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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 41

Val’s side of the story continues

 I couldn’t believe all that was happening were so very real. I prayed for it to be just a nightmare. The things happening were really much and happening at a very fast pace. I couldn’t sleep that night neither could I get myself to break such horrible news to Jane. Of course a lot had happened over a short period of time. I couldn’t help but wonder how she would take the news. And really because of all that was happening, I kept my feelings concerning her fake pregnancy to myself. Very early the next morning I got a call from Mr. Simon (my private detective), urging me to come over his office right away. ‘’I’m really very busy sir, can’t you tell me whatever it is through the phone?’’ I asked curiously, taking a quick look at Jane. Yes I really never knew I could put up spending the night with her at the hospital. It was something I never imagined I could do. ‘’it’s about the case I have been working for you. I’m almost done with it. We tracked down the truck driver that ran over Isadora and her people and after my men worked on him he confessed doing the job for a man who turned out to be the right hand man of the girl’s uncle. The two men have been handed over to the police and we have everything under tape. I just need you in my office right away so that we can proceed with the next stage’’ he explained while my heart blew up with great feeling of relief. I couldn’t believe my ears. ‘’I’m coming right away’’ I breathed excitedly, forgetting Jane I was watching over. ‘’where are you going to?’’ she quickly asked as soon as I dropped my phone. ‘’’aww I’m going to pick up a parcel I have been waiting for a long while. I will be back shortly’’ I lied, smiled and left the room without waiting for her reply. Of course I was anxious to get home, freshen up and head to Mr. Simon’s office to conclude the case. Perhaps with the breakthrough we could even be able to get Isadora out of jail. I reasoned happily. An hour later @ Mr. Simon’s office ‘’so what now?’’ I asked as I nervously faced the old man who smiled as he filled a small cup with tea. ‘’care to have some?’’ he asked, ignoring my question while I forced myself to relax. He sipped his tea for a while before drawing back on his chair. ‘’most of the guys at the state police CID are my friends. We have worked together in many cases. I will have to talk to their chief and have Isadora’s case transferred to their best detective. With the evidence I have gotten so far I believe they will honor my request. We already have all we need to clamp down on her uncle and I have good reason to believe that the man is responsible for everything that happened from the beginning when the poor girl lost her parents. I really just pray the man confesses but even if he doesn’t, we can still pin him down with the other murders. So let’s head over to the state CID. I also hope you know you contracted me just to investigate this case but I’m already doing more than that?’’ he added playfully while I smiled . ‘’of course what are friends for?’’ I answered. Just like he promised, Mr. Simon got the best detective in the state police criminal department to take over Isadora’s case and I couldn’t help but admire the man more as I saw how the police officers in the department respected him. Assuming I didn’t know him well I would have thought he was even a senior police officer. Anyway he was a retired DSS guy and the two departments were known to cooperate very well. Around 1pm, Mr. Magu, who was the new officer assigned Isadora’s case, led three other junior officers and together we headed to Isadora’s uncle’s mansion to pick him up for questioning. Of course the confessional statements from his men which Mr. Simon recorded were enough to turn the whole case around and it was just matter of time for everything to end. On getting to the mansion, we found the gate locked from inside which showed that people were inside the house. After knocking for several minutes, the officer asked one of his men to scale the fence and open the gate and that was when the unimaginable happened. As the young officer got to the top of the fence a single shot rang out from the house, sending him down. Luckily the bullet missed but he wounded from the fall. Another young officer made to scale the fence and another shot rang out, grazing his arm and leaving him totally terrified. ‘’stand down boys. We can’t go in like that. Seems like the man knew we were coming and is fully prepared for us. I have to call the chief and request for backup’’ the officer said to his boys as he radioed for help. In fifteen minutes about five police Hilux trucks zoomed in, including men of the anti terror squad. I watched with mouth open as they wore their amour, loaded their riffles and prepared to storm the house. The fat well fed police chief soon showed up breathing heavily as he jumped out of his car. ‘’I don’t want this to end with bloodshed. We have to go by the book. Hope the house is surrounded?’’ he asked officer Magu who nodded quickly. ‘’fine corporal, get me the megaphone, let me try and talk to the people inside’’ he ordered a junior officer who quickly ran and fetched a battery microphone with speaker. I watched the old man impatiently. All I wanted was for them to storm the house but he wasting time. The whole street was now filled with onlookers as everyone tried to narrate to his neighbor their own side of what was happening. I really couldn’t believe Isadora’s uncle was willing to go too far just to evade justice but what he was doing was really foolish unless he had something else planned.

To be continued

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