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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 42

Val’s side of the story continues from the last scene of the previous episode

 ‘’your house is surrounded by the police. You have five minutes to open your gate and surrender. 

Don’t let us make this bloody. 

Open your gate, come out and let’s end this charade. You have nothing to gain by getting yourself locked up inside’’ the police chief shouted over the mega phone while the other officers stood and observed keenly. ‘’you have five minutes to open your gate. Whatever problem you are having I can assure you we will settle things amicably’’ the officer continued, trying his best to talk the occupants of the house into surrendering. It really was a move that pissed me off because I thought he was just wasting time but after a little silence, the gate was thrown open, greatly leaving me surprised. The hungry looking gateman slowly walked out with his right hand raised while his left hand held tightly to a double barrel gun but he was quickly taken down by the officers standing close to the gate. ‘’I didn’t know it was the police. My oga (boss) ordered me to shoot anybody that tries to come into the house. I didn’t know it was the police’’ he pleaded in Pidgin English as he was handcuffed. ‘’how many people are in the house?’’ the police chief asked as he wiped out sweat from his forehead. ‘’only me sir’’ he replied, leaving everyone shocked. ‘’only you huh? where is your boss’’ officer Magu quickly asked. ‘’he left with his wife hours ago after giving me orders to lock the gate and shoot anyone that tries to come in’’ he explained in pidgin. The officers couldn’t believe their ears. Of course it’s hard to accept being played ‘’Magu go with two teams into the house and search everywhere’’ the police chief ordered while I impatiently waited. I couldn’t believe the old man already fled with his wife. I knew it would be difficult to catch him if it turned out to be true. Ten minutes later, the officers that went into the house appeared all sweating heavily. ‘’no one is in the house sir’’ officer Magu breathed heavily while I gnashed my teeth. ‘’dam.n they played us and bought enough time to get away’’ the police chief breathed furiously. ‘’get their pictures we will inform every single police unit, border police, immigration, customs, every security agency. They can’t play us and go scot free’’ 

he muttered furiously, jumped into his car and zoomed off. ‘’so what now?’’ I asked Mr. Simon weakly. I was far from happy. ‘’without arresting the man or his wife we still have nothing. But could they really flee like that?, abandoning their two sons in the morgue?’’ I lamented. ‘’Don’t give up yet, moreover Isadora is currently at the hospital receiving treatment, from there she would be allowed to go home on the condition that she would show up whenever invited’’ he informed me, leaving a big smile on my face. ‘’that’s good to know. Which hospital; is she in?’’ I asked curiously. ‘’I can take you there’’ he offered. Fifteen minutes later, we arrived at the hospital and made our way to the ward where she was admitted. Of course I was in high spirit. I had a lot to tell her. I felt she would be very happy to see me but I was mistaken. On sighting me she quickly went into frenzy. ‘’you finally showed up huh? I’m not dead yet. Get out’’ she screamed, leaving me totally shocked. Nothing Mr. Simon or the nurses around could do to calm her. The girl just poured out all her anger on me and after uneasily hanging around for two hours I had to leave and head back to the hospital where Jane was admitted. And on getting to the hospital another form of news was waiting for me. ‘’I’m sorry sir but your woman hasn’t been herself since you left. She feels abandoned and we tried everything to calm her but failed. She hasn’t eaten anything nor allowed us give her medications. Thank God you are here. 

Please  see if you can calm her’’ the nurse on duty informed me.. I nervously walked into the ward to see Jane looking terrifyingly haggard. She looked very pale and untidy as if she had been attacking herself. She could better be described to look like zombies seen in foreign horror movies. I breathed deeply as I approached her bed. 

‘’Val I want to die. It’s over. I feel terrible. You have been away all day. My parents were are they? I don’t feel alright. I want to die’’ she cried as I got close to her.

 I couldn’t help but feel a sickening sensation. 

‘’stop this madness. I beg of you’’

 I pleaded softly.

 ‘’Just look at me, I feel nothing, no one tells me anything. I’m just like a vegetable. I won’t last a week.

 I’m already dead inside’’ she cried softly, touching my heart with her words. I really felt for her.

 A tear dropped from my eye.

To be continued

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