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Story: NOTHING LIKE LOVE-Episode 27


Nothing like love-Episode 27

Maggie watched quietly from where she parked her car.Fortunately the compound wasn’t fenced making everything easier for her.Out of curiosity she had followed her husband unknown to him.

Why was her husband so interested in this thief of a girl? involving her precious son Richard’

She couldn’t take it anymore not when the skinny looking woman knelt down in front of her husband. ..she got out of the car as fast as her legs could carry her’


Mother are you part of this too? or is this one of your tricks.

Son what are you talking about? I just got here.

Maggie what are you doing here? Tano asked suprised.

I followed you,I had no choice.You’v been smiling since yesterday which is usual.

The same girl you treated badly is my biological daughter.

What??? Oh my God..so have been fooled all this while.You cheated on me with this thing…she pointed at Edna who stood like a log of wood.

I never cheated on you,mind the things you say to her.Tare is the product of the love I once had.
Edna conceived her before I even met you.

What do you mean by she conceived before you met mum.

I….I….don’t mind him son.,he doesn’t know what his saying let’s get out of here.

Tell him the truth Maggie. .he deserves to know.

Mum please tell me..am I not your child? am I adopted please say something.

I..I..am sorry Richard. I love you so much..i..

She broke into tears
Mum this isn’t time to cry,what’s going on? it’s my life we are talking about and I deserve to know.

I will tell you but not here she said when she had composed herself.

She walked to her car,while Richard followed her quietely with so many thoughts running through his mind.


Promise me you will forgive me? she looked at her son with tears in her eyes.

I will’ he had unshed tears in his eyes too’
I was barren till I found you.Before I met you there’s this playground I had intreast on,I always visited to watch children play.

So how did you find me?

It all happened july 13, I can never forget that day.
But I always celebrate my birthdays on July 12.

part of the reason son..because that was the day I found you.A bomb exploded and everything went astray,you were on the floor crying..and I couldn’t leave you alone. so I carried you and ran away’

What about my biological parents?

I don’t know anything about them son and am very sorry.I should have looked for them but I fell inlove with you.you were so cute as a child. Am sorry I should have done the right thing
Richard couldn’t hold it anymore as the tears fell at ease.

He opened the door and left despite the fact his mother was calling after him.

He just wanted to be alone


Why are you crying?you deserve better child,so wipe your tears and go home to your real father.

Her step father’s words pierced into her heart.He was just too kind…all this years she stayed under his roof,he knew all along she wasn’t his blood but never treated her different’.She was even closer to him than her mother,he always supported everything she did and corrected her when she was wrong but her mother was different,she yelled at her at every given opportunity.

Dad you are my real father,it doesn’t matter if we aren’t blood.she said when she had found her voice.

Isaih only smiled and placed his hands on her shoulder.
He knew this day would come but his little angel deserve better.

Angel..am sure you would have loved your dad if you had gotten to know him from infant so give it a try, you can always come running back to me whenever you need an hug…he gave way to the tears that had been in his eyes.

Am not ready dad…I can’t leave just yet.I need time.

It’s okay my lil angel,I understand’
He pulled crying Tare into his arms as they both sobbed quietly’
She wasn’t his biological daughter but his favourite’


What’s wrong Eddie? you seem to be avoiding my gaze.

Nothing.How did this happen? I mean you look wealthy’ she said almost in a whisper as her eyes roamed all over the eatery.No doubt it was expensive,she had never been to such an expensive place her whole life.

Many things happened but a friend of mine helped me…I invested and it yielded profit.
Am impressed Tano,if only mother had given us a chance. ..

She bit her lowerlip regret..why had she mentioned their past? she was only here because of their daughter’

it’s all past Eddie. .he said as if reading her thoughts’
Am sorry I mentioned it.

Not to worry…am happy you agreed to come out with me.And thanks for raising our daughter well,you did a good job.
It’s my duty,so you don’t need to thank me.

So what happened? isaih had some good cash in the pocket then.

He lost everything. ..he was sacked and ever since then things had never been easy.

He can work for me,I will offer him a job in T HIGH…

You don’t have to do that,just give your daughter the life she deserves that’s all.

But Eddie I..

No but Tano,please do just that. My husband and I are doing just fine.

They ate their meal in silence. .


2days later.

Where are you going?Edna asked Tare who all dressed up.

Mum am going to jos.

Without telling me? Is this how you behave now?

But I told dad mum,beside my exams starts in two weeks,I need to prepare.

Your exams indeed…we are poor but we aren’t beggars,I know you are going to meet Tano.just 2days and you’v started running after him.

stop saying that to her..why are you always bent on hurting her. Isaih said.He had overhead their conversion and had decided to intervene.

dTare if I were you in your shoes,I would have left with him that very day’ preye said.

I’ll leave now..bye dad.

Please get me something the next time you visit.

Tare just smiled and noded head.preye will always put material things first’
She needed to see him,the event of the past few days had been unexpected…they hadn’t talked since he left her house that afternoon, his number hadn’t been reachable too,she was d--n worried. …what will become of them now?

Question For All.

Who’s your favourite character so far and why?

For now mine is vanessa

because her love isn’t reciprocated which hurts…but she still remains a good friend to Mitchell’…time shall tell sha.

To be continued

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