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Story: RESTLESS-EPISODE 42(Trapped 2)



Restless-Episode 42(Trapped 2)

Story By 

Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel

As he took another step forward, he heard a strange sound and quickly turned his neck. There was a wall made of multiple thin red lights building from the left corner of the room close to the door. In a few seconds, it formed a wall around the center of the room, leaving out the computer systems and the large screen and putting him in center of the fence.
Henry could feel the heat coming from the lights. He knew what it was. He was trapped!
Henry’s mind worked quickly and his eyes began to search around for a switch which could be somewhere inside the fence but there was none. He however noticed two switches outside the fence, one at the back end corner and the other the front end where he first noticed the red blinking light. He took out his phone and unlocked it quickly. He observed the network signal sign at the top bar of the phone for a moment. He noticed it was fluctuating and was quite sure that it was a result of the laser fence surrounding him. He dialed Samantha’s number and it took a while before it connected.
“He…llo,” he heard her voice sound out when she finally answered, the bad network making the line sound unclear.
“Samantha, I’m trapped in a laser fence, I need you to come in my direction.”
“Hello…Please speak again, I didn’t get you clearly.”
“I’m trapped in a room, I need you to come in now.” Henry repeated.
“What do you want me to do? Should I come in or do something else here?” Samantha asked, her tone making it obvious that she did not hear his initial request.
“Please come in,” He shouted into the phone.
“He…llo, are you with me?” she still didn’t hear him.
“Come in,” Henry replied back tiredly. He then cut the call quickly and opened the text messaging app.
I’m trapped in, I need you to come in quickly in my direction.
He clicked on send after composing his message. He watched as the sending icon rotated for some seconds before showing the failed mark appeared. He heaved a sign and then clicked on the resend icon. The process repeated itself and he clicked on it the third time before it was marked as sent.
He returned to the call dialer and searched for Cole’s number. He dialed and put it close to his ear.
“Hello boss, we’ve got the young man with us.” Cole voice rang in immediately the call was answered.
“Cole, I’m trapped in a laser fence. I need you to come to the Magic Complex immediately.”
“Boss… Can you hear me?” Cole asked from the other end.
“Hey Cole, I can hear you. I’ll send you a text message now,” he replied before he ended the call and switched to the text messaging app again.
He typed in a text message and clicked on send. It failed five times before it was finally sent at the sixth time. He exited the message box with Cole and switched to check if the message he sent to Samantha had been delivered. It was yet to be delivered.
Henry returned his phone to his pocket. He took another look around but found nothing new. He then began to look around the ceiling. There was no way he could make a hole in the concrete ceiling.
Benuit State, Bethanna
Benuit International Airport.
Hutton and Kahn walked in front with three men flanging hem at both sides. They were all in black suits but only Hutton and Kahn had black ties and white collared shirts on. The other men had round neck shirts under their suit jackets.
Hutton had dark eye glasses on his face which covered his eyes from public view and also shielded them from the sun.
He was tall, of a slightly huge body, an oval tight face and a pointed nose. He was a naturally handsome man but the dark eyeglasses he wore made him look dangerously evil. His dark and coiled hair made him look more attractive it responded swiftly with it’s movement to the wind blowing in his direction. Hutton walked carefully but swiftly and had his head placed straight at all times.
Elvis Kahn on the other hand was shorter compared to Hutton. He had a more slender figure. He kept a clean shaven hair unlike Hutton whose hair was full His moustache and neatly shaped beards gave him a distinct look at all times. His round dark eyeballs could be seen moving to and fro at every point in time without his eyes moving.
They had just arrived from Bexford and were heading for the Wolves Strategy House in Benuit. The men flanging them had their traveling bags and other effects. Kahn held a phone in his hands while nothing could be seen on Hutton’s hand except for the wristwatch held firmly around his wrist.
On their way out of the airport hall, Kahn stopped to answer a call. The rest of the men including Hutton waited for him to finish with his phone conversation.
After the phone call, Kahn locked his phone and moved closer to Hutton.
“Someone broke into our magic complex hall,” Kahn said to Hutton.
“I knew that was going to happen, but never thought it would be soon.” Hutton replied, an evil smile forming on his face.
“He’s trapped in the laser fence and I have instructed our men to keep him captive,” Kahn said to Hutton as they continued walking towards the car park.
“Ask for a picture to be sent to us, let’s see what he looks like.”
“I’ve requested for that already, I’d receive it before we get to the car.” Kahn replied.


EPA Hill, Bexford Bethanna.

“I want this to be kept as top secret,” Paul barked at the six man team lined up in front of him as he paced about in front of them. Agent Elkim was standing beside him and the grey haired Agent was standing behind, close to the back window. “Let’s get this done as quick as possible, I would ensure you get every reinforcement as soon as you need them. Now, go get the search started, my grandson must return to me whole and hearty”
Paul stopped and watched as the men filed out and closed the door behind them. He turned an hundred and eighty degree and said to Elkim, “That boy must be returned safe and sound.”
Elkim followed him as he began to walk to the exit door behind.
“I think we should get Steve’s team involved, they’ve been following the kidnap case of Richard Brad.” Elkim suggested.
Paul Edwards stopped and turned to Agent Elkim. “Are you in anyway saying this is related to Richard Brad’s kidnap?”
“I can’t say for sure Agent Paul, but it just comes almost at the same time with the two kidnaps.”
“My son has no relationship with Richard Brad and Henson, this cannot be related.” Paul said in a frustrated and confused tone.
“Then, we should wait and see what this new team comes back with,” Agent Elkim finally said.
Paul Edwards heaved a sigh and turned after a moment of staring thoughtfully. He walked out and Agent Elkim followed him, leaving the grey haired Agent who had been watching them quietly.

Ten minutes later, 
Henry was still trapped in between the laser fence. He was now bent on the floor, with a torchlight in his hand and looking carefully around the area where he knelt.
“The sensor has got to be somewhere here,” Henry said to himself and then looked up again. He peered at the left side for a moment, trying to see if what he was looking for was on the wall. The red lights however made it difficult for him to see the walls she he could not tell if there was anything there. He turned, still on his knees and tried to figure out the exact point he stood when the lights in the room came on. He stopped at a certain point he thought it was and pointed his torch light at the point. He took out his purse from the inner jacket, he opened it quickly and placed it on the floor. He took out some tools strong enough to take out a tile from the tiled floor and arranged them on the floor. He began to dig along the lines which joined the tiles together.
It took him close to a minute to take out the first tile. He picked his torch quickly and pointed the light to the space created. The only thing he could see was the tarred floor. He dropped the torch and moved forward to the tile in front, he was able to take it out in less than fifteen seconds. He pointed his torch and looked again, there seemed to be nothing there and he was about to drop the torch when he noticed a blue coloured material at the edge. He pointed the torch at it and observed properly.
He heaved a sigh as he noticed something which looked like what he was searching for. He dropped the torch again and picked the tools, he took out the next tile and could now see the pipe clearly. He dug a hole in the pipe with the tool and saw the cable in it. He picked his tools quickly again and took out the tile beside the new space. He took two more tiles off after that before he saw the box where the pipe led into, a plastic box. He opened the box and saw the connecting wires and the sensor. He pointed his torch at it for a while and studied it closely. He noticed three switches connected to the sensor. He knew one of them would be the switch which triggered the light, another would have triggered the laser fence but he couldn’t tell what the third switch was meant for. He studied for some more seconds to know the two which were switched on.
After he identified the two switches which were turned on, he had one more challenge which was knowing which of the buttons was for the laser fence. If he turned off the other switch, it could cause a total shut down of the system but he was sure the security would be configured in a way to ensure the laser fence remained on even after the total system was disrupted.
He hesitated for a moment and considered the chances he had. He was sure the people who installed the security would be there any moment soon. If he took the risk of turning off one of the switches, he could either set himself free or remain in captive but if he decided to do none of them, he would still remain captive.
He studied both buttons for a while and identified one which was the most likely switch for the laser fence. He decided to take the risk and turn it off. His fingers couldn’t touch the switch because of the arrangement and connection in the box. He picked up a screwdriver-like tool and carefully inserted it. It touched the switch and he pushed it gently, turning it off.
There was a complete black out, and total silence engulfed the room.
“I’m on the second floor already, should I take the elevator?” Samantha said into her mouthpiece as she hurried up the staircase.
“No, continue with the stairs, the elevator would get more attention to you and could get you trapped.” Cole’s voice sounded in her earpiece.
“Okay… Are you still trying to reach him?”
“Yes, it’s not connecting. He probably is somewhere out of signal.”
“Please continue trying, I’m really not sure if he wants me to do something outside or if he was calling for me to come in.”
“Just keep moving up, I’ll be there soon to help you with whatever he wants you to do outside.”
“Okay,” Samantha replied and increased her walking steps.
She was headed for the tenth floor and Cole had described the exact place for her to go.

She finally got to the stairs which led to the tenth floor and reduced her walking speed. She mumbled some words to Cole through the mouthpiece before pulling out her gun. She could heard some voices and sounds of footsteps and she could tell that close to five people were in the corridor. She stopped just at the last step of the stairs and peeped into the corridor to catch a view. She saw five men standing close to the entrance Cole directed her to, all dressed in blacks and having guns in their hands. She could tell that there were more people who had stepped into the place.

To be continued

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