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Restless-Episode 39

Story By 

Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Ruthernard Estate, Bexford.
Henry had no choice than to wait at the estate gate to go through the security check. He watched as Paul Edwards and his entourage drove off.
He took off his helmet in response to the security men’s request.
“I’m coming from work, here to visit someone and I’m here to visit someone,” he replied to a question.
After scrutinizing for some more seconds with his eyes, the security man checking him gestured for him to proceed. Henry put back on the helmet and sped off.
He reduced his speed as soon as he got sight of the vehicles again. He continued to follow at a good pace and reduced his speed when he noticed they also reduced theirs. Soon he saw Paul Edwards escort’s car indicating to turn to the left.
Henry watched them as they turned into the Ruthernard Hospital. He followed after and got in exactly a minute after them. He continued on a slow speed after passing through the gate of the hospital. He noticed where his targets’ car had been parked and saw Paul already walking into the hospital. He parked his vehicle in a space farther away. He turned off the engine and made his way into the hospital after taking off the helmet.
“Good afternoon,” he replied the greeting of the security man at the door of the hospital and proceeded into the reception.
Paul Edwards was gone away from the reception before he stepped in. He proceeded to the desk to meet the nurse there.
“Good afternoon sir,” the nurse greeted with smiles.
“Good afternoon, I need to open a record with you and see a doctor immediately.” Henry replied her.
“Please do have your seat, I’ll bring the card for you.”
“No please, I’ve got no time for that. Can you refer me to the doctor immediately, I’ll fill the card while I talk to the doctor.” Henry replied, looking all around to avoid being seen first by Paul or someone else who would recognize him.
“I’m sorry sir, things are not done that way here. You have to fill the card and open you records with us first.” The nurse said as she got up to her feet and walked to the shelf to pick a new patient’s record card.
“It’s an emergency nurse,” Henry said to her in an urgent tone.
“You don’t look like an emergency,” she sized him with her eyes as she turned back to him. She handed him the card and a pen to fill it. Henry began to fill the card right on the nurse’s desk.
“Here,” Henry handed back the card and the pen to her a minute after he was given.
“Are you sure you filled everything?” she looked at him with suspicious eyes and began to scan the card with her eyes.
“Yes, can you refer me to a doctor now?” Henry replied her impatiently.
“A minute please,” the nurse answered and quickly completed the form at the back cover of the file she had just opened for him. “Please be patient.”
“Be quick about it.”
The nurse got up from the desk and hurried through the hallway to one of the doctor’s office with the new file and the card. She returned a minute later and signalled for Henry to come with her.
Henry was led into the doctor’s office and was ushered to the visitor’s seat. The nurse left the office before the doctor before to ask him questions.
“Mr Henry Jack, what would you like to see me for?”
“I have no illness Doc, there’s just a simple favour I require from you.”
The doctor squinted. “What favour?”
“There’s a Patient in this hospital and I need to check the records.”
The doctor raised his brows. “That’s strange, why should I allow you see the records of another patient?”
“Because I need it for something good and urgent.”
The doctor stared at his face for a while and then smiled. “Man, you got to be kidding me, this is crazy.”
Henry banged his fist on the table hard, in a way that startled the doctor. “This is urgent Doc, you cannot be laughing.”
The doctor stared at him with a surprised look in his eyes, the man’s case was looking more like a mental case to him. “I’m sorry Mr Henry, but I think I’m no the right doctor for you to see, I’ll just refer you to another doctor.”
The doctor picked up the landline receiver and began to dial a number.
“Put that phone down,” Henry said and pointed a gun at him.
The doctor’s eyes widened in fear and the receiver dropped from his hands.
“Open up your laptop now, I need to get the records from you.”
“But… I do not know the patient you are talking about, how can I give you the records?”
“The Patient is…” Henry’s voice trailed off as he realized he did not know who the Patient was, he was sure Paul Edwards wasn’t the sick person. “Paul Edwards, Chairman of the FOX cooperation walked into this hospital some minutes ago. I believe he came to see a member of his family or friend. But I need you to search out the records of the Edwards on your records.”
“I’m not allowed to…”
“Shut the hell up! I know you are not allowed to search the records for another patient but I need you to do so right now.” Henry said to him.
He cocked the gun when he saw that the doctor was still hesitating.
The doctor quickly pulled his laptop closer and turned on the laptop. Henry got up and turned to the other side to check monitor the doctor’s activity and to be sure the Doctor wasn’t doing something else.
It took the doctor three minutes to be able to locate the Paul Edward’s family records on the Patient’s information database.
“This is it,” the doctor said as he clicked on it.
“Zoom it,” Henry said as he peered at the screen. The doctor obeyed his request and Henry quickly scanned through the displayed records with his eyes, the doctor scrolled with his finger on the arrow button.
“Who is Austin Edwards?” Henry asked rhetorically. He looked at the doctor’s face who was also looking at him. Austin Edwards was currently in the hospital to see his doctor for a regular monthly check up. “Google it,” Henry added. He knew there was barely anything about Paul Edwards hidden online.
The doctor quickly opened a browser. He clicked in the search box and quickly typed in his search query. In a minute, the google search results were displayed and there were so many results from news websites. Austin Edwards was Paul Edwards’ son who was said to have been killed in the bomb blast in school.
“Go back to the records, I want to find out who his doctor is and what he is been paid attention for.”

Doctor Sylvanus stood just beside the hospital bed and the patient who was sitting in a chair beside. Noah Edwards, the father of the patient was sitting adjacent his son and the doctor while Paul Edwards was sitting directly opposite the doctor.
“What does it take to get this equipment outside Bexford? I don’t want him always coming around for check ups, it is very dangerous.” Paul Edwards directed his question to the doctor.
“I explained before sir, not all hospitals in Bethanna are equipped enough to carry out the checkups and it is almost impossible for an individual to get the equipments, one needs an hospital licensed by the federal government to get such.” Doctor Sylvanus answered him.
“You just acknowledged that it is possible, why don’t you make every step we need to get it, we will fund your every move.” Paul Edwards replied him.
“It’ll take some time sir, but I’ll get back to you by evening tomorrow.”

“Thank you so much Doctor for cooperating with me,” Henry said with a mischievous smile to the doctor after getting the data he needed and copying some from the laptop into his device. He still had the gun in his hand as he returned to the visitor’s seat.
“Now, take the file and write, prescribe malaria treatment for me but don’t include injections.”
The doctor picked the file and his pen and did exactly as Henry said. Henry picked the file and crosschecked. “Good one Doc,” he hailed with a mischievous smile.
He put his bag on the table and took out a purse, he brought out a syringe and an ampoule from the purse and handed it to the doctor. The doctor widened his eyes as he read the label on the ampoule.
“Drop that first,” Henry said and cocked the gun which he had uncocked before again. He moved the gun closer to the doctor. “Now, you’d pick the line and call the reception, tell them you want to rest and that they should not send any patient to you for the next two hours.”
“But…” the doctor wanted to argue.
“I’ll fix a bullet into your head if you argue,” Henry interrupted him.
The doctor picked the line and made the call immediately.
“Now, pick the ampoule, draw in the sedative and inject yourself.”
“Are…are you sure it’s not poi…poisoned with another substance?” the doctor stammered.
“You want that or want this?” Henry threatened, asking him to choose between injecting himself or taking a bullet.
The doctor succumb quickly and injected himself the liquid. In less than thirty seconds, his body felt weak and he slept off in his chair.
Henry got up and proceeded out of the office immediately. He met another group of nurses at the reception when he got there. He gave them his file and they looked into it. He was asked to sit and wait while they prepared his medicines.
He proceeded out of the hospital first to check the garage and he discovered that Paul Edward and his escorts’ vehicles were no longer there.
He returned to the reception and paid some amount of money before he was given the prescribed drugs.

He proceeded out of the hospital without bothering to get the bike again. He pondered on his discovery as he walked out through the gate. He had been right when he believed that Paul Edwards loved his family so much and would have never allowed for anyone of them to be taken by the Invisible terrorists but until this discovery, he was unsure of Paul Edward’s involvement with the terrorists.

To be continued


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