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Story: NOTHING LIKE LOVE-Episode 23


Nothing like love-Episode 23

Chell you don’t have to feel embarrassed at all,believe me I understand how you feel. Godfrey told Mitchell who had been crying since they left the psychiatric hospital.

You don’t frey, I don’t think mother will regain her self again
Please don’t say that, all she need is time.

Time? for how long,I lost my caring and loving mother 16years ago.Don’t I deserve to be happy at least.Am tired of seeing her that way,would she….ev..

Godfrey drew her into his arms before she completed her statement.

Shh…don’t cry,am hear for you okay? and I will never leave you again.


I promise.

She placed her head on his chest,both lovers feeling the rhythm of their heartbeats


I dare you to feed me.
Richard said calmly.

What?? Tare asked alarmed.

Rich you can’t be serous
Come on Tee,this is a game no rule breaking.

Richard….you can’t be serous,you know I can’t do that.

And why won’t you? he smiled showing his sparkling teeth.

Tare felt embarrassed,if only she knew the game would have gotten to this extent she wouldn’t have played’

Richard had woken up feeling much better,all thanks to Tare who spent all night taking care of him.They had prepared breakfast together and were currently eating before Richard brought the crazy idea of playing truth and dare’ They had asked themselves random questions before Richard dared her to feed him.

Come on,am still waiting
Fine! just one spoon.she
filled the spoon to the brim and fed him.

One more please.Richard said teasingly
You’r arent serous,it now my turn.

okay go ahead’Richard said with his tongues out which made Tare frown lightly.

Why do you womanize?

Richard jaw dropped and Tare regretted why she had asked the question.

Am sorry,I should have respected your personal life ‘
It okay Tee,I..

Richards statement was cut short by the fair skinned lady who hugged him from behind.

Baby,why didn’t you tell me you’re sick? she placed her hands on his neck trying to feel his temperature.

Mum,you worry too much.Who told you I was sick?

Tare felt relieved at the utterance of ‘mum’ from Richard.

She looked to young to be his mother,though in her forties.Her still was still glowing,she smelt ‘wealth’.

Tare greated the elegant looking woman but got no response. She brought an extra plate and dished out some food for her.

Mum meet my very good friend and namesake ‘Tare’

Maggie just waved her off.

Please excuse us young lady i want to talk to my son alone’
Tare felt bad,but Richard’s pleading eyes melted her.

Who is she? she asked immediately Tare left.

Mum she’s my friend. she is very nice,you will get to love her when you know her.

Come on son,that lady isn’t the kind of girl I want for you.
Mum,please don’t judge her by her appearance.

Fine,who is her father? what position does he hold in this country?

Mum what does that have to do with you?

I want to know? Look son am not angry if you flirt around at all,as long as you will marry Joanne the daughter of your father’s billionaire friend.But that cheap thing you call a friend is nothing but a golddigger’

Richard stood up angrily in an attempt to walk away from her.
You dare not move Richard,am still talking here.

Mum I won’t let you dictate my life.

She shaked her head angrily,what has gotten into Richard? she saw the look in his eyes.Only a blind man wouldn’t see they are filled with love’

Richard would never be friend her.Never.

She moved closer to him and smiled mishevously’placing her hand on his shoulder.She apologised.

Am sorry son, I shouldn’t have said that.

Mum,you know I hate it when we have a misunderstanding.

Am I forgiven? she asked innocently like a child.
yes but please don’t say such again.


They moved over to the sofa and sat down disscusing how they’ve have missed themselves.

Don’t worry mum, my exams are approaching.we can take a vacation to paris just both of us.

Nice idea son,I hope you won’t bäck out this time?Remember the last time you said am becoming old and boring to travel out with’
Richard almost laughed his ribs out.

You are my ever young mother,I will go anywhere with you.

She smiled happily before raising the alarm
I can’t find my purse’

What did you mean mother? it just the two of us here’

Richard I can’t find my purse and I mean it.

Mum,let’s look for it.He said and began searching.

did you find anything?

no mum,maybe you left it in the car.let me go and check.

2minutes later he came back without finding anything.

I couldn’t find it mum,maybe you left it at home.

No,I brought it here.That girl must have taken it.

I knew she was upto no good’
mother! Tare would never do that.
Why are you so blinded by stupidity? I know a thief when I see one.Take me to where she lives.

No mother,I won’t do that.

You dare not disobey me.

But mum,why do you hate her for no reason,just let her be please.she’s no thief.

Am waiting Richard,it either you take me to where she lives or you choose between us.

Richard followed her quietly with confusion written all over his face.

To be continued

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