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Story: NOTHING LIKE LOVE-Episode 12


Nothing like love-Episode 12

Jonas looked at his wife in frustration,how could someone be so obsessed with a movie to the extent of crying with the characters.

This particular one seemed to be her favourite”marima”.She was watching it for the third time today yet she still cried for every scene.

Dear why are you staring at me?Angela asked her husband when their eyes had met

Angel you can’t blame me,you’v been giving all your attention to the movie and am getting jelouse here.

Ha ha..honey 2more hours I will be done.

A whole 2? no way.He took the remote control from the table in an attempt to put it the tv off,Angela struggled with him..jonas took his heels as Angela ran after him.

Honey are you okay? jo asked concerned when Angela squated on one spot.

No hon..pooo..,she vomited everything she had eaten earlier on the tiles. Jo led her to their bedroom after he had cleaned up the mess.

Baby I think you should see the doctor.

No dear,it nothing to worry about
How can you say that? you’v been throwing up all day?

I know but it not what you are thinking,I don’t want to get disappointed.

Baby,where is your faith?let give it a try .

Remember our first year in marriage,this happened and it all resulted to our hopes dashed.just for that doc to say it was only typoid.

Angel this is our fifth year,it just a test.We may be positive or not let just do it.

I won’t honey,that’s final.

Jonas left the room for the guest room obviously pissed,for crying out loud why is she faithless?
she doesn’t even remember they serve a God of impossibilities. Angela was just too stubborn but he loves her even in her stubbornness,he just hope she have a rethink of the whole issue.


Tiana smiled happily as she drove into the duplex, Angel had invited her over.She hoped she was right, through Angela’s explanation she believed it was nothing but pregnancy. The jo’s had suffered enough,she had been their family doctor for the past five years and she carried their burden like hers. She hoped the song will be different from
“there’s nothing wrong with both of you this time”.

Welcome doc,am very sorry for disturbing you.

You look lean dear,I suspect it must be pregnancy,let’s get started i came with a pregnancy kit.

How do I use it? she pointed to the kit when Tiana had given her.
Tiana explained to her, and she came back few minutes later.

So dear,how was it?

I…m po..she broke into tears.
I told you so,she went closer to her and hugged her.

But doc,can we go the hospital I really want to be sure.

it okay if that’s what you want.
Okay,she cleaned her tears,and headed for her bedroom.

let me change my outfit please.
Qhere is the result,she said and handed it to Angela.

Angela took the result with trembling hands,she didn’t know what to do if this resuilt differs from the one they had earlier at home.

Come on dear,open it.Doc Tiana smiled encouragingly at her.

Angela took a deep breath as she pulled the result from the envelope.

What does it say dear?

Without answering her she went on her knees and started crying.
It okay,stop crying God is great. She patted Angela’s back trying to conceal her own tears.

Somehow Angela found herself in her house,she drove home happily after the whole incident at the hospital. But her husband wasn’t picking her calls,he was still mad at her for the event of the previous night. She didn’t even know when he left for work.No,she can’t wait anymore,she was going to meet him at the office. She picked up her keys hurriedly and left the house.30 minutes later she arrived at the office,she managed to reply few greatings as all her mind was on her husband.


Jonas was suprised,he couldn’t remember the last time Angel jad visited him at the office.Maybe she wanted to make up for hurting him.

What’s it? he asked without looking up from the system he was working on.

Honey am pregnant.

Jonas jumped up from his seat immediately.

Baby did I hear you right?

Yes love,am pregnant.

He carried her up,planting numerous kisses on her face.

So we are pregnant,he didn’t even realise he was shedding tears too.They went on their knees as they sang happily to God…

To be continued

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