Mhizta Emy

1.Real name... Emmanuel

2.Nick name: Mhizta Emy

3.Sex: Male


5.Hobbies:Collecting teeth from live crocodiles and catching

bullets with my bare hands...Swallowing blades and nails

6.My records:Fought with a lion and broke it's neck, skinned

a crocodile alive and held my breath underwater for 2
months, 3 weeks, 6 hours. 5 minutes and 56 seconds.

7.Greatest achievement : went to heaven to charge my

phone and the first man to land on the sun and stayed there
for 6 months

8.Silliest thing I've ever done.:Swimming in a tsunami and

driving towards a volcano.

9.Embarrassing moment : Couldn't kill 100 lions with one

punch but at least 99 died and now the remaining one is a

10. Proudest moment : A cobra died after biting me

11.Hardest moment : Jumped from an aeroplane and

landed safely on a cricket pitch.

12.Something about me :I don't like lying...i hate liars...they

make me sick.. ?

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