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Restless-Episode 37

Story By 

Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel

Steve chuckled and turned. He began to walk away from the place with Evelyn by his side.
“There are no CCTV records of how the lady got the bike also, looks like we’re dealing with a third party here.”
“Or could it be Henson who arranged an escape route for himself?” Evelyn suggested.
“We’ve got to go back to the mall now, and find out who that woman is.” Agent Steve said with some urgency in his tone. He took out his car keys and increased the speed of his steps.
Steve caught a glimpse of the police vehicles already driving towards the garage as they got into his vehicle which was parked directly opposite the entrance.
“I think we should stick around for a moment, or don’t you think the police can find them still hanging around this area?” Evelyn suggested to Steve.
“There’s no need to hand around, whether the police gets them or not, we would eventually find out but we both know the chances are very slim.” Steve answered her. He fastened on his seatbelt after turning on the car. “The most important thing is identifying the woman following after Henson, if we do it’ll help us know where Henson could have gone.”
“You’re right boss,” Evelyn agreed with him.
He nodded with a smile as he drove the car out of the parking space. He stopped aside and waited for the police vehicles to all enter into the garage.
“Make a call to Agent Rhoda and instruct her to get officers to raid Henson’s houses and anywhere else he can be found,” he said to Evelyn before he zoomed out of the garage with the car.
Fifty Minutes later
Location : Eastern Shopping Complex
“This is the admin building,” Agent Evelyn quickly glanced and whispered to Agent Steve as they got close to the area.
“Something must have happened here,” Agent Steve noted as they saw a gathering of the security guards and few police officers around the place. He stepped aside with Evelyn to have a better view. They soon spotted a police officer walking close to their direction and Steve becoming beckoned unto him quickly.
“Steve, Central investigative department,” Steve displayed an identity card to him and quickly returned it. “Can you briefly tell me in a minute what’s happening here?”
“The admin area was attacked, two of the men were found unconscious and the storage disk of the master system was stolen.” The policeman answered him.
“Only the internal storage disk?”
“Yes, it contains all sales records, cctv records and visitors records for the day.”
Agent Steve and Evelyn exchanged quick glances.
“Thank you,” Steve said in dismissal to the man. He turned to Evelyn and they began to walk away from the area. “This is all well calculated,” he said in a pissed off tone as they headed towards the car.
“Is Henson trying so badly to clear off his tracks or is a third party trying so hard to hide theirs?” Evelyn asked thoughtfully as they rushed down the stairs. She took out her phone and unlocked it.
“That, we would have to find out soon,” Steve replied her. He also took out his phone.
They got into the car and both settled in it before they dialed with their phones.
Steve’s call was the first to be answered.
“Hey Dan, I want to check past CCTV records of Henson, also check his past criminal records and other recent activities.” Steve ordered the receiver who gave a positive reply.
“Rhoda, any luck with Henson?” Evelyn spoke into the phone.
“Henson was not found at his home, we met his pregnant wife who says he’s not been home for three days.” Agent Rhoda replied from the other end.
“Did you ask her where he could have gone to?”
“Yes, we visited three of his friend’s house and none knew his whereabouts.”
“Okay, thank you.” Evelyn said before dropping the call.
Agent Steve was looking at her. He already fastened his seatbelt and was waiting for her to do the same.
“We’ve got to ask Mrs Henson more questions,” Evelyn suggested to Steve at she pulled on her seatbelt.
“Put a call through to our team members who aren’t Undercovers and instruct them to do so,” Steve told her as he started the car.
22:45 PM
Henson’s eyes popped open in a dark room. For a moment, he felt some faint dizziness around him and closed back his eyes. He opened again after some seconds and drew in a deep breath.
It felt odd. His head was banging so hard and he felt stuck. He tried to move his hands but could not, he tried his legs and they also did not move. It seemed as if he was suspended above the floor as he could not feel the ground under his feet but he could feel something hard as a wall at his back. He began to struggle again but stopped when he heard sounds of footsteps coming closer.
There was a sound of the door opening and then that of a bulb switch turned on, the room got brightened immediately by the florescent light hanging from the ceiling at the center of the room.
Henson stared at the faces of the two men as they advanced slowly to him. He could now see what was used to hold his hands to the wall. His hands were spread straight and wide on both sides and fastened on the wrist by a strong metal. His ankles were also fastened. He began to feel some pain at those joints, a result of his struggling to make himself free.
He recognized one of the men at his front as the same man he was handed to by the lady who fought him.
“Dude, you have a pregnant wife, two siblings and one aged father, save their lives by giving his answers to our questions without stressing us.”
“Who are you?” Henson asked.
“There’s no time for formal introductions, just listen to me.” Henry answered him. “Now, tell me, all those men you met secretly at the fertilizer store, what was your business with them?’
“That’s none of your business, you are not police officers.” Henson answered stubbornly.
Henry chuckled and flashed a look at Dave. Dave understood the signal, he turned back and proceeded to the door immediately.
“I guess it’ll be our business when he returns.” Henry said to him with a smile while he stared back blankly not knowing what to expect. “Before he comes, let’s do some introduction… Or rather, let’s do some talks.”
Henry stopped to look at his face and saw he was staring back him at him keenly.
“Sometime this morning, one of your bosses in the Red Wolves was here with me, his name is Richard Brad.” Henry stopped and smiled. “He was stubborn like you at first but he gave up when he knew that my course is unstoppable…”
“Who are are you?” Henson asked with a smirk.
Henry chuckled again. He was about to speak again when the door flung open and Dave walked in with a young man in front of him. The young man had his head and whole eyes covered with a black cloth, a rope was tied around his neck to fasten it.
Henry stepped aside and waited until Dave brought the guy closer.
Dave stopped some metres away from him and took out a gun. He fixed the gun to the head of the trembling masked young man in front of him.
“It’s time for you to die but you have one last opportunity of begging someone who has the power to let you go, you are only allowed to speak ten words to plead. Talk now.” Dave said to the young man.
Henson stared at Henry’s face and wondering what was happening.
“Please, I beg you in the name of Jesus, forgive me for all I could have…”
Henson trembled at the sound of the voice. It was his younger brother.
“Don’t touch him you b******!” Henson shouted out in frustration.
“Brother!” The young man shouted back in surprise.
“Sorry dude, your elder brother here is not ready to save your life.” Dave said in a taunting voice and cocked the gun.
“Don’t kill him, I’ll tell you whatever you want.” Henson finally pleaded.
“So, tell me, what were you doing with those men who came to meet you at the fertilizer store.” Henry asked quickly.
Henson glanced at his face and then glanced again at his brother.
“Take him out,” Henry said to Dave.
Dave turned with the young man and took him back out.
“I don’t know what Richard Brad has told you,” Henson began immediately the door was closed. “But I know we swore not to ever open our mouths to anybody about this.”
“Your oath or your family’s life, which matters more to you?” Henry asked in a cool calm voice.
“If they find out I told you the secrets, they would still come after my family and kill them. I would lose my family either way,” Henson replied.
Henry could sense the extreme feeling of fear in his voice. “Who are these people? If you tell me who they are, I can get to them before they ever get to your family.”
“No,” Henson said in a frustrated voice and sniffed in. “They’re powerful, very powerful.”
“I know they are, but I can stop them.” Henry replied him.
Henson seemed to be very sure they could not be defeated. He had fear written all over his face and his body trembling all over.
Henry moved closer to him. “I can stop them Henson, they’re scared of me and tried to stop me some time ago. But I’m back to hunt them.” Henry said in whispers and looked at Henson’s face, but Henson did not look convinced. “My name is Carl Winston, I’m the man the Red Wolves tried to kill eleven months ago, I started directly with the men who shot him but I’m back for the Red Wolves now.”
Henson’s eyes widened at his words. He squinted again as if to question if Henry could really be the Carl Winston. It however seemed he had no choice than to trust this man. If this man had been able to kidnap the ever careful Richard Brad from his home, he was also very dangerous.
“They all came to take the devices to be installed in their companies,” Henson answered briefly.
“What devices?”
“The explosives.”
Henry widened his eyes. “And when would the explosions take place?”
“There would be no explosion, they couldn’t get the explosives. Richard Brad was to command the release of the devices to me.”
“Was that the order you were expecting him to give?”
Henry heaved a sigh of relief, knowing that some planned explosions had been stopped by their capture of Richard Brad.
“So, who was to release the explosives to you?”
“His name is Ernest Daysman, he works at Suntan Farms.”
“Suntan Farms,” Henry muttered under his breath.


The next day

“I’m really wondering what a man like Henson would have to do with Richard Brad,” Evelyn said thoughtfully to Steve as they walked hurriedly through the offices, the sound made by the soles of their shoes could be heard in the silent environment.
“One could never tell, I still believe though that Henson must have had something to do with Richard Brad’s kidnap and murder.” Steve replied her.
That morning, their team had discovered after going through Henson’s activities for the past few days that one of the numbers he had called more frequently in the past three days was the number saved as Richard Brad. More investigation had been done and they found out that the number was truly Richard Brad’s. Richard Brad’s dead body had been found that evening, dumped in a vehicle few kilometres to his Mansion.
The abduction and death of Richard Brad had been the talk of the town. The FOX agents had also gotten the news but the case was being solely handled by the intelligence department of the police.
Steve and Evelyn stopped when they got to the front of a room. Steve touched a button and waited for a response.
“Let’s go in,” he opened the door for Evelyn to step in first after getting his response.
“Good morning sir!” Steve and Evelyn saluted in unison.
“Morning agents, how can I help you?” Agent Elkim replied.
“We need your permission sir to fetch details from the department concerning investigation on the abduction and murder of Richard Brad,” Steve said to him.
“Why?” Agent Elkim asked briefly. He rested his back in his chair and placed a finger from both palms on his chin.
“In our investigation, one of our suspects had being in contact with Richard Brad constantly for three days before the murder.”
“Permission granted,” Agent Elkim replied and leaned back towards his table.
“Thank you sir,” the both bowed before turning out of the office.
Agent Elkim picked up his phone after they left and dialed a number.
“Chairman, the team is getting some more information. I just had to give them permission to do something that suggests they suspect Richard Brad as a terrorist.”

To be continued


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