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Story: THE TRINITY-Episode 13


The Trinity-Episode 13

She gave him a good hot kiss and whispered to him

“This is not the end boy. The game has just begun. See you later” She said.

Amah turned round and started walking out of the room. She paused at the door and spoke out loudly to Helena

“Helena, say hi to Ismael for me. I pray he doesn’t take after his father’s character.” And with that, she walked out.

Michael looked around and finally spotted their clothes where Amah had hastily thrown them under the bed.

He called Helena and they both began to dress up. All trace of the passion that had consumed them just a few moments ago had disappeared.

“How could you have been so dumb! Why didn’t you lock the door?” Helena said looking very upset.

“You shouldn’t blame me, didn’t you like what happened in the shower?” Michael said.

“And did I hear her call you her man? Michael, who is that girl? Who is she to you and how does she know so much about us?” Helena asked looking really pissed.

Michael grabbed her and tried to to play smart, kissing her.

“Cut that crap boy! I am not falling for that. I should go be with my husband now.” She said and started walking out on him.

“Hold on, don’t go yet. What about the rest of the money?” Michael asked.

“Such effrontery! You can be so annoying. Last time I checked, you used that money to shut your girlfriend up. Have a nice day, ok!“. Helena said and walked out of the room.

After his discussions with Sophie, Jason had decided to go back home and try work things out in his marriage. Something had clicked in him as he spoke with Sophie and he knew that the best way to deal with his problem was not by running away from it but rather, by facing it.

He decided that he had spent too long running and believed he could make amends by sorting out the issues with his wife. He was quite impressed at the way Sophie had spoken about Michael although he felt she didn’t know him enough. He knew Michael enough to know that he couldn’t have changed and he hoped Sophie wouldn’t get hurt.

He got home and found the house all quiet. Usually, his wife would hear the sound of his car and come wait for him by the stairs to shout and cause trouble. He looked at his watch and noticed how late it was. “Well, she could be asleep.” He thought to himself, it is quite late”

He went to his son’s room and found the boy sleeping soundly. His teddy bear had fallen off him and was on the floor. He picked up the bear, tucked it in with the boy and pulled the bed sheet over both of them.

Ismael would always push off anything you wrapped him in even with the A/C blowing cold. He kissed the boy on the forehead and made his way to his room, steeling himself for a verbal onslaught fom his wife.

On getting to the room, he was shocked to find the place empty. His wife wasn’t on the bed. He went into the bathroom and then into their walk-in closet but she wasn’t there.

“Hmmmmmm” he thought to himself “where could she be?”

He picked up his phone and begun calling her. Before the phone call could go through, he heard footsteps coming from the hallway.

“That must be her” he thought to himself.

Jason came out of the bedroom to meet her up across the hallway.
Helena was surprised to find her husband back from wherever he had been for the past two days.

She had been too tied up in her thoughts to have noticed his car packed in the garage. She had taken a taxi as she had wanted her movement to be untraceable.

“Where have you been, Helena?” asked Jason.

Helena walked up to her husband and planted an intense kiss on his lips.

“Hey, what has come over you dear?” Jason asked.

As much as he liked what just happened, this was totally out of character. It had been quite a while since they had kissed or had sex together. All she seemed to do was shout at him and quarrel.

“Shut up Jason, I will be in the bedroom” Helena said and went into the bedroom to wait for him.
It felt to Jason as if God had finally begun to answer his prayers. His wife hadn’t acted like this in a very long time. It most probably was due to the time out he took from home, he thought to himself. He had never left home that way before and it was likely that shock that made her miss him. Anyways, he was glad his wife was back.
He quickly rushed into the bedroom and saw that Helena had changed into a transparent silk nightdress and was looking really hot and sexy. Helena was a beautiful well-endowed woman. A Rush of blood went through Jason’s veins as he saw his wife.
He joined her in bed. He got on top of her and begun kissing her lips passionately. Soon they were engaged in passionate lovemaking.

At the height of their passion, they both found themselves climaxing together. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Jason shouted out Sophie’s name.

“What!” asked Helena “Who the hell is Sophie, Jason?

To be continued

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