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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 37

Val’s side of the story continues 

same day I was in my room working on a story when my mother walked in looking very agitated. I curiously stared at her. She sat on the bed and breathed deeply. ‘’Jane lost her brother this morning. Her mother just called to inform me’’ she softly muttered. I gasped with disbelief. ‘’I was told Isadora stabbed him to death. I didn’t really quite get the story but I think we should go visit them’’ she added while I instantly nodded in agreement. ‘’yes let’s go right away’’ I breathed. 


 Few minutes later we arrived at Jane’s house where some neighbors and sympathizers were already gathered to show their condolences. The place looked very gloomy as if the messenger of death was still very much present.
 Jane ran to my mother to hug her as soon as she noticed our presence. ‘’she killed my brother. She took his life’’ she cried while I looked on, finding it so difficult to comprehend all that was happening. I knew Isadora was no murderer and I couldn’t help but imagine what played down there earlier in the day. ‘’you won’t hug me? You won’t talk to me?’’ 

Jane suddenly asked me, gaining my attention. I breathed deeply, drew close and hugged her.

‘’I’m really sorry my dear. How did it happen?’’ I softly asked. 

‘’only the da.mned girl knows the truth. I was out shopping with mum when we got a call to rush back home. We came home to find my brother dead on her bed’’ she narrated softly. 

‘’where is she now?’’ I asked ‘’she’s being detained at the state CID’’ she slowly replied, sobbing softly. 

‘’my dear maybe you can come back and stay with us at my house. At least to get back yourself’’ mum suddenly suggested, not caring to know how I felt. Jane curiously stared at me but I said nothing. 


 An hour later, I found myself at the state CID, facing Isadora. She was barely six hours in there but looked as if she had been there for months. ‘’I’m really surprised you came so quickly’’ she breathed, looking down. I smiled and shrugged as I slowly remembered how much she avoided me during the few weeks she was in her uncle’s house. ‘’I’m here because I still care’’ I muttered. She looked up at me with eyes filled with tears. ‘’I’m so ashamed of myself. I should have listened to you. I thought living with them would stop all the horrors happening around me but I was wrong’’ she sobbed.

 ‘’believe me, I didn’t kill my cousin. The boy came into my room bleeding heavily. Yes He died in my room but no one believes my side of the story’’ she nervously explained. 

‘’you just played into their hands girl. I can’t believe they could go all out to kill one of their own just to nail you. I doubt if you would be getting out of this so easily. It was well planned out’’ 
I murmured thoughtfully. ‘’do you think they killed him? I really don’t know what to believe. No one was in the house when it happened and the boy kind of muttered something about trying to back out of a group’’ she chipped in slowly.

 ‘’just tell me everything. How it happened. Don’t miss a single detail’’ I requested seriously, grabbing her hands. ‘’thank you for still believing in me Val. You are a true friend’’ she breathed with eyes filled with tears after narrating her side of the story. ‘’I promise to get you out. I will get the private investigator to work on this case as well. You can’t imagine the breakthrough we are already having in the other case’’ I promised. ‘’you are the only hope I have now. Please help me. Also do check up on my siblings at home, I beg of you’’ she begged. 


 Isadora’s side of the story continues

 Val was really a true friend. He gave me hope when there was none and no matter how hopeful I was, I really couldn’t tell how long I was going to stay detained. I could feel I was going to be there for a long time. Yes Val was the only hope I had for the meantime and I couldn’t help but regret most of the actions I took in the past. Hours after Val left, I was called out again to meet an ugly looking detective who introduced himself as inspector Adams. He made me a very surprising offer. ‘’girl you know you are going down? We already checked out the crime scene and you did a good work by concealing everything and confusing us with what we saw but that’s in the past. I want us to reach a deal. A girl like you can’t survive our cell for weeks talk more of a strenuous court case and a life time in prison. You can avoid all that by confessing to me. Just confess how you killed the young boy and we can help you prove it was done in self defense. I promise you will spend only a night here and be free tomorrow. You will never get a better deal my dear’’ the officer offered with a smile, leaving me totally confused with his offer. ‘’how do I confess a crime I didn’t commit?’’

To be continued

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