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Story: THE TRINITY-Episode 17


The Trinity-Episode 17

She didn’t hesitate to pick the phone call.

Sophie: “Hello Jason”

Helena: “Hi, this isn’t Jason. I am his wife”

Sophie: “Oh so sorry. Please, is Jason available? I would like to talk to him”

Helena: “No, he is not, you can leave a message for him”

Sophie: “Thank you very much. There is really no need for that. Please tell him to kindly call me back”

Helena: “You sound uncomfortable, can you tell me what the problem is?”

Sophie: “It’s nothing I would want to involve you in Madam”

Helena: “Look, Jason has told me so much about you and how caring you have been with him. Trust me, I really appreciate what you have done for us. You sound quite agitated. Could you share the problem with me, I really want to help. “

Sophie: “Thank you very much for your kindness but I prefer I talk to your husband instead”

Helena: “Well, even if you talk to him, he will surely tell me. I am insisting and I would like to be your friend too, ok?”

Sophie: “Hmmmn. I guess I have no other option. It might also be good for me to get a woman’s perspective on this. However, this matter can’t be discussed on the phone. Could we meet somewhere?”

Helena: “I am free anytime, please let me know where you would like us to meet. How about your place?
 I think that would be the most private place for us to meet.”

Sophie: “Ok, I will text the address to Jason’s phone as soon as we are done talking”

Helena: “That is fine by me. When would you like us to meet? You seem as if this matter is quite heavy on your mind. I am also anxious to meet with you. What do you say to us meeting tonight?

Sophie thought to herself that this was a bit awkward. There was something faintly familiar about the voice on the other side. She however was quite anxious to discuss the matter with someone.

“Yes” said Sophia “I am free this evening. You could come over.“

Helena: “Ok, I will be there.”

This was exactly what Helena wanted. She was getting an opportunity to meet with this mysterious lady who had gotten such a firm place in her husband’s mind. She knew that there was nothing sexual between Sophie and Jason. She was just curious to know her.

Sophie on the other hand didn’t like the idea of involving Jason’s wife. However, Helena had been very persuasive over the phone and she really had nothing to hide. Sophie also felt that since Helena was Jason’s wife, she could also use the opportunity of the meeting to know the relationship between Jason and Michael.

The note Amah had pressed into Jason’s hand hinted at telling him of something he needed to know in a more private setting. She had asked for a meeting and had included in the note, a time and venue.

Jason thought initially of informing Helena of her friend’s plans. However there was something mysterious and compelling about Amah and her moves. He was also suspicious of the assumed friendship. He had been married to Helena for a while and he had never heard of or seen Amah until she showed up strangely at their door.

Additionally, he had noted in hindsight that his wife seemed rather anxious and fidgety during the period Amah was at the house.
thought he hadn’t noticed it but there seemed to be some coldness during the period. He decided that it would be in his best interest to keep the date, which was also for that evening.

Back at the office, Joe the HR manager believed he had succeeded in scaring Michael. He however wanted to press his advantage further and decided to recruit Amah in his plan.

Later that afternoon, he called Amah into his office for a talk.
“Amah there is something I want to discuss with you.” Joe said
“Go on, sir” Amah replied.

“I know what is something going on between you and Michael and you know….” Suddenly he was interrupted by Amah
“Sir, with all due respect, our relationship here is quite professional but whatever goes on outside the company’s gate is personal and none of the company’s business” Amah said hotly.

“Easy girl, you should allow me finish, that’s not what I meant.” He said “I know the look you gave Michael when we went to visit Sophie, all I am asking for is a big favor.” He continued.

“Favor? What favor sir? Amah asked

“I want you to hold on to your man Michael. Be possessive of him enough to persuade him to stay away from Sophie.” Joe said.

“Sir, Do you love Sophie or something? Amah asked.

“That is not your business.“ Joe said haughtily “Just do as I have said and you will be rewarded accordingly,” said Joe.

Amah laughed out loud at the absurdity of the whole matter. She was willing to cooperate since her brerad was going to be buttered in two directions. She reassured Joe that it was okay and assured him that everything was under control.

They bantered a bit and then she left him to get back to her office.
Michael tried seeing Amah but she somehow managed to avoid him. She however came around now and then and managed to keep him in suspense.

The workday finally came to an end and Michael found himself home. He got himself a drink and was in his bedroom going over the issues of the past few days. He suddenly remembered the SMS warning him about Nikky.

He got up from where he was and walked over to where he had kept the herbal concoction. He was shocked to find the drug wasn’t there. He wondered to himself who could have taken it. The only person that had access to his house was Sophie and he knew she would have called him or waited for him to come home.

“I should have thrown that thing away since” he said to himself. He had been avoiding Sophie since the incident with Amah and Joe and hadn’t called her once. The only time he took her call, he had hastily cut it off. However, he curiously called her to find out if she had come to his house.

The phone rang out twice without Sophie picking it up. Michael wasn’t so disturbed. He felt safe. If Sophia had seen the drug, she would likely have called him about it. Maybe he had gotten rid of it without realizing, he thought to himself. He made a mental note to check up on Sophie on his way to work the next morning.

Amah had gotten to the rendezvous point ahead of Jason and was already sitted. She had chosen a fine restaurant halfway between her office and Jason’s house.

She was halfway into her cocktail when Jason showed up and joined her at the table.

They were in between chitchats when the waiter appeared to take Jason’s order.

She ordered a gin and tonic for him

“I really don’t want any alcohol, a soft drink will do.“ Jason said.

“You think so? Trust me, you will need the gin and tonic for what I’m about to tell you” Amah said.
Her words freaked Jason out completely.

Sophie had been waiting for Jason’s wife to arrive. It was getting late; she assumed that Helena would have come earlier. Sophie took a look at her wristwatch, noted the time and started doubting if the visit was going to happen. She put on a movie and soon drifted off to sleep while watching. In the middle of her doze, she was suddenly awakened by the sharp sound of her doorbell.

“Finally, she is here.” Sophie said to herself and stood up from the couch to go open the door.

She walked towards the door not really knowing what to expect. The woman on the other side had sounded pleasant. She was suddenly curious to know what Jason’s wife would look like.

Helena on the other side of the door was suddenly apprehensive. She had looked forward to seeing this woman and now the time had finally come.

Sophie opened the door just about the same time that Helena was looking up at the door. Their eyes met and they both simultaneously froze in shock.

To be continued

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