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Restless-Episode 44

Story By 

Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Samantha quickly took out a row of bullet to fix in her revolver but the second man pulled out his gun and pointed it at her. The man from the top floor who threw the explosive ball had also come down and was pointing at her from the back.
Samantha froze and looked at the faces of both men from both sides. She knew the trigger would be pulled if she made any dubious move and it could mean instant death for her.
“Go on your knees and drop that thing,” the man behind her said in a commanding tone.
She went down slowly with the gun placed on the floor and gently placed her knees on the ground, her hand going up simultaneously.
The man behind moved closer to her and picked the gun from the step it was dropped.
“Place your hands behind you,” the other man said as he took out an handcuff to use on her.
Samantha obeyed and had both hands placed at the back. The man from who picked her gun stepped in front of her and put the gun forward very close to her body. The man behind was already fixing the cuff on the right wrist when Samantha delivered a blow to his groin with her elbow. She grabbed the wrists of the man holding the gun in front of her and pulled it up as she got up, she also delivered a kick with her knee to his belly. She turned back with her hands still holding the wrists of the man and landed another kick with her knee to the face of the man who was bent behind.
She dodged a blow from the from and gave the man a headbutt on his chest. The man fell back against the handrail and she replied him with another headbutt, this time on his face. The headbutt hit his nose hard but Samantha also felt some pain on her forehead. She released the hand of the man where the gun was and the pistol fell to the stairs and bounced till it got to the last step to the landing.
The man behind tried to pull out his gun which he had pocketed but Samantha turned just in time and struck his face with the handcuff which was still stuck to her right hand. She faced front to see the man in front already with a knife, trying to strike her. She caught him by the wirst immediately but the force pushed her back and she collided with the man behind and fell to the step below. She rolled down to the next step and turned to see the man with the knife already above her. She was lying on one of her hands and it seemed impossible to stop him from stabbing her this time. Her eyes blinked as he raised the knife and she pulled out her hand.
There was a loud bang.
The man with the knife dropped to the floor after a bullet got into his back. There was another bang, and it was a bullet entering into the forehead of the other man. Samantha looked up to findHenry standing up at the top of the stairs. She heaved a sigh of relief and picked herself up. She groaned silently as she felt some pains in her back and arms, especially around her shoulder and elbows.
“Let’s get out of here Sam, we’d take the elevator and then go out through the back door. Cole is waiting for us already.” Henry said to her as he rushed down the stairs.
He got to the last step before the ninth floor and he stopped to peep and confirm if anyone was in the corridor.
Benuit State, Bethanna.
“He’s on a facecap perfectly carved to cover his face from cameras hung from the ceiling,” Kahn said to Hutton.
They were seated in the backseat of the same car. Only the driver was seated in front and briefcase was placed on the passenger’s seat in front.
“Can I have a closer look?” Hutton asked as he stretched forth his hand to get the tablet device Kahn was looking into.
Kahn handed the device to him and leaned back with a sigh.
Hutton moved the footage some minutes forward and paused at a point. He zoomed it and focused on the face of the man. The only part that wasn’t covered from the cameras coverage by the face cap was the chin of the man.
“Who could this be?” Hutton asked aloud, although rhetorically.
“I just forwarded the shots to Jessy and she should be matching his face with others to confirm who he is?”
“This doesn’t look like the FOX’s job, this man’s mission is in no way related to the FOX’s investigation.” Hutton said thoughtfully.
“Then who else could be after us?”
Hutton heaved a sigh. He zoomed the picture again and stared at the face hidden behind the face cap for a moment. The man’s facial features were totally different from who he was expecting it to be.
He looked at Kahn’s face briefly and then took in another breath as he rested his back.
“Spill out what you got to say man,” Kahn said to him with questioning eyes, after noticing Hutton had something in mind which he wasn’t saying.
“It doesn’t make sense, but…” Hutton paused again and looked at Kahn’s face. “If the FOX isn’t behind this, the nex person who could be is Carl Winston.”
Kahn widened his eyes and then stared at him awkwardly. “I thought we’ve talked about this already.”
“Yes, but there are still no proofs that Carl Winston is dead.” Hutton insisted. “Two agents were killed that night and we are yet to confirm the death of the most dangerous one.”
Kahn shook his head. “Hutton, how do you come to these conclusions?”
“Why don’t you take a journey back to activities before the kidnappings began like I did?”
“What do you mean?” Kahn asked.
“Before Richard Brad was kidnapped and murdered, two of those men who he selected to attack the families of the agents already died. I don’t think this is a coincidence,” Hutton explained.
Kahn squinted thoughtfully for a moment. He remembered that after the plan to murder the FOX’s agent had been properly cooked, they had given the full responsibility to Brad to execute without dictating or getting involved in his selectionof men to carry out the job.
Kahn knew he had no reason to doubt Hutton’s investigation and discovery of link in Brad’s death to two previous murders. He was sure Hutton would have properly carried out his investigation and would have left nothing out.
“If this is true, then we have to cease the attacks until we get Carl Winston totally out of the way.” Kahn said thoughtfully.
“I’m not sure yet if it is really Carl Winston, I only said it could be.” Hutton said, mentioninghis words slowly and one after the other.
Kahn glanced at him, wondering why he was sounding so unsure again.
“Carl Winston or whoever is behind these attacks against our men is very intelligent and skilled, we can’t afford to take a drastic decision that would grant him an upper hand.” Hutton added.
“So , what do you suggest?”
“The attacks would continue, while I’ll go after whoever it is.”
Kahn widened his eyes in shock at Hutton’s word. “What are you talking about? That’s against our initial plan, we can’t step into this fight yet.”
“Kahn, the game plan has to change sometimes. We need to take drastic measures to confront drastic situations.”
“And won’t that spoil the whole show?”
“The show is becoming unbalanced already, stepping in now would help us make it balanced.” Hutton replied in a confident tone.
“We have to bring this to the rest of the board,” Kahn suggested.
“No!” Hutton disagreed strongly, taking a quick glance at his face. “It would take the board a lng time to make the decision and that would slow down things. You gotta trust me on this Kahn.”
Kahn stared at his face for a while with uncertainty in his eyes. He closed his eyes and shook his head slowly.
“I don’t like this idea,” he said as he opened his eyes and stared at Hutton. “But I’ll trust you like I always do, please do not disappoint me.”
“I have never disappointed you or the board Kahn, I would not do that this time around.” Hutton answered in confident tones.
Kahn nodded slowly in response.
EPA, Bethanna
Paul Edwards had been unable to keep his mind at rest since he was informed of the kidnap of his grandson. There were two things at stake, his grandson’s life and his reputation as the FOX coporation chairman. If the world got to know that his son who was said to have died in an explosion was still alive, it would deal him a big blow and he would have no choice than to resign as the FOX’s boss. He knew he couldn’t hide the truth for eternity but he was waiting for he right time, the time when the public’s opinion about his grandson being alive would no longer matter.
After personally going through footages, he found nothing to lead him to the kidnappers. He retired to his office and tried to brainstorm on the best way to get his grandson back alive apart from the FOX rescue team which he had already launched.
He sat in the swivel in the office alone, moving from left to right and back as several thoughts ran through his mind. He was confused on what to do about the situation and he could not publicly discuss it with the FOX board as most of the board members knew nothing about his son being alive.
He was still so deep in thoughts when the phone which he placed on the table began to ring. He picked it up and checked the caller. It was an unknown number.
He raised a brow as he wondered who he could be that had his personal number without he having the person’s name stored on the phone.
He answered the call.

“Hey Paul!” A gruff voice sounded. “Your grandson is with us, can we meet at the Alexis Park this evening?”

To be continued


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