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Story: RESTLESS-EPISODE 41(Trapped)



Restless-Episode 41(Trapped)

Story By 

Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel


“They’re here,” Cole announced to Dave who was sitting beside him in the car. Dave sat up and looked through the window at the driver’s side where Cole was sitting.
They could see the headlights of a vehicle coming afar off with another vehicle behind it. They waited and watched until the vehicles turned into the road where their car was parked and continued their movement.
“Let’s move,” Cole said to Dave as he pulled out his gun.
Cole waited few more seconds for the targeted vehicles to move farther away before he kicked on the engine of the car and drove into the road. They followed immediately after and soon got close enough without drawing any suspicion.
“There are three men in the Jeep behind,” Dave said after peering for a moment.
“And there are four in the car in front, our target and his father should be sitting at the backseat.” Cole put in. “So, how do we go about it?”
“We’d take the driver of the Jeep out first and fire the tyres,” Dave answered him. He paused and stayed silent for a short while. “Then we go after our target.”
“Alright,” Cole said as he increased the gear.
They leveled up at the left side of the Jeep and slowly wound down the window. Dave had his gun cocked already in his right hand. His eyes met with the driver’s eyes and he made a mischievous smile as he raised his gun.
He could already see the alert look on the faces of the men even before his gun was raised. He knew they were also security men and were conscious that there could be an attack at any time.
Before any move could be made by the men in the Jeep, Dave fired two shots at the driver and also fired a bullet into the front tyre of the Jeep. The Jeep lost control totally and swerved off the road into the drain.
Cole zoomed forward immediately after the shot and followed after the car where their target was. The driver of the car in front had now increased his speed in response to the gunshot sounds heard from behind.
Dave stretched out his gun again and aimed at the left back tyre of the vehicle. It took him about fifty seconds before he fired the shot, the bullet got straight into the back tyre which deflated immediately and resulted to a decrease in the speed of the vehicle. The driver of the car tried to accelerate even with the bad tyre but Dave fired another shot and it got into the second tyre, resulting to a drag in the movement.
Cole wound up both front windows of the car as he leveled up with the car.
The men at the front seat of the vehicle fired at the assailants’ vehicle but realized that it was bullet resistant. The assailants’ vehicle swerved to the front and stopped.
“Keep your heads down and don’t get out of this car until I say so,” the man sitting at the right side of the car said to Austin and his father who were at the backseat. He opened the door and carefully stepped out, using the door as a shield.
He had barely gotten out when he began to hear sounds of gunshots on the vehicle. He ran quickly to the back of the vehicle and hid temporarily. He quickly brought out a telephone.
Dave stepped out of the car, firing shots towards the driver’s side of the vehicle. He saw the driver already stepping out and about to turn towards him. The driver was able to turn with his gun but had a bullet into his chest before he could shoot.
Cole also stepped out of the vehicle with his gun. The two partners bent to hide their bodies behind the vehicle as they moved closer to the vehicle where the target was. Both squatted by the headlight at the two different sides. Dave gave a signal to Cole before they began to proceed slowly.
The man behind the vehicle had just finished making his call and moved close to the edge to peep. His eyes met with Cole’s eyes as he peeped through the right side and he quickly pulled back and hurried towards the left.
Cole fired two quick shots at him. One went wide while the other hit the car and affected the tail lights.
The man turned to the left side and waited at the edge. He peeped and his eyes met with Dave’s again with a gunshot following. He moved slowly to the wondering what he could do when he another gunshot sounded. At first, he only knew it was from either of the two men but he didn’t know what they shot at. There was another gunshot and he dropped to the floor as a bullet hit the back of his right foot from behind. Another shot was fired from under the car again and it entered into his back.



“You called for me sir,” Agent Steve said after the normal salutation to the chairman.
He was in Paul Edward’s office and the man was sitting behind the table in his seat. He had fingers of both hands locked into each other and his elbows placed on the table.
“Can you explain to me the reasons for embarrassing Mr Daysman?” Paul Edwards asked, staring into Steve’s eyes.
“Sir, I didn’t mean to embarrass him. It was only part of our investigation,” Steve replied.
“But you made an allegation against him without having a proof,” Paul Edwards replied in a calm voice.
“All details in our investigations pointed to him and we were so sure…”
“You were so sure but you had no proof!” Paul fired at him.
“Sir, we’re still very sure. I’m certain the documents he provided us are doctored.” Steve said in defense.
“What proof do you have to back these claims?” Paul asked with his brows gathering.
Steve was silent.
“You’ve got to apply caution Steve, you cannot go accusing people without substantial evidence.” Paul continued. “The FOX goes underground to confirm suspicions first before accusing. What you did yesterday was the operation of the police and should never repeat itself, and I shouldn’t get the news that you trouble Mr Daysman anymore.
“Understood sir,” Steve answered in a firm voice.
Paul dismissed him with a wave of the hand. Steve saluted again and turned to leave.
Paul picked the phone on his table which had been vibrating since he began to talk to Steve. He answered the call.
“Hello!” He said into the mouthpiece and listened for a response. His eyes widened and he got up slowly in shock as he heard the caller relayed the news of the attack on his son’s vehicle.

Magic Complex, Bexford

“I’ll tell you if there’s any need to come in,” Henry said to Samantha as he took off his seatbelt in the driver’s seat. He turned the rearview mirror to himself have a clear view of his face. He fondled his attached beards gently and also touched the moustache. He returned the rearview mirror to the previous position and pulled out a face cap.
He opened the door and put a foot outside before he put on the face cap.
“I’ll be back Sam,” he said before closing the door and heading for the magic Complex building.
Samantha moved to the driver’s side of the car after watching Henry until he disappeared. She pulled out an earpiece and a small device which looked like an iPod.
Henry navigated through the complex carefully, moving straight in his targeted direction. He got to the entrance and entered into the first room where the office of the receptionist was. There was no one except a lanky man sitting behind the table. He was bent down, trying to pick something under the table when Henry walked in.
He quickly raised his head quickly and stared at Henry. A frown appeared on his face as Henry got closer.
“Hey Man, what can I do for you?” He asked, surprised at the way Henry was charging forward.
“Good morning,” Henry greeted and stopped just in front of the table. “I heard you have good halls for meetings in here, I’ll like to have a quick look at them.”
The man squinted at Henry and then raised a brow. He recalled that someone had also come the day before to make enquires about halls in the building.
“Who told you there are halls in this place? This is a private center, not public.”
“Private center? Owned by who?” Henry asked with raised eyebrows.
“Who are you and why are you asking me that question?”
“My name is Richard,” Henry answered and faked a smile. “Can I know who owns this place now?”
“You need to get the bleep out of here now,” the man replied him in an angry tone.
Henry smiled and then looked towards the entrance into the inner part of the section. He looked at the man’s face again and then stood up straight, he proceeded towards the entrance without a word to the man.
“What the hell do you think you are doing?” The man fired and got up quickly to his feet. He followed after Henry immediately.
Henry turned sharply and grabbed him by the neck with the fist. He lifted him up, taking his feet off the ground and turned him towards the wall. He tightened his grip on the man’s neck for some seconds more before he slammed him against the wall and released him to fall to the ground.
He stared at the man on the floor for some seconds and watched him wriggle in pain, then he bent down slowly and grabbed the man by the neck again and then slammed his head on the ground, making him fall unconscious. He got up and flashed a look to the back to see if anyone was watching, there was no one in sight. He then dragged the body quickly to the back of the table to hid it from close view. He pulled out his gun and hid it in his fist behind him as he proceeded in through the inner entrance.
He found himself in another room, empty but larger than the first and demarcated with transparent glass walls. He carefully proceeded in through the entrance and moved slowly towards the door he could see before him.
The door opened quickly as he touched the knob, he pushed it in and stepped in. The room was just like the previous. He proceeded into another which was different. The wall at the other end was made of bricks instead of transparent glass. The ceiling was made of white POP materials and the walls and the ceramic floor was sparkling white.
The soles of his shoes made sounds as he proceeded and he gradually reduced his walking steps until he began to tiptoe to eliminate whatever sound was coming from his shoe. He got to another door and turned the knob like he did with the first and second but this turned only without the door opening. He bent down to check what kind of lock it had. After observing for few seconds, he pulled out a purse from the pocket of his inner jacket. He opened the purse and took out a set of four tools from it. He returned the purse into the inner pocket and kept his gun in his trouser pocket temporarily. He picked in his right hand the first of the tools which looked like a tiny screw driver. He pressed the pointed edge of the tool and it flattened into the shape of a key.
He inserted the tool into the keyhole and tried to turn it but it proved difficult. He tried again and there was no success. He stopped and stared at it for a moment. He realized that if he applied more force than he was already applying, it could cause the tool to break in the keyhole. He took out his purse from the inner pocket again and brought out a liquid in a small tube, he applied the tool around the surface area of the keyhole and then returned the first tool and the tube into the purse. He straightened the edge of the second tool and inserted into the keyhole. He turned it and it was softer but the door did not still opened. He removed it quickly and put in the third tool. He turned it and the lock made a creaking sound as it unlocked. He unlocked it quickly and returned all the tools back into the purse. He pulled out his gun again before pushing the door open gently.
He peeped in first and stepped in slowly. The room was almost completely dark as the only source of light in it were the reflection of the sunlight through the curtains of the closed window which was still enough to reveal the computer sets at both left and right side. There was also a large screen hung at the top of the middle wall.
Henry took out a small torch light and turned it on before closing the door behind him. He looked around quickly, pointing his torch light to the wall but could not find any switch for the florescent bulb at the center of the ceiling.
He noticed a red light on the ground at the left corner of the room, a sign that some electrical appliances were turned on.
He proceeded slowly and carefully, his eyes searching around and the torch from his light moving from one corner to another. He had just taken five steps towards the center when the bulb at the center of the ceiling turned on and brightened the room. He stopped and looked up as bulbs at the corners of the rooms also turned on with the air conditioner starting to work.
He turned quickly and looked around, he also looked down to see if there was anything or a sensor which could have triggered the lights coming on by themselves. He found nothing tangible. He took in a deep breath. He was sure that someone somewhere would have been alerted about his presence in the room.
He looked around the room again. The lights had revealed more of the things in the room and he could see the cameras at the corners of the ceiling. He took a quick glance at the computer systems in the room, wondering which of them he could use and try to hack into.
As he took another step forward, he heard a strange sound and quickly turned his neck. There was a wall made of multiple thin red lights building from the left corner of the room close to the door. In a few seconds, it formed a wall around the center of the room, leaving out the computer systems and the large screen and putting him in center of the fence.
Henry could feel the heat coming from the lights. He knew what it was. He was trapped!

To be continued

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