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My Woman-Episode 9

This can’t be real” She said to herself.

It was her Dad.

She quickly remembered that she hadn’t yet told her dad that she was in the country. She had gone to elaborate lengths to make it look like she was still in the UK; she didn’t want him to find this out like this.

Having spotted him, Brenda quickly sat down to avoid being seen. She was in luck… The class was full so it was easy for her to hide her face.

Meanwhile, Amelia had brought Mr. Edwards briefcase to him and went back to her seat. She appeared very cheerful as she sat down.

The Course Lecturer introduced the Resource Person who came up stage and promptly began the seminar.

Brenda kept her head down so that her Dad wouldn’t see her. She kept on bopping her head from side to side to avoid him directly looking at her. Even though the crowd was much and could hide her, she didn’t want to take chances.

Dave noticed this and asked, “Is everything alright dear?”

Brenda: “Yeah I’m ok, don’t worry”

From where she was seated, Amelia noticed Brenda’s strange attitude and wondered what was going on.

Before Brenda’s father began with the seminar, he connected his laptop to the class projector as he had put his notes on PowerPoint Slides.

The laptop booted on and threw up his desktop wallpaper, which was a picture he and Brenda had taken by the beach the previous summer. In the picture, both of them were looking up smiling at the camera. Brenda had on brown beach shorts, a white shirt folded around the waist and a straw hat thrown to the back. She had her hands around his waist. He meanwhile had on a black pair of trousers folded to the ankle, a colored shirt and had an arm on her shoulders. They both looked happy and intimate.

The image appeared on for a little while before booting to the powerpoint slides. As the students saw and recognized Brenda in the picture, there was some murmuring with faces turning to her direction with a knowing look.
Some students immediately started snickering at Dave.

“My Ideal Woman Is Someone Who Is Deaf And Dumb” Jesse Jags
In her bid to be incognito, Brenda had registered in school with her mother’s maiden name. She also didn’t show any of the trappings of wealth such as a car. Even though she always turned up classy and exquisite looking, there was no way anyone could connect her as being the only daughter of one of the wealthiest industrialist in the country.

The only assumption had to be that she had dated or was dating the resource person. The students couldn’t wait for the lecture to end so as to start gossiping.

Amelia was so happy with everything that was going on.
“This is the best day of my entire life” she said to herself.

Dave didn’t react but you could see the disappointment on his face. His heart was broken entirely. Brenda who still kept her head down saw the look on Dave’s face, she gently placed her hand on his thigh beneath the desk and said “Baby I know how you must be feeling, I can explain”

Dave was so hurt that he threw Brenda’s hand off his thigh.
Time flew very fast and soon the presentation came to an end. There was no room for questions as the resource person had used up all the time allotted for the seminar.

He however left his email address and personal phone number for the class to contact him in case of further inquiries.

Amelia quickly wrote the number down, not for academic purpose but for her own personal scheme against Brenda and Dave.

Soon as Brenda’s father left, the class was dismissed. All heads looked in Dave and Brenda’s direction. The whole class had found something juicy to talk about. Dave realizing this didn’t want to make it obvious that he was hurt, he quickly took Brenda by the hand and they went out of the class together.

Amelia as usual monitored and followed them from a distance.

When they were far away from campus, Dave asked, “Brenda, are you going to explain what happened in there?”

Brenda: “Dave calm down, we can’t talk about this here. Lets get to my place first, please”

Dave: “I can’t hold on for that long, its either now or never, I can’t believe this, are you into sugar daddies too? That man is old enough to be your father for Christ’s sake!”

Brenda: “And what if he is?

To be continued

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