placed was near the one Tabitha was , Ranking asked Yemi to get Nina while he went for Tabitha.

The two girls came out of the ward at the same time, when they saw themselves, they were very happy and ran to meet in the middle spot of where they were and hugged themselves.

They’re so happy as tears of joy streamed down their face.
Ranking just stood where he was, he was in total shock, he was surprised that they knew their selves.

After disengaging the hug, Nina ran to her dad and hugged him.
You can imagine the look on Tabitha’s face as she stood where she was looking at Nina and her dad.

Ranking used that opportunity to explain everything to Tabitha right there, he told the two of them how he was already planning to introduce them when they’re through with their secondary education but couldn’t because they were in coma for 9 years.

The two girls were cool about them being sisters, but losing 9 years was something that made them numb, their minds kept on revolving round the things they’ve missed and they started tearing up.

” where is my mom ” Tabitha later asked amidst tears.

Ranking’s mind separated into two part, one was against him telling her that she’s dead and the other was in support of it.

He didn’t know what to do, he knelt down in front of her and put her into a tight hug as tears started trooping down his face.
” she’s dead ” he whispered to her hugging more tighter.

Tabitha woke up with a blurry head, she recognised where she was, it was the hospital bed that she just vacated, on her wrist were some small pipe with pin at it end connected to it, water was dripping bit by bit through the pipe into her wrist.

She made to sit straight on the bed but she was too weak to do so, in the means of her feeble attempt to sit, she noticed someone sleeping beside her bed, the person was sitting on a chair with its head directly on her bed, she couldn’t get a clear view of the person but she was sure it wasn’t her dad.

She ignored the person and continued struggling to get up.
When she couldn’t get up, she stayed still on the bed, her mind reminiscing back into what happened at the hospital corridor, could it be that she was dreaming or some sort of hallucination,t
ears started forming in her eye, and the tears turned to sobbing, from sobbing to wailing.

Suddenly, she saw the person sleeping beside her raising its head up, not wanting the person to find out she was crying she quickly use the back of her hand to wipe the tears off, but she succeeded a little because her hand didn’t wipe all off.

Nina who had refused to go home since the day Tabitha passed out in the hospital, it has been five days now and everyone’s persuasion including her mom for her to go home and rest were all futile.

She stayed in the same ward as Tabitha, reading stories to Tabitha’s subconscious self, chatting with her and telling her how she feel that they were real sisters.

After finishing reading a story book which her father just brought to her in the hospital titled Diluted Bullet by Horluwa~p1, she started feeling sleepy because she read the story throughout the night to Tabitha, she really enjoyed the story and didn’t stop reading till she was through with it.

She slept beside Tabitha and not up to an hour, she started hearing someone crying, slowly, she raised her head up to confirm who it was, her joy knew no bound as she saw that Tabitha was awake.

She quickly stood up and embrace her, she was very happy that tears started trooping down her own face too, Tabitha seeing Nina tearing up also resumed her crying.

” thank you for waking up, thank you ” Nina said amidst tears
” and be rest assure that with me around, I won’t allow you feel the impact of losing your mom, I promise you sister ” she added still crying.

The last words of Nina made the reality to dawn on Tabitha, as she her tears turned to wailing as it was now certain that her mom was really dead.

Nina did a great job in consoling her and after some minutes, she calmed down and the two girls started chitchatting as if nothing happened.

Tabitha noticed the three books arranged beside her and took them,
” I really love this stories ” she said as she looked at the cover of the three books
” have you read it before “? Nina asked her surprised at what she said, because her dad told her that they’re just new stories and she also knew that Tabitha and her had slept for nine years which made it impossible for her to have read it before.

” no, but I always hear you when you’re reading it to me ” she replied surprising Nina more.

Nina couldn’t believe her and collected the three books from her
” I will raise each book up and you’ll tell me little things about it ” she said to Tabitha and Tabitha replied yes that she’s ready for her challenge.

Nina first raised a book titled THE CHOSEN ONE ( BEAST OF GEVAUDAN )

“a story written by horluwa~p1, it’s a story about a young boy named Ben who was a hybriolf, he was laced with a heavy burden to eradicate his father’s failure by killing Jovacik but another beast appeared again, someone he trusted, he was able to succeed with the help of his friends and his late father ” she answered Nina smiling and Nina couldn’t help to be amazed at her answer.
She raised the second book up ,it was titled ISABELLA ( IN LOVE WITH A MERMAID )

” it’s a story written by sky~prince, a story about a young boy named Wisdom wealth who fell in love with a mermaid named Isabella ,she was like a guardian angel and would go any length in protecting wisdom. The story ended in a tragedy ” she answered again living Nina in awe

” wow ” Nina exclaimed ” I don’t even think I need to ask you about this one again ” Nina said raising the last book in her hand titled DILUTED BULLET

” but how come you were able to hear me read it to you, I thought you won’t be able to hear it since you were unconscious ” she asked with awe

” I don’t know, it was first like a dream, like you’re always coming into my dream to read it to me, then it started getting real and you’re always with me keeping me company, but still, I thought it was a dream not until I woke up to see that you were really with me ” she replied with unshed tears in her eye.

The two girls hugged themselves again and shed some tears before Ranking later came to fill in the necessary paper and took them home.

It was still the same location they were living before just that the former house had metamorphosed into a castle, it was more beautiful than the one there before, Ranking has succeeded in purchasing the houses near his house ,demolished the building then merged everything together to erect a castle.

The old staffs were still there, Aliyu and Dandy ,just that three more staffs has being added to them and all were hausa.

Dandy and Aliyu were very happy when Ranking drove the two girls in, tho they didn’t know Nina but they were very happy for their small madam.


It’s surprising how people always have different personalities, even twins born the same day, by the same mother, always sharing their things together are not expected to exhibit the same behavior.

Yemi’s behavior and Nina’s behavior was totally different even tho they had a mother daughter relationship existing between them.

Yemi was the devil while Nina was the saint.

Nina loved Tabitha so much while Yemi took Tabitha as her arch enemy.

After the two girls came back ,Ranking told them of his plan to deduct five years from their age and make a new birth certificate for them. ( what’s not possible in Nigeria,a place without any record of its citizens )

He also told them of his plan to place Nina in ss1 while Tabitha will stay in jss3, a class below Nina.

Tho Nina and Tabitha were already 20 and 19 years of age respectively but they still looked younger than that, so it made it an easy task to to change the age.
After hearing of her father’s plan, Nina declined it, she said she wished to be of the same age as Tabitha,she wanted them to have the same date of birth making them a twin.

And she wanted them to be in jss3 together.

Her mother didn’t support her but Nina was adamant on her decision so they didn’t have any choice than to follow through.

They were both enrolled in Prestigious Pearls Dynamic College by their father.

All their classmates has already passed out of the school and Ranking had made sure that all the teachers that were in the school when his daughters were attending there before to leave there, he provided them with better job which provided them with twice the salary they were receiving at the school.

He did all this because the two girls were adamant on attending the school.

All his effort to change their mind proved futile.

He took them to the school personally to enrol them.

He took them to the principal’s office to finalize their admission but on getting to the principal office, the two girls were shocked to their bone marrow on discovering who the principal was.

To be continue….

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