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Story: LARA'S DILEMMA Episode 3

Episode 3

Jason's POV..

I didn't see Lara at my homecoming party, last night.. but her dad was there though.. he hasn't changed a bit, he still very funny and full of life.. before he left..he gave me Lara's address, phone number and office address.. he asked me to give her a surprise visit at the hospital .. whenever I was free..lol..


So here I am in the hospital.. I was talking to the receptionist when my phone rang..oh it's Davis..
Hey man... Jason the girls are here.. he said in an excited tone... What! Where? I asked feeling nervous already.. inside the hospital man..he replied.. what the fuck? I told you to inform me before they get in..I half yelled.. sorry man..he replied and hanged up.. oh my God.. please help me..
Lara watch out.. I turned to see who it was and then.. boom..i was on the floor with a lady on top of me.. she slowly raised her head.. Jason! She yelled..

Dassey's POV

It all happened so fast.. Jason is back.. I can't believe this.. we need to help Lara I said and pulled Berlin with me.. we helped her up and straightened her clothes for her... Lara we have to go.. no response.. Lara..Lara! ..wh.. what? She asked startled.. we have to go.. oh.. okay..she said staring at the floor.. hi Jason, welcome back.. I said but he was just staring at Lara.. see you later Jason.. Berlin said and smiled.. yeah sure he replied ..so we turned and left for our different department.

Lara's POV

It was as if the ground should open and swallow me,.we just stood there staring at each other.. I don't know about him, but am not gonna be the first one to talk.. plus am not sure am ready for this.. I mean this cute, tall good-looking guy was my first love..he took my virginity without my consent..and left the country two days after.. he couldn't even call or message.. he left me shattered with a child..urghh I just want to punch the living daylight out of him.. and the worst part is that I think I still love him..
Uhm.. hi Lara, please can I talk to you for a second? He asked.. yeah sure.. I replied him with a straight face.. he looked around.. some where private please? He begged.. okay come with me.. I said and walked into the elevator and he followed me..i noticed he was staring at me.. but I tried as much as possible to avoid his eyes.. we finally arrived at the 13th floor and I walked out and headed towards my office.. I met my secretary julliet typing on her laptop.. immediately she saw me she stood up to greet me.. good morning ma.. good morning julliet.. goo. Good morning sir.. she said staring at Jason like a lost cow.. I don't blame her though he's hot.. wait what am I saying.. good morning he replied.. I grabbed his hands and pulled him to my office... I left his hand and sat down on my chair..
So what do you want Jason? I asked him.. he sighed and sat down on the chair opposite me.. I want you Lara.. he replied.. I was furious, I got up and walked up to him.. you need help..so I believe you have said whatever you want to say.. so please leave..I have patients to attend to.. I said avoiding his gaze.. he got up and before I could say jack.. Bam! I was already pinned to the wall. .. our eyes locked.. and I melted for him that instant.. Lara I don't care how it's gonna happen.. but I will make you mine again.. he said more like a whisper. . Not after these years Jason..I said in a weak tone.. he smiled and brought his down to my face... He placed soft kisses on my neck.. I couldn't help but moan.. he knows how much I like that... Jason stop please . I begged he raised his head and looked into my eyes.. I love you Lara he whispered and that was it.. he brought his face down again and this time he kissed me and I kissed him back...

To be continued


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