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Story: RESTLESS-EPISODE 32(The Brad's Mansion)



Restless-Episode 32(The Brad's Mansion)

Story By 

Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel.

“Stay at your positions, I have a clear view of Richard Brad now. He just landed and he’s got an escort of seven men.” Henry spoke into the earphone’s mouthpiece. “Cole, connect to the surveillance cameras on the roads leading in and out of Benson Mike’s street.”

Henry got up from his seat in the airport gatehouse. He took off the earpiece from his ears and dropped them into his pocket. His eyes followed Brad as the man and his men stopped on the road to join an entourage of three cars that had been brought to meet them at the airport. Richard Brad and a man who seemed to be his personal bodyguard entered into the white painted Limousine. The bodyguard opened the door to the back for him and allowed him settle before getting into the front seat. The other men walked into the other vehicles in front and behind the Limousine.

Henry’s eyes followed as the Vehicles drove out of the airport facility. He got into his car and turned on the engine, he waited a minute lextra before he zoomed off.

“Connected boss, what do I watch out for?” Henry heard Cole’s voice in his earpiece.

“Two black Corolla Jeeps and a white Limousine at the center,” Henry answered him calmly as he approached the airport gate in his car. He took out a card and handed it over to the security men at the gate. The card he gave to them was checked and torn into two before Henry was allowed to proceed out of the place
There was silence for almost two minutes before Cole spoke again.

“Nothing of such yet in view,”

“They just got out of the airport, I’ve got them in view.” Henry replied. .

Fifteen Minutes Later.

“Two Corolla Jeeps and a white Limousine in view, approaching the Ruthernard bridge,” Cole’s voice sounded into the earpiece.

“That’s Sam’s location,” Henry joined in. “Sam, do you copy?”

“Yeah, I’m alert.” Samantha responded in a tiny voice.

A minute went by before anyone spoke again.

“In view now, I’m following after.” Samantha said as she turned on her indicator, she looked left and right properly and quickly pulled out of her parking space. She zoomed off in direction of the Ruthernard Bridge.

“Everyone except Sam changes location now, fix yourself at points of exits,” Henry said after her.

Jenny and Dave, listening where they were kicked on their car engines and pulled into the road immediately. Henry also took a quick U-turn in opposite to his previous direction.

“Richard Brad is on call with Benson Mike again,” Cole announced into his mouthpiece. His eyes fixed on the screen before him and an earpiece plugged into his ears.

“Any change in plan?” Henry asked.

“None, he’s only called to inform him of his closeness.” Cole replied.

“Listen up guys,” Henry said and cleared his throat to get the attention of everyone connected. “Sam would not get into Benson Mike’s house but would watch to see if anything unusual happens, our game plan is to follow Richard Brad back to his place of rest this night. We cannot attack yet because his men are equally ready for defense, we should attack them when they are most vulnerable, that is at the point when they believe they are at their destination and are out of danger. Copy that all?”

“Yeah, copied.” He got his reply in unison.


It wasn’t until after forty five minutes that Richard Brad and his entourage was seen driving out of Benson Mike’s house. Sam and Cole announced his departure at the same time to the rest of the team.

“He’s moving in a straight direction,” Cole added. “From my projection, his destination is Epa.”

“Epa,” Henry muttered under his breath. Epa was a city in Bexford, just beside EPA Hill where the FOX Corporation Headquarters was located.

“That is in Dave’s direction,” Cole put in.

“I’m alert,” Dave’s voice sounded.

“Changing direction now, taking the back route to Epa.” Samantha chipped in.

“Cole,” Henry called distinctly
“Boss,” Cole replied.

“Run a quick search around Epa and locate all Richard Brad’s properties there,” Henry replied.

“Right away,” Cole answered.

“We all converge at Epa now,” Henry spoke, giving the team the new direction. “Once he gets to his location, Cole would run a quick aerial survey of the place while we move out of our individual vehicles to converge at the same point, only Jenny would stay in her car and listen for Cole’s instructions. We’d launch the attack at the most suitable time,” he paused for a moment before he continued again. “Our aim is to capture Richard Brad alive, he owns the key to the information we require.”

19:17 PM
Richard Brad’s Mansion, Epa, Bexford.

The gigantic gate opened as the cars approached. The first Corolla jeep drove into the compound and was followed by the Limousine and then the other jeep. The gate was closed as the vehicles moved to the parking lots.

The Mansion was a great edifice worthing billions of Bethanna Dollars, built to the taste of Richard Brad. It was one of the most expensive and largest facilities in the continent and the world. Like a city on it’s own, it had a vast land area with several building quarters, gardens and relaxation spots.

Richard Brad stepped out of the Limousine in his usual stylish manner. He straightened his suit jacket and looked around the place for a moment. A smile appeared on his face as he took in a deep breath of the cold air. He began to march forward towards the entrance while three of his men followed behind with briefcases.

Richard Brad was a man of average height and a moderate sized body. The white colour of his skin easily made people mistake him for a white man but his flat nose betrayed the look and revealed his true identity as African. Born and Bred in America, his accent and manner of life was American in almost every way.

He had a good reputation in the country, being one of the biggest businessmen and companies director, his ventures attracted a lot of income and provided job opportunities. How he got so much money could not be explained, no one really knew how he was able to acquire so much to set up his multi million dollar businesses. He had only been a one time adviser to a former Governor of Benuit who was not as rich as him. When investigated, the source of his business capital was traced to his connection in the white man’s land and most of his business partners and shareholders in his company were white men. His riches had begun to arrive miraculously after the end of his service to the Benuit Governor.
He was not found to be corrupt in Government, neither was he ever linked to any crime. The rapid geometric growth of his wealth was the only suspicion arousing element in his life.

After his service in the previous Benuit Government and a failed trial to become part of the legislative arm in the country, he had gone into business and had grown since then. He was known to lead a private life, away from the view of the public and the media.


“Boss, Richard Brad’s mansion is one of the largest in the world. It has over five hundred people living in the area and more than thirty legal security officers securing the place. It has two main gates, one of which is the entrance taken by Brad and his men minutes ago, the other leads to the road leading out of Epa.” Cole voice sounded in the earpieces of the team as he gave a result of his investigation about the Brad’s facility.

Everyone of them was now sitting in one vehicle as they waited for their next line of action. Dave was at the driver’s side while Samantha was with him at the front, Jenny and Henry were sitting at the back.

“We can’t go in for a casual attack in that facility,” Henry said aloud, heaving a sigh. “If we do we’d get a lot of innocent people killed if a crossfire happens.”

The rest of the team kept mute as they listened, not knowing what their next line of action would be.

“We have to take him this night, it would take us more time and work to get this kind of opportunity again.” Henry spoke again, after a minute of thoughtful silence. “Cole, locate all the roaming lines and send us some codes, we’ve got to hack into their communication lines together and find a link to get in. How long will it take you to do that?”

“Ermm…” it took Cole twenty seconds of thinking to come up with a reply. “I’ll need ten minutes to send you the log in codes,” he said and took another five seconds pause. “We need more hands to get our goal faster.”

“Yeah, the rest of us here would work on it.”

Seven Minutes Later.

“Boss, communication data gotten, most of the population make use of Vitel Network. A minimum of twenty communication lines are created in a minute. The busiest times are seven AM to Nine in the morning, four to six in the evening and eight to nine at nights.” Cole reported.

“Send us cracked codes for eight to nine immediately,” Henry replied.

“In two minutes boss,” Cole replied. He remained quiet and spoke again after one minute and thirty seconds. “Check your devices, and install the application sent.”

“Thank you Cole, please send us texts if there are new developments.” Henry replied. He took out the earpiece from his ears. “Hey guys! Any one installing already?” He asked the rest of the team in the car with him, he could already see their hands working on their devices. “You have to disconnect from our communication lines before it installs, else our connection would not make it work.”

They took out all the earphones from their ears in response to his instruction. He kept instructing them on what to do and in five minutes, they all had their earphones plugged again, listening actively.

“Supplies are coming in this night for their food store,” Samantha turned to Henry with a sharp look.

Henry took out his earphone for a second. “Did you get the name of the supplier?”

“No, it wasn’t mentioned, but I just copied out the numbers making the contact.” Samantha replied.

“Send to Cole the supplier’s number, he’d pull out the company.” Henry replied Samantha before putting back his earpiece into his ear.

A minute later, Jenny gently nudged Henry and gestured for him to look into his device. She had also caught a live communication.

“Henry Brad’s first son is visiting tomorrow. He’s on a flight from London,” she said to him.

Henry squinted his eyes at her. “How were you able to break into Richard Brad’s communication?”
“It wasn’t Brad’s, it was a security officer, discussing with someone outside how to get Brad’s son to the mansion safely.” She replied.

“Okay, send the details to Cole immediately.” Henry replied her and plugged back his earphones.
He pondered on the information from Jenny and Samantha. Both of them were not in line with his initial plan of getting Richard Brad that night but they were very good opportunities to get to Richard Brad if used properly and they were also the best options available.

Some minutes after, Dave turned from the driver’s seat to Henry.

“Boss, I’ve got a good one here.”

“Talk to me,” Henry answered.
“Richard Brad wants to have a threesome tonight, his security officer just called the man who’s gonna bring in the ladies.”

“Oh!” Henry raised his brows.

“Are the ladies known faces to Richard?”

“I don’t think so, I heard the officer telling the man to bring in very hot ladies.”

“I see,” Henry replied and squinted for a second and then glanced at the two women in the car who were not paying attention to his conversation with Dave.

“We have two hot ladies here, I do think and hope they can get the job done.”

“You’re right,” Henry said in soft tones. “They can handle it, they do not need to have sex with the man. You, send your details to Cole, call him and ask him to pay closer attention to yours first.”

“Okay boss,” Dave unplugged his earphones to make the call to Cole.

“Hey ladies,” Henry touched Samantha’s shoulder gently and also tapped Jenny on the knee. They unplugged their earphones to listen. “We’ve got something new,” he continued. “Dave just intercepted a call, and we now know that Richard Brad is expecting two ladies in the mansion tonight for a threesome.”

He paused to see the reaction on their faces.

“I’ll come up with a plan, you two would have to represent the two ladies he’s expecting, all you have to do is keep him busy until you get signals from me.” He continued.

“Okay, how do we go instead of the ladies?” Jenny squinted at him.
“Cole and I worked that out,” Henry answered. “Now, you too would have to go to the nearest store that could still be opened at this time and change into some sexy clothes, I’d communicate the next step to you before you finish dressing up.”

“Okay,” Samantha drew in a breath.

“Yeah, please, make good choices of clothes where you can hide small weapons or very small knives.” Henry quickly added before they stepped out of the car.

Ninety-nine minutes later
“Shawn, please listen. I and Micheal had an accident on our way to pick the girls at the club, but we’ve asked our other boys to bring them there. Please pay them our money, we really need the money now to settle our hospital bills….” The man tied to the seat said in a trembling voice. He was shaking all over and sweating profusely.

It was in a dark room. He wasn’t the only one tied, another man and two skimpily dressed ladies were also tied to chairs in the room. Their mouths were taped additionally, only his was still untaped. Cole had a pistol with the mouth fixed under his neck.

“You didn’t say it well,” Cole complained and pressed the mouth of the gun further into his neck.

“I… I will,” the man stammered in fear.

“You have to make this call in less than ten minutes and you have to say it perfectly, like someone who really had an accident and is in the hospital bed.” Cole said to him.
“I’ll try again please,” the man begged shakily.

“Better get it this time,” Cole raised his eyebrows threateningly. “If anything is noticed when you finally make the call, I won’t hesitate to blow off your brain. Is that clear?”

“Yes,” the man nodded fearfully.

Cole took a phone on which he was recording the voice closer to the man’s mouth. “Now, try it again and also look at my lips and answer my questions.”

“Shawn, I and Micheal had an accident on our way to pick the girls at the club, but I we’ve asked our other boys to bring them there. Please pay them our money, we really need the money now to settle our hospital bills.” The man repeated.

“What? Which hospital are you in?” Cole asked in whispers.

“New Day hospital in Epa,” The man replied.

Cole stopped the recording. “Better than the previous ones, but you have to do better, no foul must be noticed. Let’s rehearse again.”

Cole started the recording again.

They rehearsed for three more times before Cole was satisfied.

“So, I’m going to make the call now.” Cole said as he stepped back. He walked to a table and picked the phone which they had seized from the man. He also picked a hand sized Bluetooth speaker and returned to the man’s front.

He played the recordings he had done on his phone through the Bluetooth speaker. He took sometime to change the settings of the audio player until the voice from the speaker began to sound natural. He played the recording again and paused from time to time, he seemed to be rehearsing something with himself.

He stepped closer to the man after he was done. “This call is a chance to save yourself, I’ll hold up the phone while you speak, and I’ll cut the call once you try to play smart. I can always call back and play the recording for him instead, that’s why I’ve recorded your voice with answers to all the likely questions that can be asked.” Cole said with an evil smile. “So, it’ll benefit the both of us if you behave as you should.”



“It’s done boss, I hope you’re almost there.” Cole’s voice sounded in Henry’s phone speaker.

“Yeah, we’re close.” Henry replied.

“You are expected before half past ten,” Cole replied.

“Okay, hope it went smoothly and we would not have any problems.”

“Sure, you wouldn’t. He spoke to the security officer himself and answered all the questions.”

“Good job Cole,” Henry commended. “So, keep them locked in like we planned and come around this location.”

“Right away boss.”

The call ended and Henry put down the phone. He turned his neck and smiled at the ladies at the backseat. “We’re good to go now.”

They had all changed their clothes. Dave who was now driving had on a white shirt and blue jean, Henry was dressed the same way and they had taken away every weapon with them and in their car, to enable them pass through the security check at the gate of the mansion.

The ladies were now dressed in short gowns and had their faces made up.

To be continued


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