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Restless-Episode 49

Story By 

Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Nexis, Bethanna
“What’s happening there?” Agent Elkim asked from the backseat of the car where he was. He was staring out through the car window at the gate of his house where there seemed to be an argument going on with a man and some of his security men at the gate.
“We would find out when we get down,” His personal assistant who was sitting at the front seat with the driver of the car answered him.
The vehicle drove in behind another in which four other security staffs sat, all members of the FOX Agency.
Agent Elkim placed a closer look at the man who seemed to be causing trouble at the side of the gate as he drove in. The man also looked in direction of the car but Elkim knew he could not have seen him because of the tinted glasses. He noticed it was a young man and wondered what he was arguing about. He was probably drunk and unaware of himself, Agent Elkim concluded in his mind as the car was driven in.
They got to the parking space and Elkim’s personal assistant stepped out of the car to open the door for his boss.
Agent Elkim stepped out of the car and handed his tablet device and other personal effects to the assistant before he proceeded towards the entrance. The personal assistant closed the door and quickly stepped aside to order one of the men from the first car to find out what was going on at the gate. He rushed up to join the Agent immediately after.
Agent Elkim’s first daughter was the only one in the living room when he walked in. She had been the only family member present with him in the house for almost a year. He had a family of four, his wife with him and two kids – a male and one female. The male child was the younger one and he lived in another State in the country Bethanna with his mother where he also schooled. The female daughter was already a graduate and was running an online business from her father’s house where she lived.
Ten minutes after Elkim got into his room was when the personal assistant stepped in with his device and the other things he had handed to him. Elkim had already taken off his suit jacket and tie, his white shirt was buttoned down only halfway and the sleeves were already unbuttoned. His shoes and socks had also been taken off.
“Sir, the man at the gate has been troubling them ten minutes before we arrived, I was told he insisted he needed to see you.” The personal assistant said after dropping the man’s devices and other things on the table.
Elkim turned his gaze to him. “What does he need to see me for?”
“He says he knows something about EC23 and you need to hear him out.”
“EC23?” Elkim raised his brows.
“Yes, you know anything like that sir?”
“Yes, but that case is long forgotten.” Elkim answered thoughtfully. “is he still outside?”
“I was told he’s still sitting around, waiting for his message to be delivered to you.”
“I’ll like to hear from him, bring him into the compound,” Elkim said and got up from the bed where he was sitting. He unbuckled his belt and began to pull it out.
“Right away,” the personal assistant turned and left.
Agent Elkim quickly changed his clothes and got out of the house eight minutes later. He spotted the young man standing down the large verandah, with three of the security men surrounding him.
“Hello young man, I’m here to see you like you demanded.” Agent Elkim said to the visitor. He remained standing on top in the verandah of the building and resting his arms on the handrails.
Cole stared at him silently for a while, acting uncomfortable in the presence of the other security men.
“Excuse us,” Agent Elkim said to the men.
They left without hesitation. They had already searched Cole thoroughly before he was allowed in and were very sure he had no harmful substance on him. They were also sure about Agent Elkim being strong enough to deal with him if there was any physical attack.
“I came to see you about EC23,” Cole cleared his throat and began. His clothes looked rough, visibly from the handling outside the gate when he tried to force himself in at first. “I know it’s been gone for more than five years but I have some substantial evidence that can implicate you.”
Agent Elkim raised a brow. He took in a breath and folded his arms across his chest.
“Tell me what you know,” he demanded.
“I know that you were present at the club house that night and I have pictures to prove your presence,” Cole replied.
“What other proofs do you have?”
“That only,” Cole frowned. “Or isn’t that enough to land your silly ass in jail.”
“Yes, it is.” Agent Elkim admitted, looking around to see if anyone was listening. “So what do you want from me? You need to delete those pictures.”
“A million Bethanna dollars,” Cole stated.
“A million Bethanna dollars?” Agent Elkim frowned.
“Okay… Ermm, but how did you get the pictures?”
“I was at the cartel that night, I took the pictures personally.”
“What were you doing at the cartel?”
“Doing drugs of course man.”
“So you are a criminal!”
“Yeah, I agree but not a bad one as you.” Cole replied boldly. “I’m a man who has nothing to lose but you have so much to lose, if I release the pictures, we’d both go to jail. So we can talk business quickly.
“Can I see the pictures?”
“Yes sure,” Cole said as he took out his tablet device from a bag hanging from his shoulder. “I have them with some of my other guys not here with me, if anything happens to this or to me, they’d release their copies.”
“I’ll give you the money, please give me some minutes.” Agent Elkim said after viewing the pictures and stepped back. He called for one of the security men and gave them orders to grant Cole a seat to wait at the corridor. He then proceeded into the house and instructed his personal assistant to invite the police.
He walked back to his room after smiling it off. He concluded that the young man must have gotten drunk or high on drugs. When the said case was still in court, pictures showing him in more implicating positions had been presented and he still got exonerated at the end. So he took Cole as a joker and sought to hand him over to the police.
Cole sat on the chair he was provided for at the corridor. He was also served wine but refused to drink from it. He hoped in his mind that the man would have called for the police just like Henry predicted.
Agent Elkim came out again after ten minutes and reassured him that he was bringing the money and had sent someone to get the money in cash. He went back in and Cole sat there alone for an additional eighteen minutes before Agent Elkim’s personal assistant came out with four other men. They stood around Cole.
“Our men are already here with your money,” the personal assistant said to Cole, looking in direction of the gate.
Cole also looked in the direction the man was looking but could not see anything from his seat because of the handrails and the flowers. He glanced at the PA’s face again and saw a mischievous smile which made him more inquisitive. He rose up and saw a police vehicle driving towards the garage.
“What’s happening here?” he feigned a shocked expression as he stared at the PA’s face.
He got no response to his question. His eyes followed the police vehicle as it parked and the uniformed men stepped out and climbed onto the corridor.
“Welcome officers, this man has something interesting to tell you.” the PA said to the officers as they proceeded towards them.
Cole stood there acting, with a frustrated look on his face like a trapped man. Henry and Dave in their police uniforms and caps and also having light facial disguises like Cole slowly marched towards them. Cole could see Samantha still staying behind outside the car.
Dave had the handcuff in his hand and two guns carefully put in the hooks by the sides of his waist. Henry also had revolvers by his side and a handcuff attached to the belt of his trousers.
“You claimed to have some information about EC23, and you also said you work in the drug cartel. You’re under arrest,” Dave said as he approached Cole. “Kindly put your hands in the air and turn around.”
“I swear, Chief Elkim would pay for this.” Cole cursed in an angry tone as he obeyed the instruction of the police officer and turned around.
“Put your hands down and slowly behind you,” Dave added. Cole responded slowly and Dave slowly took the handcuffs to his wrists.
All the while, Henry had his eyes hovering about the house, especially the entrance. He had once visited the house some years back when it was newly built. He had worked with agent Elkim on cases during those years and had being invited them for dinner with the man’s family.
All of a sudden while the men expected him to be cuffed and taken away, Cole made a quick turn as the police officer’s hand touched his. He pulled out a gun from the side of the police officer and pointed it at him.
“Move back or I blow off your brain,” Cole warned as he cocked the gun.
Everyone standing around looked so shocked. Henry who was also standing beside Cole quickly pulled out his gun and pointed at Cole.
Cole glanced at Henry but kept his gun pointed at Dave. Henry’s eyes communicated a quick message to him as their eyes met briefly. Cole took a quick glance at the other men around him. He knew they were all members of the FOX and that even though they looked surprised, they weren’t afraid.
“Put down the gun young man,” Henry said in a gruff voice.
Immediately he finished speaking, one of the men behind Cole noticed his distraction and immediately tried to make use of the opportunity to take the gun but to their utmost surprise and shock, Henry met the man with a kick on his face and the man fell to the ground flat. The other men were yet to understand what was happening when Dave grabbed the PA on the shoulders and gave him a headbutt on the face.
They were still yet to fully grasp what was going on, but immediately launched their defense, attacking the policemen and the man who they were called to arrest.
The PA tried to reply Dave with a punch but Dave bent and grabbed him by the elbow. He punched him hard twice, one in the belly and another in the chest, then he bent him forward and sent a kick to his face with his knee.
Another man had tried to attack Henry immediately but as usual Henry picked him easily and got his backbone broken with his knee within few seconds. Another one tried to take out a gun but Henry met him with a kick in the groin and followed with three other punches.
Immediately Samantha noticed the action had begun at the corridor, she opened the backseat of the car and took out a backpack. She strapped it to her back immediately and quickly brought out the guns from her pockets. She moved from behind the car and faced the other security men who had noticed the fight at the corridor and were coming towards there. She sent in two tranquilizing bullets into the chest of one man and hid again behind the car before she fired another into the belly of another. She turned through the back of the car to the other side and took three other men by surprise, firing a shot each into their bodies. She saw other men coming from other sides of the compound as she turned back and ran towards the corridor.
A bullet from a man down the corridor narrowly missed her as she climbed up and hid behind the handrail, she rose up briefly and fired a quick shot at the man before moving quickly to hide behind the concrete pillar of the rail. Dave came to her rescue as he walked towards the handrail, firing shots at the men down the balcony.
“Get up now,” he said quickly to her and she ran from her hiding place towards Henry who was already waiting for her. Dave moved towards her previous hiding position as he kept on firing randomly.
All the men who were on the balcony previously with the men were already down by the time Samantha got close to Henry. She turned the backpack towards Henry and he zipped it open quickly. He took out two small waist pouches and threw to Cole for Cole to hold for Dave and himself. He picked one out for himself and strapped it to his waist before he closed the backpack. Immediately, he and Samantha proceeded towards the main entrance of the house while Cole moved in Dave’s direction to join him take care of the men outside the building.
Henry led the way into the house and they met with some men already coming towards the entrance. While Henry grabbed the man by the neck, turned him in and slammed him to the wall, Samantha passed beside him, firing shots with two guns in her hands.
Henry turned with his gun after slamming the first man’s head twice on the wall and dropping the unconscious body, he bent down as he fired two quick shots at some men. He rolled and hid behind a long sofa, facing Samantha directly where she also hid behind another long sofa. Before they could communicate anything to themselves, they were sent running as the opponents began to fire multiple shots at the sofa. The bullets did not penetrate through the sofas immediately but as it became repeated, the materials became weak and gave way. However, Henry and Samantha moved away before the bullets could get to them. Samantha rolled behind another sofa and continued moving while Henry found nowhere else to hide except the back of a water dispenser. He quickly dipped his hand into his waist pouch and took out a small ball. The transparent container of water on top was fired and the water splashed all over Henry’s body as he opened the lid from the small ball and threw it to the center of the room where the three men were. He quickly dipped his hand in to pick out a treated nose cover.
The ball flew towards the men standing close to the end wall and firing shots, erupting a pink smoke as it landed.
Samantha seeing it, also took out her treated nose cover and put it on. Before she could get out of the hiding spot, Henry had already fired down two of the men, one of them had been able to escape into the hallway behind, coughing heavily.
Elkim paused the footage and stared intently at the policemen on the screen. He zoomed it to see the faces of the two policemen one after the other. He observed more carefully when he got to Henry’s view as he had watched the footage before and seen how Henry singlehandedly took out three men and also joined the other officer in taking out another. He rotated the view to see the face of the man properly. He saw a bearded man with well kept moustache, but it looked like nobody he had seen before. He remained calm and unperturbed, even though he kept wondering who the uniformed policemen were and was their mission was.
He had changed already into his night gown when he began to hear sounds of gunshots around. It was then he quickly opened up his laptop and plugged in the chords transmitting pictures from the surveillance cameras around the house.
He checked his phone again and there was still no signal. He got up from the chair and walked to the other side of his bed, he picked another phone from the stool there but was disappointed to find that the other phone was also not receiving signals. He could not make any calls. He returned to the table where his laptop was and sat on the chair, he navigated to the dashboard of the surveillance cameras software and selected the option for the livestream. He switched quickly from one footage source to another in search for the current position of the policemen in the house. He soon spotted the huge man and a lady in the first living room. He noticed the coloured gas in the place and also saw the nose covers covering the noses of the uniformed men. He watched as the huge one proceeded to the hallway.
He was now sure that the men were there for something very serious and they probably were targeting getting to him or even killing him. He chuckled at the thought and was amazed at the temerity of the men to come into his house for him. His smile disappeared quickly from his face when he recalled that his daughter was also in the house at that time.
He jumped to his feet quickly and walked to the wardrobe. He took out a Bethanna military camouflage shorts and a different shirt. He quickly changed into them before he took out his three guns from the wardrobe, two revolvers and one long gun. He also took out packs of bullets cartridges and placed them on the table. He loaded the two revolvers quickly and the long gun. He kept the pistols in his pockets and proceeded to the door with his long gun in his hand.
Just as he opened the door, he saw his daughter already running towards his room in panic.
“It’s okay baby,” he comforted as he pulled his daughter into a warm embrace. He opened the door and led her in. “Get seated and relax, there’s no cause for alarm,” he said to her in a reassuring voice before he proceeded again to the table where his laptop was. He watched her sit on the bed first before he also sat on the chair. He switched the sources of footages again to find the current location of the assailants. It was still in the hallway and he could see the huge man breaking the bones of his men.

“Stay in here baby, don’t move or leave until I come back for you.” Elkim said to his daughter as he picked up the gun again. He walked to her and kissed her on the forehead before walking out of the room. He locked it from outside.

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