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My Woman-Episode 4

Sorry Sir, we were just……” Dave tried explaining.

“Would you shut up there! Are you aware this is an institution?! I will personally see to it that you suffer for your actions.”

“Sir please” Brenda pleaded
Mr Edwards turned on her “And as for you, you amaze me” then he continued, “Both of you should follow me to my office right now”

The lecturer was already seething over the fact that Brenda had refused to call him the previous night as agreed. To now see her kissing some other guy got him more furious.

He however figured this could be the perfect opportunity to get what he wanted from Brenda. He had lusted for her the moment he had seen her – Brenda had a body and face that made men become imaginative. Mr Edwards was a well known womanizer who would chase anything in skirts; He had a way of manipulating students into his bed and that was the same intention he had for Brenda.

As they got to his office, he instructed Dave to wait outside, leaving him and Brenda alone in his office.

“Brenda, you’ve really disappointed me, I have the mind to refer this matter to the school authorities” Mr. Edward said. The school had strict regulations concerning PDA (Public Display of Affection) on campus… Students were required to keep their romance outside of the premises, for the sake of good ol’ sanity.

“Sir please, it won’t happen again, I beg of you.” Brenda pleaded.

“Hmmmmn. Very well… I am going to spare you this once, because i like you, but its going to be on one condition” Mr. Edward said.

“What condition? asked Brenda
“Its very simple” Mr. Edwards said. “Just give me a call tonight, we will meet somewhere and talk about it and if you don’t call, you have yourself to blame” He warned her.

Brenda at this point wondered at what Mr Edwards had in store for her and felt unsafe. He then dismissed her.

She narrated what transpired at the office to Dave. He also didn’t feel comfortable hearing the details.

“Dave, I need your help with this… just be there for me tonight. ” Brenda asked.

“Don’t worry dear, I’ll always be there for you but how do I do that tonight? Edwards gave you strict instructions about leaving me out of this equation” said Dave
“Just be available. I will call you to come over when I find out where he wants us to meet” Brenda suggested. They discussed what Mr. Edwards would probably want to do and came up with a plan.

They exchanged contacts and went towards their lecture hall.

Before they entered the hall, Dave held Brenda by hand, looked into her eyes and said “I love you”

Brenda smiled sweetly, her face brightening with a wide smile on her lips. She was happy to hear these words from Dave but wasn’t ready to voice the same sentiment just yet.

“I will reply when this is all is over” She said.

Dave didn’t expect to get that answer from her especially with all the things they had going on.

Later that night, Mr. Edwards got dressed and sat in his living room, waiting for Brenda’s call. His wife knew that he was up to something as his behavior was suspicious.

Already, she had heard the rumours about her husband being involved with campus girls. There had been several quarrels between them for this reason but since Mrs. Edwards had no proof of her allegation, her husband always got the upper hand.

She was just looking for the perfect opportunity to unmask her cheating husband.

Suddenly, his phone rang… It was an unknown number. When Mr. Edwards answered the call, he left the room to talk to the caller, away from his wife’s prying eyes.

It was Brenda and it was obvious to Mrs Edwards that it was a lady calling. She tried listening to the conversation but couldn’t make out her husband’s words.

Meanwhile Mr. Edward was giving Brenda location and time to meet him up. They were to meet at a hotel a bit isolated from the city where no one would see them.

Having secured the appointment, Brenda quickly called Dave to meet her up at the Hotel before Mr. Edwards showed up. The plan was ultimately for him to rescue her if Mr. Edwards tried to go funny with her.

When Brenda and Dave met up at the venue, they agreed on a strategy and each took their positions. Brenda sat at the reception while Dave sat at the hotel restaurant which was faraway from sight.

Mr. Edwards was setting off from his house when his wife accosted him.

Mrs Edwards: Where are you going at this time of the night?
Mr. Edwards: I have a meeting with my colleagues, it might take a while so don’t expect me home anytime soon.

Mrs. Edwards: At this time of the night??

Mr. Edwards: Yes!

The hard look on his face prevented her from asking any further questions, but she knew just what to do! She intended to secretly follow her husband wherever he was going so as soon as he drove off, she also boarded a cab and followed him.

Mr. Edwards arrived the hotel and saw Brenda seated at the reception. She was simply dressed in blue skinny jeans and a white top.

Her long pony tail projected her face… She was absolutely gorgeous and pretty… her beautiful skin glowed in the night light and her pouty full lips looked extremely ravishing and tempting under the lip gloss that highlighted their features. Brenda was indeed beautiful with big glowing child like white eyes, she had the confident charisma of a woman yet the innocence of a child – qualities enough to make any man go weak at the knees.

On seeing her, Mr Edwards barely restrained himself, he wanted to jump on her that selfsame moment as he felt himself tingling all over. He congratulated himself on his finding and made up his mind that this was going to be one loooooooong night. Opportunities like this don’t come everyday and he was going to make the best of it. his mind quickly flashed through how the night was going to be and he wished he had come with a camera to enjoy the scenes well after.

He took one more look at Brenda as he got to her, savouring the way her slim waist accentuated her wide hips, he got a whiff of her nicely shaped and sculptured behind “this girl sure has everything together” he thought to himself.

Having previously called to book his favourite room, he walked to the counter to confirm it, motioned to her to follow him and walked away briskly with a bounce and unusual swagger to his steps.

Brenda took out her phone and quickly sent an SMS to Dave. She sent him the room number and let him know that she had followed him. She asked him to be quick in coming over, having seen the way Mr Edwards’s eyes had moved ravishingly over her, she could imagine what it would be like to be found alone with him. She was sure that a goat would have had it easier with a starving lion.

Just as they entered the room, Mrs. Edwards’ cab pulled up in front of the hotel

To be continued

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