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Story: LARA'S DILEMMA - Episode 2

Episode 2

Jason's POV..

Wow.. in a few minutes I'll be in Nigeria.. can't wait to see everyone.. most especially Lara.. I love her so much.. I just hope she forgives me for what happened 5 years ago...

Flash back

5 years ago...

It was one of our yearly vacation.. it's something we normally do every year since we were little ..me, Lara, Dassey, Berlin, Davis and our nannies... We always went with our nannies cause our parents were always too busy..
Buh that year we all decided to go without our nannies.. because we were old enough to take care of ourselves..at least that was what we thought..

Our parents agreed as usual.. and we
all decided to go to Las Vegas..
Lara was just 17 then and in her second year in school.. same with the girls.. while Davis and I were 19 years old ..

Anyways Lara insisted we all stay in separate rooms in the hotel we lodged in and we agreed..

It was really fun, we met new friends and visited so many places.. and to crown it all I was with the love of my life.. we were already dating then...

So the night before we were to leave.. we gathered in Davis room and chatted for hours.. until Berlin suggested we play t or d we all agreed and started playing.. I was dared to kiss Lara a couple of times, of course we did it .. we were allowed to kiss, and romance.. buh Lara made it clear that she wanted a no sex relationship and I gladly accepted..

After many rounds, Lara was dared to drink 5cups of vodka..
I was really mad at Davis for this..I asked her not to, but she insisted..so I took 5 cups as well, after the game.. I took her to her room.. it was so hard, cause she was always hitting and kicking me to let go of her.. she was totally drunk and so was I..

When we finally got to her room... I dropped her on her bed and turned to leave.. but she pulled me back, causing me to fall on her.. our eyes locked and I could see her beautiful brown eyes sparkling.. I kissed her with all my heart...and she responded to it .. it was getting hotter by the second and before I knew it, I was already inside her..

I woke up the next morning because of my alarm.. wait, that sounds like la... I couldn't finish tinking, when she shouted again.. ahhhhhh, I couldn't help but jump out of the bed.., what the hell are you doing here? She asked with her eyes closed.. that was when I realized I was in her room unclad.. oh fuck.. I just hope I didn't touch her.. wait what's that? Is that blood? She asked with her eyes now open wide.. she turned to look at me and shouted again.. probably noticing that am naked.. I quickly wore my boxers and clothes, she was covering herself with the duvet.. I walked slowly to were she sat on the bed.. that was when I noticed she was crying.. baby am sorry I said almost crying.. will sorry bring back my virginity? She asked rhetorically.. you took advantage of me.. YOU TOOK MY DIGNITY! She yelled.. Lara listen to me, we were both drunk.. I don't know what... Get out, she said in a quiet tone.. Baby... I said get out, she yelled....

Back to the present

And that was the last time I talked to her.. and for some reason my dad told me to continue my education abroad and that was exactly what I did, after my graduation..i became the new ceo of my dad's company in America.. I tried so much to move on but I couldn't ..and now am back for my woman..

Lora's POV

After they left.. I sat on the floor and I couldn't help but remember my child.. I didn't realize that I was already crying.. I just sat there the whole night..

Lara.. wake up it's morning already.. Berlin said.. oh my I must have fallen asleep..I said to myself.. I have already picked your clothes, Dassey is making breakfast.. so all you have to do is bathe.. she said smiling.. you didn't have to Berlin..I said and hugged her, good morning.. I said. Morning.. now go freshen up.. we have to go to work.. she said in a commanding tone... Yes ma'am.. I replied her obediently.. that's my girl.. lol you're crazy..

To be continued


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