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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 39

Isadora’s side of the story continues from the last scene

‘’so what do you have to say to my offer young girl?’’ the officer asked curiously, smiling to ease me into talking.

I could feel he was very sure I was going to accept his offer.

‘’but sir I didn’t kill him. I swear I didn’t stab my cousin.

The murderer is still out there walking freely. I’m being set up’’ I cried. The officer drew back on his chair. I could tell he was totally disappointed. ‘’listen young lady, we have already closed the case and the only way you can help yourself is by confessing to the crime. If not, by Monday we will have to take you to court and let the judge decide if you are guilty or not. You should also know that you will be remanded in prison custody throughout the duration of your trial’’

He warned, standing up.

‘’you have from now till Monday to make up your mind girl” he added while I cried with great despair. ‘’Where is justice? Where is justice?’’ I cried The days leading to Monday were very agonizing and full of bitterness. I was lost, hopeless and pained. No one cared to visit or ask of me, including Val and I felt abandoned. You can’t even believe that at a time, a part of me wanted to confess a crime I never committed. Yes I was so terribly demoralized and it really was by god’s grace that I survived till Monday. However fortunately or should I say unfortunately I couldn’t be taken to court that Monday because I got so terribly sick that the officers in charge had to rush me to the hospital. Perhaps it was the stench of the police cell, the starvation I went through plus the fear of uncertainty that combined and broke me down. Maybe if the officers had hesitated in taking me to the hospital, I wouldn’t have lived beyond that Monday. However I got another shocking revelation when I finally regained a part of myself in the hospital. I regained consciousness to see a middle aged lady standing before me with a smile on her face. ‘’welcome back my dear?, do you know you are pregnant?’’ she asked softly while my mind grew blank again. I never expected it.

‘’are you sure ?’’


‘’when last did you see your monthly thing?’’ she asked as I swallowed hard.

Val’s side of the story continues (same evening @ Val’s house)

Jane walked into my room with a smile on her face. I forced myself to smile as well. ‘’mum really gave us a scare. Thank God she’s fine now. The doctor just left’’ she informed me while I nodded. Yes my mother really gave us a scare the evening she was rushed to the hospital but fortunately she only spent a night at the hospital and since then the doctor had been coming over to the house every evening to check up on her. I equally had no choice than to move back to the house to be close to her.

‘’so how far?’’ she asked after a little silence. ‘’I promised mum that we are going to legalize our marriage and I will go through with it but don’t expect anything else. I’m not going to sleep with you again and I equally won’t promise to be fateful to you. It’s left for you to decide if you are going to live with it’’ I breathed while she bit her lips and stood up with anger.

‘’you are so cruel and heartless. Have I ever wronged you?. Maybe I should just stop being hopeful and let you be’’ she breathed furiously, hissed and headed out of the room. As soon as she left, my conscience started hurting me. Of course I knew I was overly harsh and insensitive with my comment and had to apologize

I slowly headed to her room and walked in without knocking, since the door was open but the sight that greeted me was something I never expected. She was sitting on her bed holding a pack of sanitary pads and with the way she reacted on noticing my presence I quickly concluded things in my head.

‘’I thought you are pregnant?’’

I asked with wide eyes. She quickly dropped the pack and stood up arrogantly.

‘’after insulting me in your room, you followed me here to continue right? Perhaps coming back to this house wasn’t cool after all’’ she hissed and walked out on me, avoiding my question. But instead of letting her be, I followed her after a little hesitation.

On noticing that I was after her, she increased her pace, and headed out of the compound before I could get to her. I still went after her, determined to get whatever she had up in her head. I caught up with her right outside the gate as she faced the busy street, waiting for a good time to cross the road. I grabbed her hand.

‘’you didn’t have to leave the house because of a simple question. Now you have gotten my full attention and curiosity. Tell me, what you are up to?’’ I asked with a slightly raised tone but instead of replying she forcefully snatched her hand and unfortunately did it with great pressure. I wasn’t really holding her as tight as I ought to. Then the force and perhaps the bad air within us made her step into the traffic without paying attention to danger as she tried to escape me.

I screamed to warn her but unfortunately I was a bit late as a fast moving taxi sent her flying in the air.

To be continued

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