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Story: RESTLESS-EPISODE 33(Romantic Night Gone Sour)



Restless-Episode 33(Romantic Night Gone Sour)

Story By 

Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel.

Henry eyes scanned around the place as they drove into the compound after passing the security check at the gate. A security man pointed them to another who directed them to the parking space.
Henry took out a mirror to check his attached beards and moustache before they got to the parking space. He passed the mirror to the ladies at the back after being contented with what he saw. He turned to check them and concluded they looked ready for the job.
Dave and Henry stepped out of the car after he turned off the car engine. They stepped to the back and opened the doors to the back seat at the side where they were. The ladies had a final look and brief touch on their makeups before stepping out of the car. The four of them were led into the house by a security man.
Henry carefully observed everywhere as they walked into the building. He noticed the standpoints of the security men, those close to the house especially. He could see some afar off guarding the other places in the big estate but distance made her observation of the very far places unclear.
They were stopped at the entrance to the house. Dave and Henry were searched thoroughly but the ladies who were on skimpy dresses were not searched, it seemed impossible to hide something in the clothes they wore. They were allowed to proceed in after nothing was found on their bodies.
They were led past the first living room into a large hallway where they met three security officials that stopped them at the middle. One of the officers took his time to scrutinize the ladies and smiled at the end as he was pleased with their sexiness.
“Take them Mr Richard,” he ordered one of the officers behind him after being satisfied. He placed his gaze at the men while the ladies walked away. “Who of you is to receive the money?”
“I,” Dave answered. “Michael said you would give us in cash.”
The officer who asked stared at his face for a while and then turned to stare at Henry’s face. He made a distorted look in the end, he didn’t seem to like Henry.
Henry noticed some other security men entering the rooms from the doors at the hallway. He could see that they were less prepared for an attack than they were when he saw them at the airport. There he had noticed almost all of them on bullet proof vests and each one with a minimum of three guns with him. Now that they had gotten Richard Brad safely home, they had taken off their protections and attack instruments.
“Come with me for your money,” the officer finally said and directed the men to turn, his colleague stepped in front of them and led them out of the hallway.
Henry’s hand carefully reached for the head of his belt and he turned it carefully. Dave glanced at him in response, a sign that he received the signal and that the other members of the team would have received it.
They were led back past the living room they came through into another corridor and another living room which seemed like a different quarters in the same building.
“Please sit while we arrange your money for you,” the security officer behind said and took his seat before them, while the officer who led them walked further into an hallway.
Dave and Henry sat beside each other on seats adjacent to the security officer.
“I usually don’t bring people in here, I used to come and get the girls from the club myself but I got busy with some other things tonight. That’s why I called Michael.” The man said to them.
“He had an accident on his way to pick the girls from the club and asked that I bring them over here for him.” Dave replied him.
“That was stupid of him, he should have asked me first before doing so. He only called to tell me that you were already on the way.” The man replied.
“Oh! I don’t know how you guys do it or what your agreement was,” Dave shrugged. “I think he was so desperate to get the money tonight and he didn’t want you to have a chance to change your mind.”
“That bleeping dude loves money a lot!” The officer said in a jesting manner.
Richard Brad was already in his night robe when the ladies joined him in the room. He was sitting with his legs straightened and crossed over each other, his back resting at the center of the headboard and his hands on top at both sides. He smiled broadly on seeing the two ladies.
They smiled back at him with seducing eyes and took off their high heels as the got close to the giant sized bed. They began to unzip their clothes in his presence but he beckoned on them to come closer first. He wanted to have a taste before the real action began.
Jenny was the first to climb into the bed, she seemed to be better at the act of seducing than Samantha was. Samantha on the other hand, even though not a tomboy had lived her life as a fighter, and she was better at punching and beating guys than at seduction.
Jenny crawled forward onto the man with her knees. She spread her knees out to both sides, leaving the man’s legs at the center and carefully crawled closer.
“Here he comes,” the security officer sitting with Dave and Henry announced as the man who had left them returned to the living room with a small paper bag.
The man got closer to them and the sitting security officer pointed him to Dave. The man walked to Dave’s side and handed over the paper bag containing the money.
Dave opened and checked briefly, he then looked at the security officer’s face.
“Hope this is complete?”
The security officer chuckled. “You don’t know who you are dealing with right?”
“It’s an innocent question, I don’t want to have issues with Michael.” Dave replied.
“It is dude!” the man slammed. “You can count to confirm right away and get the hell of here immediately.”
“I wouldn’t mind counting,” Dave replied calmly. He took out the bundle of cash from the bag, he flattened the paper bag on his laps and began to count.
The security officer stared at him with disgust but did not say anything.
Henry heaved a sigh as he felt a turn on the head of his belt. That was a signal from the girls, a device had been attached to Samantha’s hair band. He glanced at Dave and also met Dave’s gaze, a sign that he had gotten the same signal.
“You know what? I’ll just trust you,” Dave said and bundled back the money without counting to the end. He had gotten the signal for which he was trying to buy time for.
“Now, get the hell out of here.” the security officer said in harsh tones, nodding towards the entrance of the room.
“When are we coming back to get our girls?” Dave asked.
“They would be brought to the club by 9AM tomorrow,” the man replied.
“You have to call me to know…”
“Get the hell out of here!” the security officer barked as he sprung up to his feet immediately.
“Oh! Relax man,” Dave said and got up slowly.
“You’re wasting too much of my time,” the security officer added.
“We’re sorry man,” Henry said and slowly rose up to his feet. He began to step closer to the man. “But you sound too arrogant.”
The security officer and his colleague stared at him sternly.
Henry stopped in front of the man and stared directly into his mean eyes.
“So what the hell do you want to do? Beat me up?” the security man asked in confidence. He suspected Henry was about to cause trouble but he was confident that Henry could not do just anything and get away with it. “I wouldn’t warn you two again to get the hell out of here.”
Henry chuckled. “I like your confidence, but it just cost you.”
He grabbed the man by the neck immediately and jacked him up as he mentioned the last word. The other officer by the side tried to react but Henry met him with a kick into his stomach, making him fall on his butt to the ground.
Dave rushed up to the scene immediately and attacked the man on the ground, landing him quick heavy blows on the face.
The security officer struggled in Henry’s hand. His legs were no longer on the floor and he struggled to locate his gun in his pocket but before he could, Henry slammed him to the sofa behind and landed him two huge blows, one on the chest and the other on the face. He picked out the gun from the man’s pocket and then pulled the man by the head up. He struck the back of the head with the butt of his gun and the man fell back unconscious.
“Quickly, change into his uniform.” Henry said to Dave. “Most of the security men inside the house are resting now, so it’ll be easy to get back to Richard.”
The romantic atmosphere in the room had gotten more intense. The girls had now stripped to their underwear while the robe had been taken off the man’s body.
The man’s groan of pleasure was already getting annoying to Samantha when she got the twitch from the device attached to her hair, a signal that it was time to make the next move. She carefully pinched Jenny who was having the man so busy with his head on her busts.
Jenny slowly stopped the man and pushed him gently away with a smile. She kissed him lightly on the lips and drew his ear closer to whisper something into hit. The man smiled in response to her and turned to lay flat on his back. Jenny began slowly by playing with her fingers around his chest while Samantha went straight to his boxers and pulled it down.
The man was getting set for intense pleasure but was greatly shocked when Jenny pulled a knife from nowhere close to his neck. He widened his eyes at her in shock.
“Don’t move or I’ll drive this into your neck so fast,” Jenny warned after stepping away from ontop his body. She kept a hand on his chest pressing him down.
Richard Brad was too shocked to speak. His eyes followed Samantha as she got up from the bed. He saw that she had taken his robe and boxers and flung to the floor.
She proceeded to his drawer and began to search inside for a gun. She moved away when she didn’t find one and proceeded to the wardrobe. She found a revolver and a cartridge by the side.
She took it out quickly and loaded it. Jenny quickly rolled away from Richard’s body on seeing Samantha already with the gun.
“What are you two doing?” He asked in surprise as he placed his knees down and raised his hands up.
“Planning to get your a** seriously kicked soon,” Samantha replied, holding the gun pointed at him.
Jenny began to get dressed immediately.
“What do you want from me? I can give you money and lots of if that’s what you want.” he offered.
“shut the hell up if you don’t want a bullet in your head,” Samantha threatened.
Jenny got dressed very quickly and collected the pistol from Samantha’s hands giving room for Samantha to also dress up.
“We keep him here until they come right?” Jenny asked in whispers.
“Yes, that’s the instruction.” Samantha answered as she zipped up her dress. She moved back to the wardrobe and began to search it.
“What are you doing?” Jenny questioned her.
“Searching for some other important documents that can be of use to us,” Samantha answered.
“Ladies, we do not have to do this,” Richard said as he stepped out of the bed carefully, still with his hands raised.
Jenny moved closer to him with the gun. “If you step an inch further, I’ll send this bullet into your chest.”
“What do you need from me?” Richard asked again.
“I need you to shut the hell up!” Jenny slammed at him.
Richard stared at them. He felt disgusted seeing himself naked and held hostage by two young women. He knew he couldn’t get help where he was easily, the men outside would not notice anything except a loud noise was made and even at that, he probably would not suspect something wrong.
Dave now fully dressed in the security guard’s uniform stormed out of the other side and walked straight into the first living room they entered in the building. Henry followed behind him slowly, but stopped outside the door and followed with his eyes.
There was only one security man in the living room and he was standing at the corner straight to the entrance door. His eyes caught Dave as he entered. Dave did not look at him but advanced quickly towards the hallway. The security man squinted at him, the face looked strange to him but he got confused by the uniform. He felt more suspicious on seeing the way Dave was walking fast.
“Hey!” He called and quickly followed to question Dave but Dave proceeded on without looking back to see.
Henry stepped in silently and followed after the security officer. He was already so close before the security man noticed that someone was following behind him. The man turned immediately with his gun but Henry grabbed his hand and delivered a uppercut straight to his jaw. He followed up with a kick to the man’s chest and the man fell back. He followed quickly and hit the man on the forehead twice with the gun.
The large hallway had six doors which led to rooms used by the house workers and security aids. Unlike the first time when they were led in, only one security officer was now in the hallway and he was standing at the far end, holding a long gun with him.
He began to walk forward immediately he saw Dave walking hurriedly towards him. At first, he mistook Dave to be a security personnel in the house who was coming to report a problem to the Chief Security officer but as they got closer, he realized that Dave wasn’t one of them. He quickly unhanged his gun and tried to cock it but Dave was faster and delivered a bullet into his chest.
Dave increased his speed after shooting the man. He knew that the gunshot would have caused the attention of other security men in the house. He stopped at the exit of the hallway which served as an entrance into hallways in both directions. He turned to look at Henry now at the entrance of the hallway but coming in at a slow pace.
As expected, the doors in the hallway opened and more security men began to come out.
“How much were you paid to do this? I can pay you far better?” Richard Brad questioned and began to step slowly closer to Jenny.
He had not heard when Jenny and Samantha talked about keeping him there till Henry and Dave joined but he was confident that the girls were not sent to keep him as they would have tried to drive the knife into his neck if they really wanted to kill him. He summoned courage and increased his pace towards Jenny.
“Don’t step closer,” Jenny warned again.
He stopped for a second. “Damn you sl*t! Do you know who I am?”
Jenny remained quiet and stared at his face but cocked the gun as he continued to step further.
“Shoot me if you want girl!” Richard flared. His hands were still raised as he was staring straight into her eyes. He been to shake his naked waist to distract her with the view.
“What the hell is happening?” Samantha asked. She closed a wing of the wardrobe to look at them. She noticed Brad was already so close to Jenny and could be up to something.
Before Samantha could step any closer, Richard pulled the blanket from the bed and flung it to Jenny, the material spreading and covering her head. With a sliding movement, he zoomed towards her and cleared her from her feet to the ground. He quickly got up to dodge a blow from Samantha and tried to kick her in the belly but she caught a grip of his ankle and pushed him away. He landed on his bare butt to the ground.
Samantha followed him quickly but he managed to dodge her punch as she knelt by his side. She delivered another punch successfully to his belly but he responded with a headbutt to her nose which sent her falling back on the left arm. He got up quickly and rushed to Jenny who was already getting up and trying to pick the gun. He delivered a kick to the side of her belly and she fell in front of the wardrobe. He rushed quickly to the gun to pick it but as his hands touched it and he tried to stand, kick landed on the left side of his head and he fell to the ground. Samantha got over him and rained him with punches on the face and in the chest until he was so weak and he couldn’t struggle anymore. She picked the gun which had fallen him his hand and stood up, pointing the gun at his unclad body.
She took a glance at Jenny who had just gotten up beside her.
Jenny was panting hard as she stared at the naked man on the floor. She hadn’t expect him to pull such stunt he did. She remembered something Henry had told them during the training and realized it had just played out. Henry had told them to always ensure the enemy never got to see their weakness. She wasn’t used to see naked men and she had allowed Richard see that she was disturbed by the sight and he had used it against her.
The two opposite doors at the middle of the hallway were the first to open and two men came out from the right side while one stepped out from the left.
Henry fired two quick shots at the men from the right while Dave fired at the one from the left. Henry increased his pace as he heard the door to the first room by the right opening. He got there in time to land a kick on the face of the man who stepped out, he quickly turned to the other side of the door and fired a bullet into the man’s chest.
He took a quick glance at Dave and saw that Dave was still waiting for him. He made a quick sign for Dave to go ahead while he kept the men at the hallway busy.
Dave stepped out of the hallway quickly and looked left and right. He saw a uniformed man coming from the right hand side and knew immediately that that was the direction of Richard Brad’s room.
“What’s happening?” The man asked Dave who he thought to be one of them but Dave replied with a bullet into his chest.
Dave advanced forward quickly, he stopped briefly beside the man and took out his gun before proceeding. He got to the last door which he assumed to be the room Richard and the girls were. He stopped and turned the head of his belt.
“Check who’s at the door.” Samantha said to Jenny on feeling the twitch in her hair.
Jenny took out her knife and proceeded quickly to the door. She stopped by the wall and tapped it thrice. She listened and heard it tapped thrice from behind.
She unlocked with the key and opened for Dave to step in.
“Where’s Henry?” She stared at his face.
“He’s coming,” Dave replied and proceeded straight to join Samantha.
“How do we get out of here?” Samantha asked in low tones.
“We’d get out with him as our hostage, Cole should be at the gate already, distracting the other security men.” Dave replied and then placed his gaze on Richard. “He’s got to put on something so that we can leave now.”

To be continued


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