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Story: MY WOMAN-Episode 17



My Woman-Episode 17

The Doctor felt like he had finally found the wife of his dreams… Until Amelia’s next request.

Amelia: “Sam, I want you to do something for me”

Dr Sam: “Ok… What it is you want me to do?”

Amelia: “Well, it’s a bit complicated. Give me your word first”

Dr. Sam: “Hmmmn, you have my word”

Amelia: “Good. It’s about that girl we brought here… your patient, Brenda. I want you to paralyse her!”

Sam was taken aback… Amelia was asking him to deliberately hurt someone. He was curious as to why but first, he needed to get over the shock of her request.

Dr Sam: “Seriously?! Amelia, that is totally against the ethics of my profession. Sorry, I can’t do it”

Amelia: “Sam, you gave me your word”

Dr. Sam: “Yes, because never in my wildest dreams would have imagined you’d ask something like this of me”

Meanwhile, Dave was led to Brenda’s ward. She was lying down when he got there. He could see that the accident had a great impact on her. He went closer to her bed and took her hand.

Brenda opened her eyes to look at him. She smiled and told him she missed him. Dave advised her not to talk too much so she could conserve her energy. She, however, continued
Brenda:”I saw my Father and Amelia. I stood there, right in front of them”

Dave: “Brenda, there is a way out of this. Just please get well first baby”

Brenda: “I know my love. Initially, I was very disturbed about this thing with my dad. But now I realize that it doesn’t matter what Amelia has told my Dad. I know him better than her. I know how he trusts me… I will simply tell him everything”

Dave: “Get well first my love. He is your father, he will understand you”

Brenda was feeling sleepy, Dave stayed with her until she fell asleep.

He decided to man up and confront her father with the whole story right away.

Dave thought that by doing that, he could save Brenda the stress so she could concentrate on recuperating.

Back at the Doctors office…
Sam had decided to oblige Amelia her ridiculous request… He had secretly admired this girl from a distance for a very long time. Now he had a chance to actually be with her, he wasn’t going to blow it. He was going to find a way to accommodate her insane request.
Dr. Sam: “Ok. I will do it Amelia. Only because I want to be with you”

Amelia:”Thank you Sam, I have something for you. How about me coming to your place tonight?”
Dr. Sam: “That will be a great idea, I will give you call as soon as I get home.”

Amelia gave him another intense kiss before she left. As soon as she left the hospital, she called Mr. Edwards to meet her up at the hotel were they usually meet so she can give him the news.
Mrs. Edwards overhead the conversation… She was so sure her husband was talking to a lady. She also overheard them scheduling a meeting. Again, she decided to secretly follow him when the time was due.
Dave came out of Brenda’s ward to see her Father.

“Mr Wilson, I have something I need to discuss with you about Brenda.” Dave said
Mr Wilson : “Ok young man, go ahead. I’m all ears”

Dave: “I am close friends with your daughter. I’m aware that you didn’t know about her stay in Ghana. That can be explained sir. Your daughter is a very good person with a pure heart, not all you have heard or seen may be true. All I ask is that you listen to her side of the story. She’ll try to explain everything as soon as gets back on her feet. She really loves you as her father and would not do anything to disappoint you”
Mr Wilson was very attentive as he Dave poured out his heart for Brenda. He knew the guy was in love with his daughter.

Mr Wilson: I appreciate your courage in talking to me. I have singlehandedly raised my daughter to be very responsible and I trust her. Even with all I have heard, I remain objective until I hear her own side of the story. Once again, I appreciate your effort”

With that out of the way, the two men got comfortable with each other as they waited patiently to see Brenda.

Amelia and Mr. Edwards had already gotten to the hotel and were getting comfortable. Amelia told him what she had discovered about Brenda’s real identity and her relationship with Mr Wilson. She, however, left out the part about the accident and how she intended to have Brenda paralyzed.

They both had a good laugh… Mr Edwards was quite impressed. He offered to give Amelia a good massage for a job well done and within the shortest possible time.

Just as she stripped down to her underwear and Mr Edwards began massaging her back, Mrs Edwards badged into the hotel room.

To be continued

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