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Story: THE TRINITY- Episode16


The Trinity-Episode 16

Just as she was about to spill the beans, Amah paused. She realised that suspense had more value than revelation for now. It wasn’t time to reveal all she knew about Helena and Michael. It would be more profitable for her if she kept both of them in suspense about her next move. She could ward off Helena and keep Michael all to herself.

“My what? Go on, please finish your statement.” Jason urged her.

Suddenly the door opened and Helena walked in. You could tell from her sweaty body and body language that she had been in a hurry to get home.

She quickly joined them in the living room to know what was really going on.

“Wow! that was quick. Did you get time to do all you needed to do at the school?” Jason asked looking at his watch.

“Well, it’s been a while since I last saw my friend. I wanted to get in on the juicy parts of the business proposal” Helena countered.

Amah glanced at her wristwatch and exclaimed, “Wow! Time is really well spent. I must be on my way. I just remembered I have something urgent to take care of.” Amah requested to leave.

This took Jason by surprise. Amah had been in the middle of making a crucial disclosure. It somehow wetted his appetite and he wanted to hear all of it. Jason was smart work-wise but he wasn’t street-smart enough to read the interaction and body language between the two ladies. He was too na├»ve. Helena’s entrance had given Amah the cue she needed to take off.

“Oh! So soon? I thought we were in the middle of a conversation? Jason asked.

“Don’t worry, I have to be at work. But trust me, I will surely pass by soon” Amah said and headed for the door.

The couple walked her to the door where Amah couldn’t resist giving Helena a passing shot.

“Helena, I must really commend you on your son, he looks so much like his dad!” She then stretched her hands to shake Jason. As she shook him, she passed a piece of paper into his palms. When Jason got the note from Amah, he hid it from his wife and kept it his pocket. Amah then left and went on her way.

Helena heaved a sigh of relief. From the part of the conversation she had stumbled upon, it was obvious that Amah hadn’t revealed her secrets. She felt very threatened by Amah’s visit and she would surely have felt even more threatened if she had witnessed or had any clue about the paper exchange. She felt she needed to do something to shut Amah up and remove her as a threat

Helena was quite curious as to what had gone on between Amah and her husband. She was wondering how to get information without revealing much.

“So which of her various business proposals did Amah present to you?” Helena asked Jason
“Oh well, she wasn’t really detailed but I don’t think I will go for it” Jason said.

“Why? Was it not a good deal?” asked Helena.

“Not that, but my brother Michael is involved.” He said.

His response threw Helena off balance. She suddenly became nervous and tense. “What in the world did this woman tell my husband” was the thought that ran through her mind.

Other times, Jason would have picked some signal from her but his attention at the moment was on the note Amah had given him. He couldn’t wait to read it. For some reasons, he was playing along with Amah. He didn’t want to open it while Helena was with him.

“You mean Michael?” Helena asked to be sure.

“Yes but hey, let’s forget about it. I am not going to be a part of it. Please tell me about Amah, your friend. How come all these years of our marriage you never mentioned her?” Jason asked. He was trying to bait her.

“Well, I will only tell you more on one condition,” said his wife

“A Condition? Interesting, Please tell me what condition?” asked Jason.

“Tell me who Sophie really is” Helena asked.

Helena was determined to find out who Sophie was. She wasn’t about to allow the event of the night before go away that quietly. As determined as she was to shut Amah up, she was also going to get to the root of whom this special friend of her husband was.

Jason mumbled something that stalled her from further questions.
Back at Michael’s house, Sophie’s mind kept wandering back to the strange concoction. Why would Michael have such a drug in his possession? What did he need it for? She kept asking herself.

Suddenly she started putting the pieces together. Could this be why Nicky had showed up at the office without informing her? She had always wondered how much of a coincidence was involved in the events at the hospital.

There had been too many moving parts and several questions. Suddenly it came to her: Could it be that her sister Nicky had gotten pregnant and took this drug to abort it?

She became scared as these thoughts raced through her mind. She couldn’t wait any longer; she decided to rush to the hospital where Nicky passed away to find out from the Doctor if her sister had actually died pregnant.

She took the drug along with her as she went to the hospital. She had to wait a while to see the doctor, as he was busy attending to several patients.

Soon her turn came and a nurse ushered her into the consulting room where he sat.

“Hi. How are you?” said the doctor, recognizing her. “Hope you are not taking your sister’s death too hard. By the way, you look nervous. What is the matter?” he asked.

“Doctor, do you know this drug?” Sophie asked and showed him the herbal medicine.

“What are you doing with that substance, are you pregnant? That concoction has been banned from the market. It’s not safe for human consumption,” said the Doctor.

“I’m not pregnant Doc, I believe this has something to do with my sister’s death” Sophie said.

“Yes I would say that your thoughts make perfect sense. Her medical reports showed that she attempted an abortion that went awfully wrong. She was messed up inside and there wasn’t much we could do as she got to us late ” The Doctor revealed.

“But Doc, how could you have kept this from me? I am her sister” Sophie said with teary eyes.

“I told your colleague who brought her here. She was already bleeding and in great pain by the time they both got here. He was quite aware of what the issues were. I believe he must have kept it from you for a good reason” The Doc. said.

Sophie’s face dropped, it was now obvious that Michael had given Nicky the drug and that was what eventually led to her death.

Disappointment, Anger, Hatred and vengeance were the emotions that ran through her all at the same time. She couldn’t believe what she had just discovered. She felt an acute sense of betrayal. She had loved Michael with al her heart and might. She had made sacrifices for him and in the end, this was his way of repaying her?

She found herself overwhelmed by her feelings of hate for Michael. It was so strong that she felt a pain in her belly. She couldn’t cry. She felt very lonely and dejected. She needed someone to talk to. In that moment, her thoughts went to Jason. She remembered how comfortable she had felt with him.
 She also remembered that some relationship existed between Michael and Jason. She decided to call him.

After his talk with his wife, Jason had stepped out of the sitting room for a while. He wanted an opportunity to read Amah’s note. He had been pushed by curiosity about the day’s events. Amah’s sudden appearance from nowhere, the strangeness between her and Helena and then the covert slipping of the note into his palm.

He left Helena lying on the couch in their sitting room, his phone on the side stool not far from her head.

Helena was in deep in thought. Her mind first went to Amah and all the challenges she presented. A bigger curiosity for her though was Sophie. She kept wondering how a woman could so occupy her husband’s mind that he would scream out her name in the middle of their deep passion.

What kind of woman is she? I really would love to meet her.“ Helena mused. She was jarred out of her thoughts by the sound of Jason’s phone ringing. She thought to ignore it but a sixth sense told her to pick it and take it to her husband.

As she picked up the phone, she glanced at the screen. Her eyes widened as she saw the words “Sophie” pop up as the caller ID.

To be continued

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