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Story: THE LAST SURVIVORS-Episode 33


Episode 33

He aimed at Michael’s outstretched arms as he reached to grab him and slashed them off. He stepped backward and hacked the blade into Michael’s right leg; the blow left Michael’s limb hanging only on sinews and flesh from the knee. Thankfully the fire began to over power the elders; one after another they fell to the ground. Michael stood on a foot still burning; he couldn’t move having lost two arms and a foot. Simon moved back like an athlete about to leap over a high jump and aimed at Michael’s head. “Now old friend, I would like to see you rise again”, Simon gloated. By now the roof of the temple had begun to burn, people from miles could see it. Simon looked around, searching for a means to get away. Then he heard a pounding sound on the gate. He ran to hide and listened to the voices at the gate. He picked one umistakable voice. It was Melinda’s. She was shouting an order to someone, “Ram the gate down! Simon is inside, we can’t let him die!” Simon ran out of his hiding place shouting, “Melinda I am fine!” As he drew near to the gate there was a heavy bang on the gate. It jangled and collapsed to the ground. Simon stood still watching in unbelief, his friends would stoop at nothing to save him. Melinda and the others ran into the compound following behind Osoba’s bus with which they tore down the gate. They were all armed to the teeth and ready for a fight.

They all stood still when they saw Simon standing in the middle of the compound holding a persian blade in his hand. They had been told Michael was in Simon’s body; so they could not tell who was standing before them, whether Michael or Simon. Osoba jumped out of his bus and demanded, “Who is in that body, Simon or Michael? Declare yourself!” “Hello friends, it is me Simon. The battle is over take it easy!” None of them moved, they had seen enough to believe Michael and the elders could do anything to deceive them. “I think it is Simon. Who could have set the temple on fire?” said Melinda. “Melinda don’t assume anything, we don’t know what happened here yet”, said Austin. Verah stepped closer and commanded, “You foul spirit masquerading as Simon, I command you in the Name of Jesus bow to your knees!”

Simon stood still and watched them; a few seconds passed and he said, “It is me Simon, Michael had left my body. Look at him; I burnt him and the elders. I fought him out of my body. I burnt the temple. I was already free when he came to the hospital to kill you all. It is me Simon!” Osoba moved and stood before Simon and said, “If he so much as moves a finger, cut him down!” Osoba studied him to know if he was real and then said to Austin. “Bring the fire from the temple, we are going to burn him!” “No Osoba you can’t burn him, he is Simon for real”, protested Melinda.

Simon tightened his grip around the blade in his hand and narrowed his gaze on Osoba’s neck. Austin returned with some coals of fire and kept them in-between Simon’s legs. “Wait Osoba! There is another way to prove whether Simon is the one inside that body. I am going to pray, if he reacts violently kill him”, said Verah.

Verah came close and began to pray, “Heavenly Father if there be any foul spirit in this man or any other human spirit other than his own. I command now let there be a violent reaction in him in the Name of Jesus!” Simon responded, “Amen!” Verah paused and asked, “Simon is that really you?” “Verah it is me! I burnt these people you see here. I destroyed their temple. I burnt Michael’s coffin and the body; there he lies dead! I think we should leave now, the police will be here any moment!”

Melinda rushed forward and put her hand on Simon’s head and declared. “If you are not Simon. I command Holy Ghost……………” The others responded “Fire!” Simon began to laugh at them, they all hugged him and hurried into Osoba’s bus.

On the road back to the city they all wanted to know how Simon got out of the bottle; he explained to them that the bottle cracked and his spirit floated out of it like air. While the others harrowed Simon with questions and told tales of their horror adventure. Melinda rested her head on Austin’s chest, and said, “Babe I think it is about time we had that wedding”.

The End.

Do you believe the story has really ended; how would you have ended it?
Thanks to those who read this story, I am really grateful to you all.

May the Grace of the Lord be with us


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