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Story: NOTHING LIKE LOVE-Episode 20


Nothing like love-Episode 20

Richard gazed at the pot bellied man already trembling in fright in front of him.

I will sir,I promise to withdraw this very minute.Infact I don’t have intrest in her,I just wanted a fresh blood. since her mother told me she’s a virgin.please don’t take my job from me,I won’t have anything to do with them again.

I will keep your job,but any complain from her I will make your life a living hell.

He pushed the cheque towards the man and stood up.

This is for any expenses you must have done for her family,and this discussion never happened.

Mr Thompson took the cheque with trembling hands,it was worth more than what he had given to Edna.He vowed within himself never to contact her again.

Richard smiled in satisfaction it all went as planned. But all his smiles faded away when he remembered Her’.


Tare pushed her food away,she wasn’t having the appetite to eat.She was supposed to be happy,her mother hadn’t come to drag her as promised. Neither had she called or texted,it was one week already.But instead she felt incomplete,why had Richard not call or beg?If only he could do that,she wouldn’t mind running into his arms.

7days seemed like eternity,she found herself thinking of him always.no doubt Richard Ayiba-emi had gotten a spot in her heart,but she wasn’t ready,even though her heart yearned for him.She rather be far from Richard,every step close to him is a step to getting hurt!


Richard stood outside her door,he had been standing for some minutes.He just couldn’t take her off his mind and wanted to see her badly but was scared of her reactions. She had pushed him out of her house the last time,he wasn’t ready for such treatment again.

The door flew opened and their eyes locked for what seemed like eternity.

Tare was dressed in a black turtleneck gown that stopped on her knee. Her dark hair falling on her back,she was obviously dressed for outing.

Richard felt like hugging her,seeing her preety oval face made him realised just how much he had missed her.

She found herself saying,she wanted to run her hands over his dark curly hair.She had thought he had given up on her,too excited to see him that she felt hungry at once.

Tee am sorry,whatever she said was just her crazy thought. I value our friendship,you aren’t just any girl to me.You are different Tee.please let me back into your life,have missed your friendship..
I didn’t remember inviting you in?
Tee plea..

spare it Richard,just..

Tare was cut short. Richard lips were already in hers.She didn’t want the moment to end,he wrapped his hands around her waist and she wrapped her’s around his kneck. She heard that tiny voice warning her to stop.
‘it’s all over school,the guy is a womanizer.Your’e probably one of his prey.’

She tried to keep her ears shut from her mind.She had wished for a moment like this for so long and now just when her wishes were coming through her mind was fighting her off Richard.

“He doesn’t fall inlove,you are just fun to him.He will dump you like he did to me”

Mitchell’s words rang in her ears,she pushed him away.

Just live me alone Richard,you are just looking for the next girl to lay I don’t wanna be a victim.

Those words hit Richard like a bomb,he was a womanizer but he cared for her.He couldn’t call what he felt for her as love,but he always wanted to be with her.

He walked away quietly’


What’s up with you man?is she the only girl in the world?
Let me be sam.He said counting his every word’

for crying out loud don’t tell me you came to this club to bore around.

What part of let me be don’t you understand?

how things change,thesame Richard that bragged about laying any lady without feeling a thin for them,what’s it this one? she isn’t even as preety as your numerous flings.

Get me a girl’

Now you are talking,I will be right back.

Maybe sam was right,he needed to forget her.

Sam reappeared with a fair slim girl,she looked no different from a model.

She had started licking her lips.jeez the guy was handsome,she wouldn’t mind doing it free for him.
Do you want it here mr?
No let’s go home.

That excited her,it was rare to see guys who took them home.She would make good use of this opportunity by stealing a thing or two! he looked wealthy.

Tare searched through her clothes for a suitable cloth,she had made a mistake by chasing him out.she had chased him out of her house not heart.She wanted to see him again not considering the time of the night.

She settled for her favourite dress and headed for Richard’s.

To be continued

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