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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 36

Isadora’s side of the story continues

‘’I guess I will have to talk with my superiors and then transfer the case to the CID guys. They should be in better position to ascertain what actually happened’’ the police officer muttered thoughtfully.

‘’and how about her?’’ Jane’s mum asked, nodding towards my direction.

‘’yes she will remain detained’’’ he quickly replied while my heart froze. I couldn’t say a single word. I was so terribly devastated.
‘’how did I get here?’’ I couldn’t help but ask myself.

‘’I will be right back, you guys might have to wait for a little while though’’ the officer added, jotted down something into a note book and headed out without another word.

‘’I didn’t stab Chuka, please you should believe me’’ I tried to beg my cousin and her mother but all they did was just to sigh and walk away. They headed outside the building, leaving me all alone.

I bit my lips as I slowly remembered Val’s efforts in trying to make me not to live with my uncle. I only ignored his pleas because I was tired of getting people close to me killed and to discover some secrets about my life but unfortunately I ended up falling into another bigger pit.

Jane’s side of the story continues

‘’do you really think Isadora killed my brother?’’ I softly asked my mother as soon as we were alone outside the police building. She shrugged and breathed deeply.

‘’I really don’t know what to believe my dear. The girl is strongly denying it but you and I know the kind of boy Chuka was and you equally saw how close they were getting. I believe my fears came to past as hoped. Chuka must have tried acting funny with her and she probably stabbed him in self defense and hid the weapon to make it look like he was stabbed somewhere else’’ she replied thoughtfully while I breathed deeply. I very much knew Chuka and Isadora were getting along very fine to everyone’s surprise and the new change in him was equally very noticeable, thus the sudden twist of things really stunned me a whole lot. I had strong doubts concerning his death. I felt my mother was just being blinded with rage and I strongly had the feeling Isadora was saying the truth. However I also needed the girl out of the way and it was a very good opportunity to get rid of her once and for all.

‘’what if the CID guys examines the crime scene and comes up with something funny?’’ I curiously asked my mother after a little silence.

‘’what’s still holding your father? Can’t he leave his business meeting for once and focus on his family’’ she complained, avoiding my question. I said nothing else, instead kept quiet and thought of the future. I knew Isadora was finally going down and I couldn’t help but imagine how Val would feel. Moreover it was time to come up with a story about losing my pregnancy or perhaps find another way to get pregnant?. I reasoned.


Thirty minutes later, we arrived home with the crime lab guys from state CID. They quickly got to work, checking the whole compound and questioning the gateman. Dad soon arrived and joined us at the garage where we waited for the police to do their work.

‘’I really don’t know whether to be happy or sad. Chuka is not the son any man would be proud of but perhaps he came to us for a reason and now he has done his part. Isadora will never get away with this. I swear’’ he breathed furiously as tears dropped from his eyes. I drew close and hugged him.

‘’me too I really still don’t know how to take my brother’s death’’ I sobbed. The head of the investigative unit showed up that moment, looking very serious.
‘’so what’s up officer?’’ dad asked quickly. The officer shrugged.

‘’ we still can’t’ determine the primary crime scene between the two rooms. There is more blood in the girl’s room than in your late son’s room but going by the girl’s statement and your wife’s statement it didn’t come as a surprise. However there isn’t any indication of a fight or struggle in any of the rooms which kind of proves that she might not have committed the offence in self defense nor committed the crime at all. Unless maybe your son never saw it coming or someone stronger did the job. But then your gateman equally said no one came into the house at that period, however it looks like someone did gain access through your backyard fence to the house, someone probably very familiar with the house. We noticed some alterations on the fence and it looks fresh. Then judging with the girl’s height, I doubt she could be able to do such a thing on her own nor would such idea occur to her under such short space of time to make it look like someone came in through the fence no matter how smart she is. Though I’m not ruling out anything yet and according to your wife the girl had the time and motive to plan everything’’ the officer explained.
‘’that girl grew up under the toughest living condition. She grew up in the village and escaped death many times. She’s stronger than most men. She killed my son officer and you must do everything to make her pay. You understand?’’ my dad kind of barked.

‘’I understand sir but we can’t just conclude yet. Moreover we need your son’s phone. We need to talk to his friends. We have our way. Where can I find his phone?’’ the officer asked dad who threw a quick look at mum.

‘’I think the girl hid his phone or something. You have to ask her’’ mum quickly answered while I gasped at her lie. She very much knew I was with Chuka’s phone but I understood the reason she lied because the more the police continued to pock nose on irrelevant things, the more chance of them finding something incriminating against Chuka and my family.

Isadora must rot in jail at all cost.

To be continued

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