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Restless-Episode 43

Story By 

Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Samantha finally got to the stairs which led to the tenth floor and reduced her walking speed. She mumbled some words to Cole through the mouthpiece before pulling out her gun. She could heard some voices and sounds of footsteps and she could tell that close to five people were in the corridor. She stopped just at the last step of the stairs and peeped into the corridor to catch a view. She saw five men standing close to the entrance Cole directed her to, all dressed in blacks and having guns in their hands. She could tell that there were more people who had stepped into the place.


For a moment after the complete blackout, Henry thought he had made the wrong choice of button to push but suddenly again, the lights came on and the laser fence began to fold up in reverse order of how it built. Henry heaved a sigh of relief as he realized he made the right decision of which button to turn off.
He picked his phone quickly and unlocked it again, he noticed that the signal bar was becoming stronger. He paused for a moment as he began to hear some sounds from outside. He knew at once that he now add company. He switched to his call dialer and dialed Samantha’s number.
She carefully and quietly from some steps back to the midway landing and then three more steps downward to hide her head behind the handrail.
“Cole, I have not seen Henry but there’s a heavy presence of unknown gunmen here.” She said into the mouthpiece of the communicator.
“Can you also try reach his phone?” Cole replied him and Samantha dipped her hand into her pocket to pull out her phone quickly.
She took a moment to quickly look up to see if anyone was coming in her direction from above. She returned her focus to the phone after confirming that no one was coming. She was about to dial Henry’s number when she got an incoming call from him.
She swiped up the green phone icon immediately and put the phone close to her ear.
“Henry where are you?”
“Get directions from Cole and come in my direction immediately, I got into some real big trap and I think I’ve got some company now.” Henry replied.
“I’m very close already and I can see the men, I’ll join you in a second.”
“Be careful,” Henry warned before ending the call.
Samantha kept her phone and held her gun firmly in her hand, she was about to start moving up when she heard sounds of footsteps coming closer. She stopped to listen for a while and then looked up the stairs through the spaces on the handrails. It was a just in time to see a man who had stopped halfway down before the midway landing pointing his gun in her direction. The man must have noticed her slight movements behind the rails.
She moved away quickly before the two bullets could reach her and she fired a random shot back at him. She moved down from the ground of the next floor to the first step on the flight and watched from there. The man who fired at her was still firing as he ran down the steps.
She held the revolver firmly and watched as he moved to the stairs close to the floor. With calculated steps she moved to front of the stairs and fired two shot at the man. One of the bullets went straight into the man’s chest and he dropped to the ground.
She climbed a step up and looked up to see if anyone else was coming. She began to move up slowly and carefully when she suddenly saw a man flip over from the other side and landed on the handrail. Before she could direct her gun to him, his kick hit her at the top of the shoulder which slammed her back to wall behind.
He landed on his feet to the stairs, a foot on the fifth step and the second on the sixth. Before she could make a move, he grabbed the wrist of the hand where she held the gun and sent a punch into her belly, slamming her back to the wall again.
She replied with a kick which landed close to his groin, making his waist hit the handrail but he still held on to her wrist. He launched forward with a kick from his knee but she stopped it with her left hand and stamped a kick on the lap on his left leg, making him hit his waist against the rail again.
Henry pulled out his second revolver after returning the tools into the purse and into his jacket. He moved slowly to the door and listened for a second before opening it carefully. He could now hear the footsteps carefully as he stepped out of the room. He saw traces of men moving in the next room through the transparent glass walls and he could tell they were coming in his direction.
He turned back into room and closed the door. He stood by the door and held the guns firmly in his hands
Soon as expected, the footsteps began to sound closer in his direction. He kept still and waited patiently.
Soon he noticed a hand had touched the knob from the back and was slowly pushing the door open. He waited till the person stepped in and then delivered a kick to the groin, he followed with a bullet to the chest as the man fell against the door.
He peeped and stepped out immediately with his fingers moving close to the triggers of the guns in his hands. There were three men in the room, one was already moving towards the door but had stopped on the way on seeing what happened. The other two were close to the entrance door. Another man could be seen through the transparent wall just close the door. His speed and swiftness was triple of theirs, he released the bullets to the men’s bodies as he began to move with quick light to avoid being aimed at successfully.
After gunning down the first three men, he fired a shot through the glass towards the man at the back of the wall but missed as the man was already alert. The man fired two shots back at Henry through the same part of the glass wall and it created a larger crack on the wall. Henry’s eyes searched around as he approached the entrance and he located the men behind the other transparent wall approaching his direction.
The man lost his grip on Samantha’s wrist when his waist hit the handrail but charged back towards her immediately and landed a hard punch at the top of her shoulder, making her stagger back and rammed into her with his shoulder, slamming her body hard against the wall.
She grabbed his body firmly and pushed him hard against the handrail again. She raised her head up and then followed with a punch to his belly. He tried to push her but she stood firmly with her left hand holding one of his arms, she then struck him in the face twice with the revolver in her hand. He tried to take advantage of her one- second pause to strike back with a head butt but she dodged it and grabbed his neck, putting his neck under her armpit. She kicked him hard in the belly twice with her knee and then raised his head up again, she struck him three more times on the face with the butt of the gun and pushed him away, down the stairs. She repositioned the gun in her hand quickly and fired a bullet into his body. She walked quickly to his body where it rolled to the landing and quickly picked out a gun from his pocket. She understood that he had refused to use his gun on her but had chosen a hand fist instead because he wanted to take her alive and probably find out why she was there.
She turned her neck and looked up to see if anyone else was coming yet but there was none. She rose up and quickly climbed back up the stairs to the tenth floor. She was already hearing sounds of gunshots and she knew that it was already going down with Henry in the place. One of the men turned and fired a quick shot at her but she quickly dodged behind the wall of the staircase.
Henry approached the reception wall carefully after gunning down five men. He stopped by the wall when he got to the door. He cocked one of the guns he had taken from one of the men who attacked him. He peeped out and looked left, just as he looked right, he saw someone already charging towards him with a gun raised in his hand. Before Henry could raise his own gun and fire, the man had already fired two shots at him which Henry quickly dodged by entering back into he room. He stayed behind the wall and waited for the man to come in.
He grabbed the man’s hand by the wrist and raised his gun as he directed his own revolver to the man’s face but the man was also swift and had pulled his wrist up too, making Henry fire his bullet into the ceiling instead.
The man launched a kick with his knee into Henry’s belly and tried to push him away but Henry stood firm and maintained his grip on the man. Henry twisted his hand and turned him around swiftly with force, hitting the man’s back and head hard against the wall. The man stamped a foot against Henry’s knee but Henry’s leg remained firm on the floor and unmoving. Henry launched a kick with his knee into the man’s belly, both men still holding the wrist of his opponent’s hand where the gun was.
The man pushed Henry with so much force that he skidded a metre back, he grabbed Henry’s arm with the second hand and made a swift turn to Henry’s back, trying to twist his arm but Henry made a quick twisting and leaping movement, making the man’s twisting attempt fail. Henry’s gun had dropped from his hand by the time he landed on his feet but he hand was also free from the man’s grip. He was able to grab the man by the arm, close to the shoulder and pull him forcefully. He grabbed the arm with both hands and then slammed him hard against the wall. He followed with a kick to the man’s back and as he was about to grab the man’s neck, he noticed a man coming towards the entrance door already. He pulled out the revolver from the hand of the man in front of him and fired into the body of the new man immediately he appeared at the entrance.
The man in front turned immediately and kicked Henry on the chest before Henry could point the gun to him. He grabbed Henry by the hand and tried to take away the gun but Henry grabbed him by the neck and flung him away towards the center. The man fell on his butt but managed to quickly rise. Henry did not slack but followed up with a kick to the man’s face before the man stand upright. The man staggered back holding his face with both hands. Henry followed up with a punch to his chest from the left side, the man took his hands off his face and before he could open his eyes to see, Henry had hit his face with the butt of the gun.
Henry delivered more blows to his face with the butt of the gun before he finally landed a kick to his chest to send him to the ground.
The tall, hefty man fell to the ground heavily. Henry placed a knee on the floor by his side and pulled his head up. He pushed in the mouth of the gun into the man’s mouth.
“Do you know the other exit out of this place?” Henry asked.
The man shook his head to signify a No.
Henry glanced at the door for a second before asking him another question. “Do you still have other men outside?”
The man nodded in response.
She ran down the staircase with light steps as the man kept on firing in her direction as he moved closer. She stopped when she got to the ninth floor landing and stood by the handrail edge of the stairs leading down from the ninth floor. She looked up from there and began to fire as she noticed the man was coming after her. He ran back to dodge and fired back in her direction.
She dodged for a moment and looked again to check for him. She fired another bullet up even seeing any trace of him. She tried to fire another but the bullets in the gun were already exhausted.
She turned back to look as she heard sounds of footsteps, but another sound caught her attention and she looked up again to see a small explosive call thrown from up to her direction. She fled down the stairs immediately and jumped over the handrail to hasten her movement down as the ball went up in flames.
The impact of the explosive ball was blow but it contained enough vibration and energy to kill one or two persons as it was designed.
Samantha jumped down to find herself in front of two other men who were on their way up. They looked like ordinary security men and she couldn’t tell if they were a part of the enemies but before she could decide, one of them had already charged towards her.
She dodged his punch by bending down and she hit him in the belly with the gun in her hand. He staggered back and missed a step on the stair, he fell to the side holding the rail for support.

Samantha quickly took out a row of bullet to fix in her revolver but the second man pulled out his gun and pointed it at her. The man from the top floor who threw the explosive ball had also come down and was pointing at her from the back.

To be continued

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