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Story: ISADORA- Last Episode


The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 44

Val’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode

 ‘’maybe Isadora could be with her siblings at Nsukka. That’s the only place I can think of’’

 I muttered thoughtfully after a little silence.

 ‘’fine can you take me there when you are free today?’’ officer Magu asked while I nodded in agreement.

 ‘’sure we will head over there once I’m done with the paperwork here’’ I muttered weakly. 


 Later in the evening we got to Nsukka with our hopes up. Of course we knew if we failed to find the girl there that searching elsewhere for her would be very difficult. Luckily we met her in the house with her siblings and what a great relief it was to us. However just like I feared, she frowned on sighting us. ‘’why are you guys here? Can’t I be left alone even for a day?’’ she instantly asked with a raised tone. Mr Simon quickly grabbed my hand. ‘’Val let me talk to her. You know her mind isn’t stable yet’’ he offered while i drew back. He took three steps towards Isadora.

 ‘’pretty girl please listen to me. I don’t know why you are so angry with Val but you are actually free today because of his efforts. He paid lots of money that aided the investigation that got you free. You should be grateful to him and not angry with him. He really tried his best not minding things that were happening all around him. Your cousin Jane had an accident which confined her in the hospital before she finally died and Val was the only person taking care of her because her parents disappeared. I believe you should have talked with him before acting the way you are doing now’’

 Mr. Simon softly spoke, leaving a great shock all over Isadora when he mentioned about Jane’s death.

 ‘’Jane is dead!’’

 she exclaimed,

 ‘’yes not only Jane but her immediate elder brother and parents are all dead. A lot did happen my dear’’ the old man added as Isadora surprisingly drew forward and hugged me tightly. ‘’I’m so, so sorry for being selfish. I should have known you never abandoned me without reason. I was just being a woman but I guess I over did it’’

 she apologized, leaving a smile of relief on my face with her honesty. ‘’I know you must have been going through a lot with all these deaths. It’s so shocking’’ she breathed ‘’yes and we need you home. You need to come back and take care of things. You have burials to plan and some paper works to do’’ I muttered slowly. She drew back and stared into my eyes. I badly wanted to kiss her that moment but held myself. ‘’I don’t think I want to come back again. I equally don’t need the money anymore. It’s just like blood money. A lot of people died for it. A whole family got wiped out’’ she suddenly sobbed. ‘’I know it’s difficult but you have to be strong and come back home’’ I urged, ‘’here is my home Val. how about my siblings? I can’t leave them here again’’ she asked. ‘’you can bring them over. You guys can stay in my house till your own house is ready’’

 I offered. ‘’how about your mother? Won’t she object?’’ she asked curiously. I smiled and shook my head. ‘’she already knows everything my dear. She won’t object’’ I replied. ‘’oh Val’’ she sobbed and hugged me tightly once again as tears dropped from her eyes. I really felt happy. I really felt at peace. It really was a tough battle, fighting for her love, her birthright and my happiness. .


By 9pm that fateful evening, I arrived home with Isadora and her siblings. Mum was very welcoming this time and made sure they were very comfortable. She never really apologized to Isadora but treated her better than she used to. Of course I knew it would take her a while to accept reality. ‘’I have something to tell you’’ Isadora whispered to my ears later in the night when we were alone in my room. ‘’what could it be?’’ I asked curiously. ‘’can’t you guess?’’ she asked smiling ‘’hmmmm you have already forgiven me. So what could it then be??’’ I wondered aloud. She softly closed my mouth with her palm. ‘’I’m pregnant. I’m carrying you baby’’ she revealed, leaving me in a wondrous shock. I couldn’t believe I would soon be a father after Jane’s deception.

 The rest of the following week was spent in legal tussles as Isadora went through the processes required by law to have her things back to her name. She equally travelled to her real hometown for the first time where the burial arrangements for her uncle and his family were made. Another interesting find was equally made on Chuka’s death. According to autopsy carried out by the police, it was found out that the boy was stabbed multiple times by four different blades and the depth of the wounds equally showed that he was stabbed with great strength, which gave out a very high possibility that he was stabbed by four men thereby exonerating Isadora but till today the real perpetrators weren’t caught and the police concluded that he probably was attacked by his friends who gained access to the house through the fence knowing the house very well. The fingerprints and DNA gotten from the fence gave them prove but unfortunately none of Chuka’s friends were anywhere to be found. They all mysteriously disappeared from home. Three weeks later, Isadora’s uncle and family were finally buried together. It was really a pitiful sight to behold and everyone present couldn’t help but cry. Life of crime leads to nowhere. Yes at first it could look like a way out of poverty. It could look like an easy way to good life but in the end when payback time comes, you would end up in a worse state. How do you get your life back after killing your way to the top?, of course there is no peace for the wicked and everyone present at the burial needed no preaching to know that life is really nothing when you have no peace of mind. ‘’I really was fond of Chuka, now here he lies beside his family. Five coffins, five corpses’’ Isadora cried bitterly. ‘’I can never really know how he died or what killed him. I also can never know the truth behind my parent’s death. I’m not really satisfied with how things ended but who am I to question God. I knew for sure my uncle killed my parents just to inherit what they had but my head is still filled with questions’’ she cried as I consoled her. 


 Five weeks later, Isadora and I officially got married and months later she gave me a bouncing baby girl that resembled only me *laughs*.

 Yes what an ending it finally was for everyone and yes the good old hunter was never forgotten, Isadora helped him reconcile with his family and equally rewarded him with a good monthly pay. As for Jane’s only surviving brother, all we heard about him were rumors. Some said he was serving a drug related jail term in United States while others said he was living large in Mexico.

 No one actually was sure how he ended up and he equally never showed up till this day. Till this moment, my relationship with Jane and her family still haunts my memory.. Being ambitious is okay but committing crime over ambition is totally wrong. There is nothing sweet as having peace of mind whether you are rich or poor. Sometimes the evil we do may not only come after us but equally after our children.


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