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Story: THE TRINITY-Episode 20


The Trinity-Episode 20

Michael took one look at the the people gathered in Sophie’s living room and freaked out. He didn’t need to be told anything. He immediately felt under pressure; he couldn’t take it anymore. All he could do was push Sophie away and escape through the door.

He got home immediately and started packing all his belongings as fast as he could. He got hold of anything portable that he could lay his eyes on including his ATM card and dashed off.

Not only was he running away from Sophie or Helena or even his brother Jason, but from something that only him knew about.

He knew he had lost Sophie and Helena and this was his only chance was with Amah at least that’s what he thought. He knew that Amah was the possessive type and was convinced that she would do anything to please him.

If not for anything at all, he would take advantage of the love Amah had for him. The poor guy, little did he know that he was digging his own grave.

The more he got closer to Amah the more he became vulnerable to her boiling hot vengeance
Amah on the other hand, sat at the restaurant where Jason left her full of bitterness and hatred towards Michael. She didn’t want to waste any more time. Like a venomous python, she was ready to strike Michael at the moment he least expected.

Meanwhile at Sophie’s house, Jason was lost. He felt like a stranger in the presence of his wife, Helena.

“Can someone please tell me what all that was about.” Jason anxiously asked.

A guilt-stricken Helena immediately fell on her knees trembling. She grabbed Jason’s leg and with a shaky voice that indicated that she was about to burst into tears, she started talking.

“I’m really sorry, my husband, I have made a lot of mistakes and I ask for your forgiveness.”

“Erm.. Erm… Earlier today, I answered your phone and.. and I persuaded her to meet up with me only to discover that she’s my best friend who I lost contact with for almost a decade.”

“So, are you saying that you two are bestfriends?” Jason who was surprised about that piece of news asked.

“Yes, Jason we were.” Sophie quickly chipped in and answered him.

“So is that’s why you are shedding tears like this? Come on, get up and wipe your tears dear,” Jason said.

Jason, you don’t understand. I have really sinned against you and God. I will understand if you end this marriage right away. I will never hold you responsible for your actions.“ Helena said.

“Now, you’re beginning to scare me. What else do you want to tell me?” a very anxious Jason asked.

“I…I cheated on you with your brother Michael before we got married.” Helena dropped the bombshell.

“What???” Sophie and Jason exclaimed in shock.

Jason’s head spun as he tried to process what he had just heard. He felt like fainting for a second or two. Sophie’s eyes on the other hand almost popped out. If she had not heard what Helena just said with her own ears, she would never have believed that Jason was Michael’s biological brother. How?

“I can’t believe this. You mean, Michael is your brother Jason? And it’s this same Michael that you have been cheating with, Helena? How on earth did I fall in love with such a monster?” Sophie asked.

A rush of former conversations raced through Jason’s head. He recalled what Amah had told him back at the restaurant. Everything was beginning to add up.

“So this is actually true? Tell me you deceitful snake, who is Ishmael’s father? Answer me now!!!” A very angry Jason asked Helena.

Helena cried some more making it even difficult to even get words out of her mouth.

“Woman if you don’t stop crying and answer me, I will be forced to hurt you. Tell me who Ishmael’s father is!” Jason shouted at her.

“I’m sorry Jason, please forgive me” Helena cried and said.

“I will ask you one more time after which I promise I will kill you if you don’t tell me who Ishmael’s father is” Jason said breathing heavily

“It.. It’s him.” Helena said. “It’s Michael, Jason, am sorry” Helena finally revealed.

Jason was dumbfounded. His heart raced and pounded so fast that he felt a pain in his chest. Mixed emotions of hurt, betrayal and heartbreak made him speechless.

When Jason finally got a grip of himself, he walked out of the living room like a raging lion.

Meanwhile, Michael was on the run when he decided to call Amah, the only person he trusted and could control.

He picked up the phone and gave Amah a phone call.


“Hey! Hello baby” Michael said as soon as Amah answered the call.

“Yes, what can I do for you?” Amah asked.

“Awww baby why are you sounding like that? Wait till you hear what I have for you! I’m sure you won’t be so cold to me when you hear it.” Michael said.

“What is it?” Amah asked.

“How about we elope right now? Baby I’m going to rock your world. I’ll take you to The Gambia where we can settle, get married and make babies, away from all the drama around here.” He said
“You must be a dreamer! Michael, you don’t even have money to take care of yourself and you can open your smelling mouth to say you want to marry me and make babies with me.” Amah said.

“Hahahaha” Michael gave a loud laugh.

“You can call it a dream, but you will know how serious I am when we get to Gambia. You know as an Accountant, if you aren’t smart on your field of work, you’ll have nothing to boast about. Amah, I’m not that kind of guy. Let’s run away and make our happily ever after happen for us baby. I will be waiting for you at the airport” Michael said.

“Ok. See you in 10 minutes” Amah said and hung up.

Michael got to the airport 5 minutes before the scheduled time and waited anxiously for Amah. He was nervous. He felt like a fugitive.

10 minutes later, Michael saw Amah coming with her suitcase from a distance. He was overjoyed! Yes! it worked. He still had control over Amah.

As he opened his arms to embrace her, she donated a spectacular slap on his face.

“This is my revenge for what you did to my sister, Gloria” Amah said.

In a split second, he felt two men grip him on both sides. When his eyes cleared, he realized that they were policemen. He had been fooled by Amah.

Jason was standing alone outside when Sophie joined him.

“I know how you’re feeling now” Sophie said.

“How could she lie to me and hurt me like that?” Jason said.

“I don’t blame her Jason. We’ve all tasted the evil part of Michael. I lost my sister because of him, don’t lose your wife because of him. I know you love her. I saw that right from the day you told me about what you were going through in your marriage. She also loves you and it is glaring. If you leave her because of this, it won’t take the pain away neither will it change the mistakes she has made. Please give her another chance to right her wrongs.” Sophie advised.

Her words really touched Jason and he began to calm down and think straight.

Sophie was right. Asides everything that had happened he still loved his wife and was ready to forgive her. It was only a matter of time.

“Thank you very much Sophie, you are a really good friend indeed.” Jason said.

“Come on, let’s go in and talk to her” Sophie said and they headed towards the door leading to the living room where Helena was sobbing profusely on the floor.

That night Joe showed up again. He wanted to break the news about Michael’s arrest. Turned out that while Michael was working with Joe, he had duped a customer. It took months of investigation to trace the fraud to him and Joe finally had enough evidence thus, his arrest at the airport. Of course, with the help of Amah who had been looking for ways to deal with him.

Joe was also there to profess his love for Sophie. He wanted her badly.

“Sophie, can I talk to you for a second?” Joe asked.

“Sir, what are you doing here at this time of the night?” Sophie responded.

“I will be inside” Jason said and headed inside to iron things out with his wife.

“Sophie, please there is something I think you should know.” Joe said when he was left alone with Sophie outside her house.

“What is it? Sophie asked.

“Michael was just arrested about an hour ago.” Joe said.

“Really? For what?” Sophie asked.
“We discovered that he duped one of our customers while he was worked with us.” Joe said.

“Hmm, I see. I am not surprised” Sophie said.

“I’m surprised you’re saying that. Anyway, there is something else I would like to tell you. and I will go straight to the point. Sophie, I love you and I want to be with you.” Joe said.

“But Sir……….” Sophie said not knowing what else to say or do.

“You don’t have to say anything now, sleep over it. I will be here tomorrow so we can talk more. Perhaps you may have an answer for me then.” Joe said.

Jason and Helena came outside to continue their discussion when Helena looked up and saw Joe.
“Oh my God, Joe!!! Is that you?” Helena asked.

Joe seemed not to know her so she went on to say “It’s me Helena. I was one of your wife’s bridesmaids at your wedding last year.”

Suddenly, Joe began coughing uncontrollably and pretended to walk out to get some water. He never returned.

Michael was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. Jason and Helena began working on their marriage. It was a long process but they were both committed to giving it their best shot.

Sophie was promoted at work and transferred to another branch. She hopes that one day a man who truly loves and will treat her good will find her.

We hope that eventually happens for her.


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