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Nothing like love-Episode 29

Come on angel eat some more Tano said to his wife.

I can’t remember the last time you call me that…I thought I had outgrown been called an angel’
Tano broke into an uncontrollable laughter.

And who says you’v outgrown that? You’re still an angel no matter what.

Okay just one spoon.

He smilled lovingly at her,it hadn’t been easy task convincing her to eat.

Her mouth flew open seeing Richard walk in with Tare’
The spoon fell from her hand and she broke into tears.

Richard am so sorry,son please forgive me.

She stood up immediately from where she sat and walked towards him.

Mum’ he breathed out in between tears’
They enveloped in a tight hug.

Son have you forgiven me?

Yes mum,I hold nothing against you.Tee was right,I don’t know what would have become of me if I had been left there all alone.Thank you for saving my life’

Am sorry she said sniffing’
I don’t have a clue about your parents.

it’s okay mum,am not looking for them. I love you mum I will rather be with you not a family that left me all by myself’

Thank you so much son.

She held him tightly to her chest’
Thank you for talking to him she said to Tare when they had disengaged.

it nothing ma.

How are you my child? Tano said to Tare’
Am fine sir.

I wish the day will come when you get use to calling me ‘dad’
Tare nodded in affirmative.

Can we all go on a vacation? Richard and I had planned for this after his exams but we can all go as a family.

Yes mum that will be great.
okay that’s cool,Tare are good with it? Tano asked.

I will have to ask my parents
okay dear.


Where are you taking me too? Tare asked Richard whose eyes were focused on the road.

it a secret okay..just be patient a little bit.

Few minutes later Richard put the car to an halt in front of a garden.

Wow…this place is beautiful Rich.

Do you like it?

I love it.Tare smiled happily.

okay let go in.

They walked inside holding hands.
They settled down on the grass watching the sky’
It’s beautiful” Tare said breaking the silence.

Yeah it is….it quiet and perfect,that’s how I want our future to look like only if you gave me a chance.

Tare’s mouth flew open and her heart flustered,but was lost of words to say.

For how long are you going to consider me worthy to date you? do you really have to starve me by been close and your heart far from me?

come on answer me..Tare couldn’t say anything but stare at the empty space’

Seconds turned to minutes with none making a sound.Their heads drew closer and lips found each other. The earth stopped rotating.
 .and for some minutes nothing else mattered except the two lovers devouring their lips.

Richard broke the kiss
Is that a yes? he asked with eyes filled with love.

She didn’t say anything but claimed his lips with hers as they kissed passionately’


What is this?

Mitchell asked Frey with unshed tears in her eyes’
someone is trying to blackmail you mitch’.who else knows about this apart from me?

Just you Frey’ no one else.

Think Mitch? who else does vanessa know?

But once I took Vanessa there.
We are doomed. .this money is huge Mitch.

Frey you’v got to help me I don’t want my name dragged in the mud.

vanessa will pay dearly for this he swore under his breath’

The End

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