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Story: THE TRINITY-Episode 15


The Trinity-Episode 15

“Good morning, you must be Helena’s husband, Jason” She said “I’m Amah, her friend, she has spoken so much about you” She continued.

Helena stood there speechless wondering what to say. Amah’s presence had caught her completely off guard. She fumbled and tried not to show her surprise. But she was indeed quite shaken.

“This is quite a surprise, you didn’t tell me your friend would be visiting today Michael said.

Helena knew she was vulnerable; She had no option than to play along with Amah. Amah had truly proven to be unpredictable and could do anything at this point. She had to have her wits around her lest amah spilled the beans.

“Oh I’m really sorry, she told me her visit will be a quick one, she won’t be here for long? Helena said.

“Oh Helena, have you forgotten our discussion? You asked me to speak with your husband. You asked that I discuss that my business proposal with him. Amah said jokingly with a light laugh.

“Oh my manners, why don’t you come in “Jason said and invited her in. Helena was on the verge of losing her mind. She had no idea what Amah was planning. Her presence made her very nervous.
Ismael was running late for school, their driver hadn’t yet showed up.

“Honey, why don’t you see Ismael off to school? Seems like the driver is running late.” Jason said to Helena.

Helena was now in a fix. She didn’t like the idea of leaving Amah alone with her husband. This definitely was turning into a nightmare.

“I wish I could help, but it’s rather unfortunate that my car broke down a few days ago, but don’t worry Helena, I will be here waiting for you. It would give me the opportunity to discuss the details of my business with your husband” Amah said looking very harmless.

Helena was really put on the spot. She had no option than to take Ismael to school. She couldn’t wait to come back home. She went off wondering if she would have a home to come back to.

Sophie spent the time in deep worry about Michael. She knew that Joe would have threatened him and she was quite concerned about how Joe handled seeing them kiss. It was apparent that something had transpired, as Michael hadn’t come back to her apartment after that scene.

Sophie decided to go surprise Michael at his apartment. Her thought was to spend the day there and then surprise him when he got back from work. She thought she would take the time to clean up the apartment and make him a lovely dinner.

She knew Michael very well and where he kept his keys when he wasn’t at home. She got there knowing that Michael was already at work. She looked beneath the doormat where he kept his keys and took them, opened the door and made herself comfortable.
After cleaning the house, Sophie felt a bit tired and thirsty so she went to the fridge and took a bottle of soda. She then went to his room to lie down a bit. As she was lying on the bed, her eyes came across a brown bottle with strange markings that seemed quite out of place in the bedroom.
Hmmmmmm she thought to herself “when did Michael start taking traditional medicine” she got curious and reached for the bottle. On reading the words on the bottle she realized that this was herbal medicine used for the termination of pregnancies.

She looked again and remembered that this particular brand had been involved in several controversies. It had come out that a number of ladies had died from using it and the drug was currently under a ban by the health authorities.

Sophie noticed that the bottle had been opened and only a quarter of the contents was left. Sophie got alarmed. “What was the bottle doing in Michael’s room, what was he doing with it? It obviously wasn’t him that had used it. Which girl had Michal impregnated?

Amah was enjoying Helena been away. She and Jason all to herself and she could do what she wanted. She was really cherishing the moment. She and Jason chatted about several things as Amah freely flirted with him. Amah was quite a charming and attractive girl and she knew how to turn on the charm when she wanted.

Finally Jason went “Amah tell me about this business idea of yours, let me see if it will be profitable “
“Oh yeah I almost forgot, I learnt you have a brother by name Michael, If I am correct? Amah asked.

“Yeah, He is my younger brother, any problem? Jason asked

“Well He was the one who talked me into bringing you on board” She said

“You mean Michael actually told you that? I see, what connection does he have in this business?” Jason asked his eyes now narrowed and his senses on the alert.

“Well he is the major shareholder of the business. Jason, I must be frank with you, you are sleeping with your legs outside your room” Amah began.

“I don’t understand you” Jason said looking very confused.

“Your brother has a son whom I think you should be more concerned about. I believe also that you know who the mother of his son is?” Amah said.

“Since when did Michael have a son that I don’t know about and who is the mother? Michael asked.

“She is right under nose, It’s your …………….” Amah said

To be continued

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