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Story : ANGLES DO WEEP - Episode 10




Angle Do Weep - Episode 10

{ Tampering with Fate }

One thing I’m yet to understand about the supreme one is how he always feel when playing his game, yeah all little ones are just pawn on his game board, we the angels are the novice of the game, the greater one and mother Creator are the veteran, so they know more about it while the Supreme one is the master at it.
The game is always complicated no matter the pawn on the board. He always like to make his move unpredictable but at the end the result always yield greatly.

Sometimes, he will twist some pawn in order to complicate the board and the viewers.

But the game is always played according to some of the characters the pawn exhibit.

Some pawn are always ruthless, lack composure and careless that they’re easily overthrown on the board while some are careful, calm and always with good composure, so at the end of the game, when the careless pawn as being cleared from the board, it will only remain the calm one which the Supreme one will surprise we the viewers of the game with the way he will care for them. And some pawn has to depend on another for survival if it doesn’t want to be eliminated from the board.

Sorry for speaking in much riddle, and I congratulate those who are able to decipher the meaning behind it.

Some people are just the main character of your life that no matter what happen to you in your life, they will always keep on making appearance in it.

Sometimes, you’ll start having some unstable thought about them, because you aren’t able to decipher their significance in your life, if they will be of positive or negative value to your life.

Tho my stay on earth can’t be said to be a blissful one with all that happened to me and the kind of people I met.

But someone who still gat my respect and love apart from the perfect one was Nina, she was really great, a pawn like her on the game board is a rare one, she acted beyond my expectations with all her act towards Tabitha.
With her act, I had to choose to protect the two of them ,an act which I don’t know if I should say I regret or not.

But all the same, she was awesome, if I have the chance to visit earth again, I will make sure I drop a flower to where she is.
Where is she???
You’ll all know as the story goes on.


When we got to Prestigious Pearls Dynamic College, I started feeling the presence of two people, I don’t know who but the feelings was surging through me, I can only feel someone I knew or in some way got attracted to, attracted to in the sense that I felt something for them, either hate, love, disgust or awe by their act.

So it meant that, their are two people still remaining in the school after Ranking’s effort to get all the people the kids were acquainted to or teachers that were in the school 9 years ago when the kids were attending the school.

I could sense anxiety in Tabitha’s body as they alighted from her dad’s car, I don’t know if it was the same for Nina because I couldn’t feel what she was feeling because we were not connected.

The school has changed ,the structures has been renovated and the colour that was used as it painting then has been changed.
As if Ranking already knew his way around,he motioned to the girls who were neatly dressed in their school uniform to follow him.

The principal’s office was situated on the third floor of the school,
The girls were a little bit exhausted from climbing the stairs as it has been long since they climbed one.

Ranking’s house has elevator,so the girls ever since their arrival home, hasn’t taken a step on a stair case.

On getting to the third floor, they were already gasping for breath.
Ranking looked at them and laugh, mocking them of being lazy ,accusing the two of being birds of a feather.

When we got into the principal’s office, I was shocked as I saw who the principal was, it was miss Efe,
I couldn’t decipher how she was able to make it to the post, I knew something was odd about her but I just couldn’t what it was, I’ve had that feeling from the day I saw her as a teacher in RSMC, at her young age, I was amused she could be a teacher in such a prestigious school, then a week later after the school was closed down, she has also secure employment in PPDC.
I knew she must have a solid backup behind her.

I looked at the two girls and I saw that they were terrified and ashamed of her.

Their heads were down, they couldn’t raise their head up to face her, Ranking noticing the change in his children asked if anything was wrong.

” nothing is wrong sir, they’re just surprised to see me ” miss Efe replied smiling as she stood up from her seat, went round her table in order to get to the girls.

She put the two of the in tight embrace
” thank you for not giving up, thank you for coming back, thank you for waking up ” she said amidst tears as the two girls also found themselves crying.

” you’re that lady,their class teacher, that always frequent the hospital to check on the girls ” Ranking said grasping the situation at hand

” yes, you’re right ” miss Efe replied disengaging the hug between her and the girls.

” wow, I’m sorry for not recognizing you quickly, but how come, how did it happen, how are you ” Ranking was finding the appropriate word to ask what he wanted to ask but was interrupted by miss Efe

” you mean why am I still here, when you’ve got everyone out ” she interrupted him smiling
” ye, yeah ” Ranking replied her stuttering a bit.

” there are two reasons why your tricks and influence couldn’t get me outta here ,one is that, I couldn’t leave because of the girls, especially when I heard they were coming back, it was something I’ve been anticipating for a long time ” she replied massaging the girls hair lovingly

” and the second reason ” Ranking asked when she didn’t seem to be answering it

” I will leave you to figure that out yourself ” she replied Ranking taking the two girls to seat on the two visitor’s chairs facing hers inside the office, she smirked at Ranking as he didn’t have any choice than to stand throughout the whole registration.

When the registration was over, miss Efe asked Ranking to go, that she will make sure the girls are placed inside their class.

It took the girls persuasion before he obliged but not without collecting the contact of miss Efe.
After Ranking left, miss Efe made the two girls to be free with her, they chat like age mate.

After an hour of chitchatting, she stood up and motioned to the girls to follow her, as she got to her door and was about to open it, she suddenly stopped, it was as if she remembered something and it was kind of hard for her to say to the girls.

After some minutes of thinking, she drew the two girls closer and hugged them again, after disengaging the hug, she looked into their eye, then sighed deeply
” Gabriel is here ” she said swiftly like if she didn’t say it fast, she might end up not able to say it.

” what “! The two girls exclaimed together
” how’s that possible, he should have graduated from here ” Nina said looking at miss Efe and Tabitha shook her head to motioned that she supported what Nina said.

” well, he isn’t here as a student ” miss Efe said calmly
” then what is he doing here ” Tabitha asked
” he’s a teacher and he’s teaching the js1 to js3 students business studies ” miss Efe answered with a somber tone.

The girls were taken aback with this. There face said it all, all kind of feelings were ramming through their mind.

Especially Tabitha who I was connected to, her spirit was down and their was reluctance spirit shadowing her
” its alright, we’re already prepare for a.scenario like that ” Nina replied replenishing Tabitha’s courage as they held hand and went down with miss Efe to their class.



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