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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 43

Jane’s side of the story continues

 I really was tired of living, tired of life. What’s there to live for when your life is shattered?. My parents never showed up to be with me like expected and Val only spent a night with me at the hospital before disappearing all day. I couldn’t leave my bed nor was I even told anything considering the true state of my health. I knew I was in a mess. I was feeling pains all over. My head ached, my temperature boiled and my legs in a very terrible state. This was never the life I wanted and I prayed for death with all my soul. I refused taking any medication or treatment that very day and violently fought any nurse that dared to show up to attend to me. And when Val finally returned later in the day, one look at him told me that my condition was a hopeless one. I could read his face, his eyes, his lips everything. And nothing he talked that evening was able to calm me down. I badly wanted to die. Due to my refusal to take medications, the pains I felt all over doubled and I felt like someone being burnt alive. But I cared less. I wanted to die. I wanted to leave the world. After staying with me close to two hours, Val announced that he was leaving. I never said a word to him. I just closed my eyes and kept quiet, giving the nurses on duty the opportunity to sedate me. I soon dozed off and found myself in some kind of trance, where mum, dad, my immediate younger and elder brother were all waiting for me in a lonely junction. They smiled, hugged and silently led me towards one of the lonely roads to an unknown destination. It really was like a great family reunion, even though the only person missing was my eldest brother, the first son of the family. Slowly we walked, deeper and deeper into the lonely road. 


Val’s side of the story continues 

had a very restless evening and night. Yes I had a lot going through my head. I couldn’t spend another night with Jane at the hospital because I needed to be with my mother whose health equally wasn’t as strong as it used to be and with all that was happening I needed to be close to her. Isadora’s behavior equally was another thing that occupied my mind later that night as I tried to force myself to sleep. The young girl just made it look as if I abandoned her to her fate without really caring to know all I have been going through. Nevertheless I was really very happy that she was free at last and I also couldn’t help but wonder where she currently was. As my mind slowly drifted towards Jane’s missing parents, sleep took over my body.


My ringing phone woke me at exactly 5:05am, leaving me a bit uneasy as I struggled to mutter ‘’hello’’ ‘’its nurse Theresa, please can you come over to the hospital. I’m sorry but your woman is dead’’ the young nurse announced over the phone, chilling my entire body with the news. I couldn’t talk for some seconds. I couldn’t even breathe. It was difficult to believe Jane was dead. It was such a horrible imagination. I couldn’t help but wonder how her parents would take the news when they finally hear of it, Jane plus their two sons in the morgue? Whatever crime they did in the past, it really was such a horrible way to pay. I managed to get myself to the hospital early that morning and just like the nurse told me, Jane was clearly dead. I felt like throwing up. I felt empty. I was scared. ‘’who could be next?’’ I wondered with great fear as I looked around searching for the spirit of misfortune. 


 I was still at the hospital trying to clear the bills when Mr. Simon and officer Magu showed up, taking me by surprise. ‘’what’s up officer?’’ I managed to ask with a controlled tone. I was still shaking all over. ‘’I’m sorry but I have to tell you this irrespective of the situation’’ officer Magu muttered seriously, leaving me more cold with curiosity. ‘’what again?’’ I asked nervously. ‘’The couple we are searching for are dead. Their car skidded off the road and somersaulted into a ditch along Benin Agbor road yesterday according to the federal marshals that first got to the scene. The car plate number and the man’s driver’s license was used to contact the Enugu police division who quickly forwarded the news to us. I’m sorry Val’’ the officer narrated, drawing close to tap my shoulder. I couldn’t believe my ears. It was all like a dream. I couldn’t even say a word. Sweat took over my entire body. ‘’the only surviving son of the family is nowhere to be found. Do you know where he might be?’’ he asked curiously but I really didn’t know because I barely was close to the guy. The last I heard about him from Jane, he disappeared after a little disagreement with the father. ‘’I really don’t know’’ I managed to stammer. ‘’in that case miss Isadora would stand in as the next of kin till any member of the extended family shows up which I doubt. Moreover the girl hasn’t been answering her phone after she was set free yesterday. Where could she be??’’ the officer asked as if I knew. Really my head felt like exploding. Jane, her parents and two brothers all dead. Isadora missing.

 To be continued

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