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Story : ANGLES DO WEEP - Episode 5




Angle Do Weep - Episode 5

{ Imagination }

Coincidence they say is inevitable in life, but the one I witnessed the day the two daughters of Ranking met was kind of shocking to me,
I didn’t think it was just out of the ordinary, I think the supreme one must have a hand in it.

And what amazed me most was that Nina too, has a strong star. And it is the strongest I’ve ever seen, the perfect one was just a bit above her.

How could the supreme one allow the two girls to be with a single person,tho their mother is different but it’s too much for a man to have the two extraordinary kid when some doesn’t even have any among all the children they have.

I knew a battle was going to brew up but there was nothing I could do about it.

When fate is at work all I could do was just maintain my station doing what I was sent to do while fate also do what it was sent to do.

Tho the kids doesn’t know they were siblings but I knew it would be for a short time before everything get revealed.


” I’m Nina, Olugbaye Nina, I’m in js2, can we be friends “? the girl asked Tabitha smiling while Tabitha just stood there looking at her in awe ,she couldn’t believe that someone else was also bearing the same surname as hers, that was the first she would be seeing someone sharing her surname, throughout her primary school, none had it.

” I’m Tabitha ” she replied Nina not revealing her surname.

” wow, looks like my two cuties are getting along here ” miss Efe said smiling as she walked up to the two girls.

” the two pearls of Pearl Dynamic ” she added when she got to them massaging their hair, While the two girls just stood their smiling.

” I already had it in mind to introduce my two friends to themselves before the two of you first me to it, but I’m still going to do it irrespective if you’ve already done it before, Tabitha, meet my loving,jovial, brilliant and cute friend Nina Olugbaye and Nina meet my beautiful, cute,loving and brilliant friend, Tabitha Olugbaye ” she said squatting a bit in order to be of the same height with the two girls
” you don’t mean it miss Efe ” Nina suddenly screamed drawing the attention of other students to them but she doesn’t seem to care about it
” why didn’t you tell me that we’re bearing the same surname before ” she asked Tabitha smiling, she seems to be very happy that they’re bearing the same surname.

” well, let me live my two lovely friends to enjoy their break time ” miss Efe said leaving the two girls.


Being from the same father doesn’t warrant that their characters will be the same, Nina was a talkative, she talks so much that I began to wonder if angel Uriel doesn’t know his work again, angel Uriel is the captain of the creation team, seeing how the girl talks too nuch, I thought maybe he forgot to add something or over added something to her speech box.

But Tabitha is the quiet type, she doesn’t talk much.

But they still had some things in common, fried rice and chicken was their best food.

After they both got their order, they both sat down on two couple chair with table in there front.
They introduced themselves more but Nina did almost all the talking.
Later Gabriel joined them, also introducing himself again to details to them.
The three of them got along well.
After that day, they became best of friends.
Nina not minding that she was a class above Tabitha and Gabriel always make sure they’re always together, she will come down during the refreshment break to play with her two junior friends.
After some time with Nina, Tabitha too started changing, her words weren’t at the minimum again, she now talk freely but not up to Nina’s standard.
Many people wanted to become Tabitha friend, but she didn’t allow them.
Nina was also brilliant, I could say that her brilliance was just ¼ below Tabitha’s own,and Gabriel was the next after them
Many teachers especially miss Efe really love the trio being friends.
But I don’t like their friendship, the reason I don’t like the friendship between Nina and Tabitha was that I knew it wasn’t going to end well. Friends turning to enemy isn’t always cool. There’s no way they won’t later know they’re step sisters and I was sure it wasn’t going to end well.
And Nina’s mother ( Yemi ) has already being trying to attack Tabitha spiritually, if not because of me,Tabitha would have been long dead.
And the reason I don’t approve of her friendship with Gabriel, that I don’t know, all I know was that I don’t like Gabriel being around her.
After the first term session ended with Tabitha taking the first position in the whole if js1 and Gabriel coming second.
Tabitha broke the school record by having 99.9% as her overall percentage.
Gabriel took second position with 91% and other follows.
Parting for three weeks became problem for the three of them especially Nina and Tabitha, they’ve grown fond of themselves like they were siblings which they were really are but just in a complicated manner.
” let go to your house ” Tabitha said after a long embrace between them.
” yeah, let go ” Nina replied shouting joyously
” what of me ” ? Gabriel suddenly appeared out of nowhere asking the question that made me felt like slapping him, why wouldn’t him just leave the girls to do their stuff while he does his, he’s been tag woman wrapper in their class because he’s always in the company of the two girls and he seemed to care less about the nickname as that didn’t make him back off.
If only that I couldn’t harm innocent little ones, I would have long harmed him.
He made my three months in the school filled with disgust for him, I was forced to watch another guy put smile on the perfect one’s face, I knew he love Tabitha but I think it was because of their age he could only tag along as a friend.
” yeah, let go together ” Tabitha replied making me sad.
Nina rode in her own car driven by her driver while Tabitha’s car driven by her driver ( aliyu ) followed from behind.
Gabriel rode with us, normally, when Tabitha is riding inside a car, I always fly above it clearing the road of any possible danger, but because Gabriel was inside the car with the perfect one, I had to stay inside the car with them in order to protect the perfect one from Gabriel who I saw as a threat to her
” oga madam go talk ooo ” Aliyu spoke warning Tabitha about going somewhere else without going home or informing her mom about it first.
” you don’t need to worry about her ” Tabitha replied politely.
I love something about the atmosphere inside the car, that was the silent in it, I knew Gabriel was dying to speak but I made it hard for him to do so.
I was only messing with his head, making him to feel insecure about speaking, like if he spoke, Tabitha was going to get mad at him.
After the warning from Aliyu and Tabitha’s reply, the remaining journey was done in silent.
On getting closer to Nina’s house, I started feeling Ranking’s present around the vicinity.
I knew what that means, Ranking was in Yemi’s place and I imagined what would happen if Tabitha saw hin there.
Suddenly Nina’s car came to an halt in front of a big black gate, it horned thrice and the gate was opened, we followed Nina’s car inside the compound,After Nina said some words to the gate man.
The house was beautiful ,just a storey building with an awesome structure.
” welcome to my humble home ” Nina said smiling as Tabitha and Gabriel alighted from the car that conveyed them there.
” that looks like my dad’s car ” Tabitha said pointing to one of the cars parked inside the compound
” it just looks like it ,that my dad’s car, let go in ” Nina said heading inside,
As she entered, she saw her dad sitting down on the couch inside the sitting room, she ran to him ,Ranking quickly stood up to receive her daughter’s hug
” dad ” Tabitha exclaimed with a shaky tone standing close to them.
Ranking was very shocked as he dropped Nina.
” it’s not what you’re thinking, my little cupcake ” Ranking said trying to move closer to Tabitha in a sorry state but Tabitha suddenly ran out of the house, opening the pedestrian gate and ran outside while Ranking, Gabriel and I followed behind her.
But before we got outside, a car had already hit her, we only saw the car speeding away as Ranking quickly ran towards Tabitha who was soaked in her own blood.
Before he could get her to his car, she gave up ghost.
” angel Ben ” I suddenly heard someone called my name where I stood in disbelief.
I turned to look at the person and was surprised to see ny lovely perfect one clothed in white smiling in front of me.
I couldn’t believe my eye as I moved closer to feel her and she was real.
I embraced her deeply
” I’ve really missed your company ” I whispered into her ear
” I’ve missed you too, I couldn’t bare watching you being lonely everyday, that’s why I quickly find a way to come back to you ” she replied me smiling and tears of joy started dripping down my face,
I never knew that we angels too can weep, but it was real, I was an angel and I was weeping just because my long lost love came back to me.
She’s already back to her normal size, I brought out my wing and took her into my hands as I started flying above back to the sky.
When I got back to heaven,
I asked the supreme one to allow me marry the perfect one, but he didn’t accept, but with the aid of mother Creator and the greater one, the supreme one later agreed to allow me marry the perfect one.
Our wedding was a great one, the first ever wedding in heaven.
After nine months, the perfect one conceived a baby girl that looked exactly like her, three years later, she gave birth to a boy that looked exactly like me.
Two years later, she went into labor again but as she was about to conceive,I started hearing the trumpet sound, on turning back to look who is blowing the trumpet
I snapped back into reality and I heard Nina’s car honking in front of a big brown gate
We were already in front of the gate of Nina’s house and the worst thing was that I was still feeling Ranking’s present around.
I could have done something about it in order not to make us meet him there but due to my foolishness, I was lost in an imaginary world.
There was nothing I could do about it.
After the gate was opened, Nina spoke to the gate man and he motioned to us to enter.
The gate was different from the one I imagined about and the house was also different.
The house was two storey building, and it looked beautiful.
” here’s my house ,let go in, my mum and dad should be inside ” Nina said holding Tabitha’s hand as they made their way inside while I and Gabriel followed behind them .
To be continue…..
lemme laff small to those who thought d story yaf ended
we are just starting..

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