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My Woman-Episode 13

Mr. Edwards’ face fell… He was shocked. But he could also see he had no option; besides, he figured he could use Amelia to get what he wanted from Brenda…

“Give me a call tonight, I’ll tell you where to meet me. I think you and I can strike a good deal” said Mr. Edwards.

Amelia smiled and left the office. She went straight home. On her way she received a call from an unknown number. It turned out to be one of her high school secret admirers.

She didn’t recognize the caller even after he mentioned his name – Sam.

He, however, sounded quiet romantic on phone… He had a deep voice any lady would fall for.
 It was quite a long conversation, they spent time catching up and talking about life in general. In the end, they scheduled a date so they could meet.

Meanwhile, Brenda and Dave were still at the house spending time together. They enjoyed each other’s company thoroughly but something kept bothering Dave.
Brenda noticed it and asked him.
“It’s not anything in particular, my woman… I was just wondering how you’d break the news to your Dad.” Dave answered

Brenda: “I intend to inform him that I am in Nigeria but that I will be back in the UK next month.We can then take it from there. For now, all I want is to be with you”

Dave was really not convinced things were that simple but he decided not spoil the moment. Suddenly, Brenda felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. She ignored it initially but it persisted. Then, she started feeling nauseated; she needed to throw up. She quickly left Dave and ran off to washroom to vomit. This wasn’t the first time this was happening. She had been feeling this way for a couple of days now. She was pretty sure what what was happening, she had just chosen to ignore it and hope it would disappear.

Dave on the other hand, had no idea what was going on… He didn’t understand why Brenda started feeling sick all of a sudden. He was extremely worried
After a few minutes, she came out looking down and announced softly “Dave, I am pregnant”
Dave was stunned!

On the other end of town, Amelia had called Mr. Edwards to confirm their appointment and get the address of their rendezvous point.
 It was the same hotel where Brenda had met him.

As usual, Mr. Edwards gave her a room number after booking the place. She got to the hotel and went straight to the room. He was already there waiting for her.

They made small talk before discussing the matter at hand.
Mr. Edwards proposed what Amelia thought was a good deal. He explained how the pictures in the brown envelope came about and how Brenda and Dave had set him up. He was looking for payback.

Amelia liked the idea of getting back at those two.

They both arrived at a plan, a plan to get Brenda back in bed with Mr. Edwards while Amelia got back with Dave.

They were happy about their plan and decided to drink to it. They drunk a lot of alcohol that night, followed by sessions of rough sex.

Once they were done, Amelia got to work. She immediately started execution of the plan by texting Dave.

Text message: “I have lost you; and you have Brenda now. But you will crawl back begging me to come back to you.”

To be continued

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