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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 40

Jane’s side of the story continues

 I slowly opened my eyes to see Val and two nurses standing over me. The stench of drugs and the pain I felt all over my body clearly told me I was still alive and in the hospital.

 Slowy i remembered all that happened moments ago, Val’s annoying attitude, questions and everything. I knew I was never going to get away with everything so easily but I never expected ending up in the hospital. I bit my lips as I painfully tried to get up but couldn’t. I tried to move my body but still couldn’t. I could even feel a thick bandage over my neck. I realized that moment that I was seriously injured.

 ‘’relax dear. You are lucky to be alive.

You are a lucky and strong lady.

A car knocked you down but you survived’’ a nurse tried cheering me up. ‘’I survived huh? Look at me? I’m in pains. I can’t even move’’ I managed to stammer, very surprised that I could even talk even though it took me great effort. I needed no telling that I was badly hurt. Oh yes I survived but I felt I would never be my old self again.

‘’dear lord please forgive me’’

I lamented as tears flowed down freely from my eyes. I really had lived a life of lies and deception and I felt perhaps it was time to pay for everything I had done.

 But then things I did in the past were done for my family, for my future and for my survival.

 I wasn’t any different from others. We all do things to survive, including terrible things.

 ‘’Val do you think I’m going to get better?’’ I managed to ask Val who was yet to say a word to me.

 I could read his eyes. I could read his facial expression and what I saw wasn’t encouraging at all.

‘’Val my love’’ I managed to stammer. ‘’its okay you have to rest. You still have a lot of time to talk to your Val’’ the other nurse quickly chipped in as she stuck a syringe in my vein. Slowly I dozed off.

Val’s side of the story continues

I stared at Jane with great pity. She was badly hurt and all the doctor could do was to stop the bleeding from the head, neck and leg wound she got. She still needed to be transferred to a bigger hospital.

‘’once she’s stable you will have to take her to an orthopedic hospital.

You  can see her right leg was badly shattered and the left leg isn’t any better’’ the doctor had informed me earlier.

Yes everything happened so fast and I just didn’t know the kind of explanation to give her family. I was still busy with my thoughts when Jane’s mother and immediate elder brother walked in. The woman just couldn’t control herself and cried profusely.

‘’what is happening to my family?’’

 she cried bitterly.

 I tried my best to console her but did a bad job of it. ‘’you just have to be strong. Jane is very strong and will get better. Tomorrow I will come over to the house to explain things. I promise to take care of your daughter.
will be spending the night here with her’’

I even promised. Finally around 9:45pm she and her son left, after spending a great deal of time with us. However one surprising thing I discovered with her visit was that she kept insinuating that the things currently happening in her family wasn’t ordinary. I hardly believed in superstition but the way she kept insisting on it made me to kind of agree with her. But then instead of believing that someone was behind their predicament, I felt it was the sins of the past coming back for justice. An hour after they left, my mother called me on phone with another shocking news, ‘’have you heard?’’ she asked with a worried tone, while my heart froze with fear. ‘’hope you are alright mum?’’ I asked curiously. ‘’yes I’m fine but my good friend Jane’s mother isn’t’’ she replied as I wondered what the old woman must have done this time. Of course I knew she wasn’t herself after seeing her daughter but I felt she had her temper in control before leaving.

‘’talk to me mother, what happened?’’

I ask again.

 ‘’on her way back to the house they were attacked by armed robbers. Her son who was driving tried to avoid them but he ended up getting shot.

 The boy is dead’’ mum wailed over the phone chilling my heart with the heartbreaking news. I couldn’t talk for ten good minutes. ‘’what is happening?’’

 I couldn’t help but ask myself over and over as I realized that Jane now had only one surviving brother left.

To be continued

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