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Restless-Episode 38

Story By 

Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Industrial Road, Bexford

“Here we are,” Henry announced as his eyes caught the large sign post in front of the large Suntan Farm facility. He was sitting at the passenger’s side of the car while Cole was driving, Dave and Samantha were at the backseat.
They all looked out through the window to check the large sign post. The Suntan Farm facility was located on a large area of land of several acres. At the center of the large area of land was situated a large high rise building which consisted of several offices and temporary store rooms for the farm products. Suntan Farms did not only deal with crop production but also livestocks and the sales of farm tools, machineries and supplements.
“I don’t think this would be difficult for us,” Henry said as they drove on. He took out his communication device and fixed it on his shirt. “Remember, you’ll all take your positions while I go for Daysman, and we all keep our communication devices on.”
Two minutes later, Cole found a good space and pulled over. The rest of the men fixed the devices on their bodies before stepping out of the car.
They watched Henry cross to the other side of the road first and began to walk back to the main gate of the Suntan Farms. Samantha put a chewing gum into her new mouth and her sunshades to cover her eyes. She located a groceries store behind her and walked into it.
Dave also put on his sunshades and began to walk back towards the Suntan Farms without crossing like Henry. Cole remained in the car and wound up all the window glasses. He took out a tablet device and placed it on his laps.
“I think there are more answers with Henson, we need to find him.” Evelyn said in a thoughtful tone to the other men in the room with her. She, Agents Steve and Rhoda were standing around a table with several papers and pictures on it and a laptop. Agent Evelyn was at the left short side of the table while Rhoda was at the right. Steve, their team leader was at the center of the long side. Another agent was sitting at the left front corner of the room, he had a laptop on the table in front of him and an earphone plugged into his ears connected from the laptop.
“I’ve been baffled since we discovered a connection between Brad and Henson, I wonder how possible it is for Brad to have been a part of the invisible terrorists.” Steve put in. He had in his front some pictures of Henson and Brad close together and was arranging them side by side. The pictures had been
“It’s a shame we only found out after his death,” Evelyn put in.
“Here sir,” Agent Rhoda called the attention of Steve to something in one of the documents she was going through. She picked two other papers and walked to his side. “Some of the dates on this documents corroborates the pictures.”
Steve glanced at her face immediately and turned to see the paper she was showing to him. The first thing he noticed was the date at the top, he had also seen the date on one of the pictures. He looked to the table to find the picture but Rhoda already located it and pulled it out.
“This picture was taken a day before this explosion,” Rhoda said to him as they put the pictures and document side by side. “This screenshot was taken from CCTV records at Benuit International Airport, they arrived from different flights that morning, Brad flew into Benuit from Bexford while Henson flew in from Husan. Henson arrived thirty minutes before Brad but waited until Brad’s arrival and they left in the same car.”
Rhoda stopped and quickly walked to the side of the table she stood before, she picked out some pictures from under a file and returned to Steve. She handed two of the new pictures to Steve.
One of the pictures showed Henson stepping out of the car while the other showed him getting into another vehicle.
“Henson here stepped out of the Brad’s vehicle and got into another waiting for him at the GRA roundabout, the drive from the airport took fifteen minutes. Whatever they discussed in that fifteen minutes is unknown and after that Henson was found…” Rhoda paused as she began to search through the new pictures in her hand. She pulled out three photos. “These screenshots were taken from the footages around five pm that day. Henson drove in alone in his car, he stayed in this timber factory for one hour and in that one hour, five other cars drove in during his stay there….”
“And five explosions took place in Benuit the next day,” Steve caught in.
“Yes,” Rhoda muttered in reply.
“But we need to connect it properly,” Steve said in a calm voice. He then turned his gaze to the man working with the computer system at the corner, “Take these details to Dan and tell him to trace all five cars that visited, those in the cars and where they drove to the place from.”
Rhoda took her time to select all the pictures and documents before she moved on to Daniel. Evelyn moved closer to Steve immediately Rhoda left.
“Sir, I think I know who we are supposed to look for now.” She said, turning the laptop screen to Steve.
“Who is this?” Steve asked, squinting at the picture of the man seen on the screen.
“His name is Ernest Daysman, Brad made contact with him a couple of times before his abduction, Henson also did before his disappearance.”
“Let’s find out who he is,” Steve said as he pulled a chair closer.
“How do I get to your admin area?” Henry asked one of the security men after exchanging pleasantries.
“Go in through the main entrance, talk to the receptionist and explain what you’ve come for, you’d be directed to the right place.” The man replied Henry.
“Thank you,” Henry said and proceeded towards the building. He was halfway already when he spotted a group of men at the garage afar off. He stopped and stepped aside as he pulled out his phone. He quickly opened the gallery of pictures, he opened the download folder and clicked on the first picture. He zoomed it to see the face properly, then he looked again towards the garage. There was Daysman and some other men, and they seemed to be on their way out.
Daysman had a very unique stature which helped Henry recognize him even from afar. He was a short and slender man, one could mistake him for a ten year old kid if spotted from afar. He had a baby face even though he was in his mid fifties. The hair on his round head was always very neatly shaven, he had just little beards under his chin, apart from that his face was smooth like that of a new born baby. Bottled inside the small body was a very dangerous man surrounded by other dangerous people but to the public, he was only known as director of operations in Suntan Farms..
“Hey Cole, get the other guys immediately, Daysman is on his way out with some other men. We have to follow. ” Henry said into his communication device as he watched all the other men begin to enter into the two cars after Daysman had gotten in first.
To avoid suspicion of his movement, he proceeded into the main building quickly and proceeded back out after asking the receptionist if the organization allows for internship.
The two vehicles he saw the men get into were already close to the gate when he got back to the entrance. Daysman was in the front car sitting at the owners side while his security officer and the driver sat behind, five other men were in the second car.
“Cole, where are you?” He said into his mouthpiece as he took the stairs down the corridor.
“We’re close there, Dave is with me already and I’m about to pick Samantha.”
“Okay, catch me at the gate as soon you can.”
10 minutes Later.
“Got them now!” Henry exclaimed. He was now sitting at the backseat of the car with Samantha beside him. Dave and Cole were sitting in front. Henry had a tablet device in his hands and he was trying to locate Daysman’s vehicle as it was already out of sight before Cole could get to Henry with the car. “You have to take the next turn,” Henry said to Cole
Agent Steve and Agent Evelyn had just gotten to the street where Suntan Farms was located, at the same time with the uniformed FOX officials. They parked some distance away and watched as the uniformed men made their way into the place in their vehicle to officially invite Daysman for questioning.
Five minutes later, Steve got a call from one of the man who had gone in, telling him Daysman had just left the place and that the letter of invitation was dropped for him.
“We’d have to wait for Daysman to get the invitation,” Steve said to Evelyn after some minutes of thoughtfulness.
“I believe he would get it in nothing less than six hours, and he’s given an ultimatum of twenty four hours to show up after receiving the message. Would we just watch and wait for him to respond?” Evelyn asked.
“No, we’d keep tabs on him and while we do that, we’d also do some more serious digging. We need to find out if it was really a third party that murdered Brad, or if something went wrong with them and Henson had to murder his associate.” Steve replied her.
“I believe strongly there is a third party,” Evelyn put in. “From our interrogation, all of the men said Henson did not hand the devices to them because he was waiting for orders from Brad.”
Magic Complex Bethanna
“We have to go in and find out what’s happening.” Henry said after ten minutes of them staying inside the car at the garage without making any move.
They had trailed Daysman’s vehicle to the place. Daysman had gone into the facility for a reason unknown to them while the men he came with were outside the facility waiting for him, only his personal security officer went in with him.
Dave looked around from where he was again. He flashed a look at Henry behind.
“Are you sure you can go in with us? What if someone recognizes you?” Dave asked.
“I was thinking about that too,” Cole put in.
“I think you’d have to switch positions,” Samantha suggested, referring to Henry and Cole.
“Yeah,” Cole agreed and immediately began to take off the seatbelt. “We’d all keep our communication on with you.”
“Yes please, be careful.” Henry replied. He wished he could go in to see things for himself but like Dave had said, he could be easily recognized. “But we still do not have a clear direction, you all would get into trouble if you just keep sneaking around.”
“Boss, have you been in this complex before?”
“Yes, once,” Henry answered. “For a meeting, it’s a very big place with facilities for different uses. I remember we used one of the halls.”
“So, how do we locate Daysman in this facility?” Dave questioned rhetorically.
“Are we planning to abduct him?” Samantha questioned.
“We only want to find out what he’s here for, those he came to see and probably what their plan is.” Henry replied. He looked at Cole and noticed Cole’s attention was far away from them. “Cole!” He called.
“Boss,” Cole called back. He had been totally engrossed with the phone in his hand. “I just sent an application to everyone’s device,” Cole said and turned to Henry. “We have Daysman’s number here.”
“Can we track his location?”
“No, it’s private but we can track it in another way.” Cole replied. “I’ll give you his number, you’d create a connection to it.”
“Okay, so the application you sent to the devices would track the destination of the connection?” Henry asked.
“Yes,” Cole affirmed.
“That’s brilliant!”
Cole looked at their two other partners an realized only he and Henry understood what they were talking about.
“Guys, when we get to the second floor of the building. The app you just installed on your device would direct us to the exact location of Daysman’s phone. If the phone is with him, that means it’s lead us to his location.”
Inside the Magic Complex
Hutton and Kahn is sitting behind a long table, Bernard was sitting at the left side of the table. Daysman stood directly opposite Kahn and another man stood beside Daysman.
“The text says I received an invitation letter from the FOX Agency, they just left my office.” Daysman said after reading a text on his phone. He returned the phone into his pocket.
Hutton banged his fist on the table and sprang up to his feet furiously. “I do not believe Brad was killed by the FOX, there’s an external force somewhere.”
“Could someone who is part of us be playing a fast one on us?” Kahn suggested.
Hutton flashed a look at his face. “We have to be sure of what it is, we have to take a quick move.”
“What about finding out if someone in the FOX is doing more than he’s supposed to do?” Kahn suggested, he turned his gaze slowly from Hutton to the man standing beside Daysman.
“Yes, I think that would be the right thing to do.” The man standing near Daysman put in with a not-too-confident tone.
Hutton also glanced at the man’s face before rushing hurriedly to his seat again. He closed his eyes for a second to ponder on the situation. He had some doubts that his fear of Agent Carl returning from the dead may have come to pass but he decided not to voice it out for the fear of being wrong and creating unnecessary tension.
His eyes widened as a thought came to his mind.
“There are two major possibilities here,” he cleared his throat and began to explain. “Brad was taken and killed, we know he was taken from his house due to his carelessness but we cannot just dismiss it at that. For anyone to have known how to get Brad easily, it has to be someone very close to him.”
He stopped and looked up. He saw that all eyes were on him and they were listening keenly to his words.
“Henson’s case is slightly different, we do not know yet if he disappeared or if he was taken…”
The sound of a ringing phone interrupted Hutton. He stopped talking as all eyes fell on Daysman who quickly took out his phone and silenced it. He apologized to the men and silenced his phone before returning to his pocket.
“Until Henson is found, we cannot conclude he was also taken, we can say he disappeared after carrying out Brad’s murder.” Hutton continued. “The first major possibility is that Henson has joined an enemy group, the second possibility is that this attack is from an external group like the FOX. If the second possibility is correct, then it means that you are truly the next in line for them.”
Hutton stopped and fixed his gaze on Daysman’s face.
“Me?” Daysman squinted at him.
“Yes,” Hutton replied confidently. “Did Henson or Brad tell anybody about being invited by the FOX?”
“I do not think so, ” Kahn replied.
Hutton maintained a thoughtful silence for a while. “Right now, we’ll have to watch you for now.” Henry said to Daysman and then turned to Kahn. “I suggest we instruct some of our men to do the monitoring.”
“I’ll take charge of that,” Bernard joined in for the first time in the conversation.
“Okay, you got that Bernard.” Kahn approved. “Until we are sure of what’s wrong, we would suspend our activities.”
20 Minutes Later
Outside Magic Complex
“We’ve got the location and I’m heading towards the place.” Henry heard Cole say to him through the earpiece.
“You don’t need to get to the exact place, there’ll be resistance and you might get into trouble.” Henry spoke into the mouthpiece. “You have a video bug with you, all you need to do is install the bug at the entrance so that we can identify everyone else that comes out or go in.”
“Okay boss,” Cole replied.
“Good!” Henry commended. He was about to switch the connection to Samantha to talk to her when he saw something that caught his attention.
His eyes widened in great surprise as he saw his one time confidant and friend walking towards a car in the garage of the complex.
He held his breath for a while as he decided on what to do. He finally switched the button to the center of the control board, switching the connection to general where all of the people connected with the communicator could hear him at once.

“Hey guys! I’m leaving the car now, I just saw Paul Edwards stepping out of the complex and I have to follow him. Listen to Cole for instructions henceforth.”

To be continued


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