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Story: ANGLES DO WEEP - Episode 13




Angle Do Weep - Episode 13

{ Temptation knocking }

The supreme one was indeed merciful onto me, tho I lost my glory because of my disobedience but he was still kind enough to send an helper to me, I knew if I hadn’t come in contact with Joyce, I might have died, tho I didn’t know if it was possible for me to die, but even if I was
immortal, the pain that would be acquainted to me will know no bound.

But it seems the supreme one send Joyce to me for a reason because of who I saw in her house, maybe it was just a way to reconnect me back with Tabitha even in my human form, but I’m done guessing what’s on the supreme one’s mind.

He is the anchor of the boat, so anywhere he wish to sail towards, he should sail towards it but he should not abandon me or push me into the sea.


I sat on one of the chair in the sitting room to relax and she sat opposite to me, then I heard footsteps of someone coming to where we were,

” meet my oldest daughter ” Joyce said as the person got closer to us
I turned to look at the daughter and I almost screamed when I saw her .

She was none other than miss Efe, I looked at her face and looked at Joyce’s own and the resemblance was striking . They looked alike, but how was that possible, I remembered that miss Efe full name was Efe Ifedolapo Mobolaji and I was sure Mobolaji was her surname.

” Efe, meet Ben, Ben meet Efe ” Joyce did the introduction for us when I wasn’t talking and Efe too wasn’t saying anything as she just stood where she was staring at me.

” let me see you mom ” Efe finally uttered leaving the scene .

” I’ll be back soon ” Joyce said smiling as she followed Efe.

I knew it was because of me that Efe called Joyce, I was very curious to hear what she wanted to tell her but I knew I couldn’t hear, then I tried a trick which always work for me when I was still an angel, it just like sending a duplicate of me to find something out while the real me will be accessing the duplicate to know what I want to know.

The duplicate will serve as a spying camera connected to me, and I will be able to see and hear what it’s seeing and hearing.

I focused my energy in order to bring the duplicate out and it worked, I controlled it to where Joyce and Efe was and I started eavesdropping on their conversation.

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” who’s that thing ” Efe asked Joyce with a curious look
” what do you mean, are you referring a human as a thing ” Joyce replied in the normal Nigeria custom ( using question to reply a question )
” how can you call that thing a human being, do you think your prank can work today? , that must be a robot and you want to fool peace and I into thinking it’s a human ” she replied smiling.

” why do you think he’s a robot ” Joyce asked again smiling
” have you ever seen a human being look like that, the people that created him must have gone through many stress of creating the skin that was pasted on him ” Efe replied Joyce with a tone that depict victory, like I got your prank

” he’s a human, a normal guy not a robot ” Joyce said with a serious tone
” are you serious mom ” Efe asked with surprised tone
” yeah, I’m 100% serious, it isn’t a prank ” Joyce replied her releasing the serious look
” jeez, I can’t believe you yet mom, how can a human look like that, even tho am American series freak, still I haven’t seen someone look like that before in any of their movie ” Efe said with disbelief tone

” that was what I also said when I met him, he’s just too handsome beyond human level, I can’t believe such a person exist on earth, I’m still surprised till now even tho I’ve been with him more than an hour so I understand how you’re feeling ” Joyce enunciated with smile

” wow, but with his blonde hair, crystal coloured eyeball and his completion, I know he isn’t from Nigeria and he can’t be an half cast, not with all that characteristics, so mom, which country is he from ” Efe asked with awe

” he refused to tell me, but his intonation when I was speaking with him was that of Nigeria, so I don’t know what to believe ” Joyce replied her with uncertainty voice
” did you not know him before “? Efe asked her raising her voice a bit

” no, I don’t, I just met him today, I gave him a ride when I saw him walking on the road and looked like someone who really needed the ride ” Joyce replied her almost in a whisper as if she thought someone would hear her say what she just said

” you’re unbelievable mom, you met him on the road and brought him home, so what’s your reason for bringing him home ” Efe asked with a.serious tone.

I was happy with Efe’s question, I was also curious to the reason she was helping me, as Joyce wanted to answer her, I felt someone tap me, I opened my eyes startled and my connection with my duplicate self was lost at once.

It was the maid that tapped me ,she had a tray in her hand which consisted of meat pie, doughnut and Hollandia youghourt .

” I’ve been trying to wake you up since but you didn’t wake up until I tapped you ” she said dropping what was in her hand on the table
” I’m sorry, I’m just a little bit tired ” I said and she brought out a small glass table which looked like a cushion but it wasn’t a cushion, she placed it in front of me and placed the tray on it.

” here’s the snack madam asked me to give you ” she said staring at me, it was like she wanted to bore hole into my face with her look.

I started eating what she gave and I noticed she was still there looking at me but I didn’t say anything.

She left when she heard footsteps of Joyce and Efe coming to the sitting room.

” hope you’re enjoying yourself handsome ” Joyce asked me as they got to the sitting room and I replied yes.

” I’m Efe ” Efe said moving closer to me stretching her hands towards me
” I’m Ben ” I said shaking hands with her

” yeah, she’s my first daughter,she’s now 28 and still single, I knew it’s her look and stature that’s deceiving her ” Joyce added smiling

” seriously mom ” Efe screamed irritably leaving the sitting room and I smiled.

That was when I understand what Joyce was trying to do, her mission was to matchmake me for Efe .

Joyce engaged me in some discussion about Efe, she told me how her heart was broken by her fiance four years ago, it was two month to their wedding as they’ve already gone through the introduction stage.

But the guy cheated on Efe with Efe’s best friend, so the wedding was called off and ever since then, she refused to give any guy a chance.

She told me that Efe finished schooling at the tender age of sixteen and instead of her to work in one of her father’s company ,she refused to do so and went to secure a job as a teacher in one of the reputable school in Aja,
We were surprised that she was able to secure a job there at that age and without using the connection of her father.

After two years of teaching there, it was discovered that the owner of the school was a ritualist, so she had to resign from the school.

Her dad because of that incident told her that he won’t allow her to work outside his wing again but the girl wanted to be a teacher because of her love for children.

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She told me that her husband jointly own a school but her husband owns the highest shares of the school so she started teaching there, and now with her
own effort, she’s made it to the post of the principal of the school while she’s also part of the owner of the school.

Her story helped me to confirm all my unanswered questions about miss Efe.

I pretended as if I was grossly interested in her stories.

” but is Briana your surname ” I asked her when she was through with her story, and the reason I asked her was to know what’s wrong, because Efe’s surname was Mobolaji, so I wanted to know if their surname was different
” hell no, Briana Joyce is my name, I just love being called by the two because my surname is not English ” she answered negatively,
” what’s really wrong with Nigerians, I asked her if her surname is Briana but here she’s answering what I didn’t ask her ” I said to myself as I forced out a smile.

so, what’s your surname ” I asked Her again smiling
” it’s Mobolaji, Mobolaji Briana Joyce ” she answered sophisticatedly.

Then I started hearing someone running ,it was like the person was running down a stair case .
” that must be my second daughter, Peace, her sister must have told her about you ” Joyce said smiling.

It wasn’t up to 20 seconds that Joyce said it that a young beautiful girl appeared, she should be of the same age with the real age of Tabitha, she was so beautiful and gorgeous, she stood in front of me and was staring at me like she has seen a precious jewel.

Joyce cleared her throat a bit in order to gain the attention of her daughter, and it worked as she stopped staring at me and went to her mother

” who’s that ” she asked her mother pointing at me
Joyce smile and hit her on her forehead playfully

” how can you be rude to my guest, go and greet him, that’s Ben ” she replied her smiling.

The girl did something that surprised me, she left her mom and came to sit by my side, she brought her face closer to mine as if she wanted to kiss me ,she was looking directly into my eyeball and was smiling, suddenly she brought her palm to my face to feel it

” wow, so smooth and soft ” that was the last thing I heard her say and what happened next was her lip was already on mine, I quickly close my mouth in order not to allow her tongue inside my mouth.

I didn’t know what to do next as I felt her trying to penetrate her tongue into my mouth.

I shove her off me when it seems she isn’t going to stop.

I looked at Joyce and saw her smiling and I looked at Peace and she was also smiling, she had the expression that says that she was happy and proud of what she did.

” I don’t blame her Ben, for what she did, it took me all my strength and will not to have done the same thing since we’ve been inside the car together ” Joyce said not rebuking her daughter for what she did .

” Peace, go and ask Sophia if the food is done ” she said to peace, who stood up but gave me a seductive eye before she left to deliver her mom’s message.
I was treated like a king by Joyce throughout the day, tho I ate at some minutes pass 4 in the evening, when it was dinner time, she still served me like I haven’t eaten throughout the day, but the only threat I was dealing with is Peace, she didn’t allow me rest, always sitting close to me, even at the dinner table, she sat close to me and was using her hand to massage my thigh. Tho Efe and Joyce were also staring at me but no physical contact occur between us unlike Peace who was gluing unto me like a plague.

After dinner, I retired to the guest room at once.

I connected to Tabitha to know how she was feeling and I felt that she was cool, she was normal, not happy and not sad, but it kinda felt like she was empty.

I wish I was their with her to know what’s going on through her mind that made her felt empty.
I yawned as I lay on the bed, I was very tired, and I felt my eye getting blurry, I knew it was sleep knocking on my door, the first time such will be happening since twenty years ago that have being on earth.

I slept off.

I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night when I felt a hand massaging my body.

” what “! I exclaimed when I saw the person doing it.

To be continue….


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