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Story: NOTHING LIKE LOVE-Episode 15


Nothing like love-Episode 15

Mitchell locked her car as she headed for her flat,she was more than exhausted.Anyone could tell from her look,Spending the night with her mum wasn’t an easy one.She didn’t even get a little sleep,happy she was home again. All she wanted was a warm bath and sleep.

She had knocked twice with no reponse,she tucked her hands in her clutch to search for her keys.Vanessa could be a terrible one with sleep,she always slept like a log of wood and no amount of noise could wake her up.

No,this can’t be,what’s going on here,Mitchell screamed.

Am sorry Mitch,I….didn’t want this to happen
Godfrey said wearing his clothes.

Mitchell turned to Godfrey with tears in her eyes.

Get the hell out of my house.

Mitch,I swear I never wanted this to happen,please give me a listening hear
I don’t want to hear any of it,just go.Of all girls why didn’t you pick from outside? why my own best friend?.

Mitch I came here….She cuts him short.

I don’t need your explanation,it makes me sick please live before I do something I will regret .

Godfrey opened the door and left.
If looks could kill Vanessa would have died the moment Mitchell stared at her.

Why Vanessa? I gave you everything. Is this what I get for paying your bills,and treating you like blood? She shouted in rage.
Am sorry,chel am very sorry. I’d never wanted this to happen,please….she went on her knees

still unclad

Save your explanations,pack every belonging of yours and live my house.

Mitchell,please don’t do this to me.Think about all the memories we had, please.

Vanessa pleaded with tears streaming down her eyes.

I don’t want to see you here when I get back. She took her clutch which she had thrown on the bed and left.

Vanessa bit her lower lip in frustration, what had she done? betraying the one person that had been nice to her. Mitchell can be authoritative but still very caring. She fell for him the very first day she set her eyes on him.But he had wanted Mitchell instead. He got close to her to get chell,it hurt had hurt her but who was she to complain? Besides who sees a fat short lady and fall for her?What was more irritating was the ever constant pimples on her face.She had tried out all the face creams she knows both expensive and cheap,all to no avail.

And last night he came looking for chell to work things out with her.Somewhere along the line they got talking when he decided to wait for her.And then it all started unplanned with a kiss he had started.

She threw her belongings into her box,as the tears on her face gave her know breathing space. It wasn’t all about the money but the guilt she felt seing herself as a traitor.


Tare frowned her face even with her eyes close,who could be knocking this early?She stood up sleepily still on her nighties and opened the door.

Good morning sir.

Sorry it afternoon already,so I would say good afternoon miss.
Afternoon?she must have over slept after doing T.D.B.

Sorry Sir,how may I help you? she asked after looking at the dark skinned man trying hard to place the face.

Tare, I must say you are beautiful girl.please let me in we have lot to talk about.

Sorry,how did you know my name? and what do we have to talk about?

Just let me in,will you?

She moved away from the door and gestured to him to take a seat on the only plastic chair in her room.

Am suprised your mother has not said anything to you,we are supposed to be married soon so I came to meet you in person
What?? Tare flared up with anger burning through her eyes.

This can’t happen,I am not going to marry you for any reason.
 Besides my mum will never do that.

I see you trust her.But there’s nothing you can do,as a matter of fact I have paid your bride price to your mother. You can call her now if you wish
Please leave, I don’t ever want to see you again.

She pressed her body against the door the moment he left.

No this can’t be,the thought of her mother selling her was killing her.How could she?Marriage is a life time thing.The man in question should be in his late forties. She ran her hand through her hair as more tears clouded her face.

There was another knock on the door,she ignored it. She didn’t want another person adding to her problems. But when the knocking became non-stop,she had no choice than to open it.

Her mouth went dry seeing the figure before her.This guy was just too handsome,without him saying anything she felt happy with just looking at him.

what do you want? and how did you know live here?She asked after composing herself.

Have you been crying?Richard found himself asking.

Are you stalking me?I thought I made it clear I don’t want to have anything to do with you.

Hear me out first,for crying out loud why are you so self centered. Can’t you help a fellow being.

There are so many people in our department so please ask help from them and stop stalking me.

She closed the door at his face.

What was this guy anyway? Can’t he take no for answer. Why does he have to keep stalking me.Why am I feeling happy all of a sudden after seeing him with all the issues I’v got.

Richard smiled as he drove back home,Tare didn’t know he had followed her the previous night. He was supposed to be angry but he couldn’t explain why he was smiling like a fool instead.Maybe it the joy of seeing a girl get mad at him!.No girl had ever done that before not to talk of scolding him.That makes him get more interested in knowing her.But for now I have to give her some space he said to himself.


Angella pulled her husband by the arm as she led him to the room she had prepared for their baby.

Wow this is nice,jo exclaimed.

You sure our baby will like this?

Yes honey,it beautiful. But did you have to stress yourself,I would have called someone to do it.

I didn’t honey,have been lazying around all day so I decided to keep myself busy.

Even at that love you should rest and eat plenty please.

I don’t want my baby thinking am lazy.

Ha ha,Is that so?

He carried her in a bridal style and placed her on the sofa in the living room.

Honey don’t you think you should settle your disputes with my family members.

Dear I would do that but when I carry my baby in my arms.

It okay I’ll be waiting.

He didn’t have to argue that,they had made her life a living hell during the early years of their marriage so he respects her every decision.

Thank you for understanding love.

she claimed his lips with hers as they engaged in an hot romance.

Don’t forget to drop your thoughts,thanking you all.

To be continued

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