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Story: NOTHING LIKE LOVE-Episode 19


Nothing like love-Episode 19

Mitchell threw her clutch to her bed,her heels and phone went the same way.Vanessa who had been engrossed making up became alarm.Chel only behaved and that way whenever she was angry.

What’s with you girlfriend?

I don’t know how I feel,maybe terrible.

What happened “V” asked concerned

Why do you care? so you can go and s£duce Richard into sleeping with you.

Chell that wasn’t what I meant,am only been concerned about you.

Concerned’ Is that a what you call it? wow interesting. I guess that was how concerned you were when you slept with Godfrey.


what? or am I lieng?it’s true na,you had him to your fill.

Vanessa stood up with unshed tears in her eyes to open the door. Standing before her was the guy that had slept with her weeks ago without even an apology. He never called or texted.


Hi V’ is mitch in?

Yeah come in.

She left the house almost immediately knowing fully well she wasn’t needed and to avoid Mitch ranting.

Godfrey went on his knees the moment he stepped in.

Mitch am sorry,it was just a moment weakeness.she doesn’t mean anything to me,you are the one that matter.I can’t live without you,believe me the last few months of my life have been completely meaningless. I want you back please Mitch.

Why did you have to hurt me,you knew how much I loved you and you happily used my weaknesses against me,dumped me for some months like some trash and come back to pick me whenever you want.

Mitch I hurt you but you aren’t trash,you are the best thing that had ever happened to me.Baby please come back to me I beg of you.

just live please.

Godfrey stood up and went over to where Chell sat on the bed.Within a twinkle of eye they were eating up each other’s lip.

Have missed you so much, Godfrey breathed out in between the kiss.

Have missed you more.Soon they were both unclad but it seemed they couldn’t just get enough of each other.

Vanessa felt useless,all she wanted was to get drunk and forget the pain she was going through.

How could he do this to her,not even an apology.He acted like nothing happened. She had wished and even fantasized him asking her out.A thought of those imaginations brought tears streaming down her eyes.Who was she to fall inlove? a fat plump lady with designers pimples all over her face.

Why were things this bad for her? Chel had all it takes.The beauty and the wealth.And most expecially a guy madly inlove with her.Even if she had absentminded parents,she rather lived Chel’s life than hers’.

To be continued

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