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The Homeless Girl

Isadora-Episode 35

Val’s side of the story continues from previous episode (same day)

Scene : Mr Simon’s office (the private investigator)
‘’so how is the task going? I haven’t heard from you in a long while’’ I asked the old man as I sat facing him in his office. He smiled and leaned back on his chair.

‘’we are making great progress Val. We have been able to track down the truck that ran over Isadora and her family to a ware house belonging to her uncle. It really took quite an effort to pull off but I have the best team, so just relax and wait for us to conclude every stage of the investigation. Once we are done, you will have all you need. Give me more time’’ he replied while I smiled and nodded.

‘’that’s good but I need you guys to hurry. As long as she is in that house, she will continue being in great danger. I just don’t know what made her to move in with them in the first place’’ I poured out breathlessly.

‘’you have done enough already for the girl. She’s an adult and she’s free to do whatever she wants. Don’t get yourself too involved in her situation’’ he advised. I stood up, shook hands with him and left.

Yes I really was happy the way the investigation was going but I was scared things might not end the way I wanted, moreover Isadora was being too stubborn for my liking and if not that I had already gotten involved would have just left her to fight her battles alone.


Meanwhile back at the house, Isadora is seen still trying to revive the lifeless body of Chuka as she waited for his parents to show up. In few minutes Jane and her mother barged in, looking extremely terrified…

Isadora’s side of the story continues

‘’what happened?, what happened to him?’’ Jane’s mother anxiously asked as she grabbed the lifeless body of her son, shaking him with great energy. The look of fear and anxiety in her was way too much. I equally was totally at lost. For some seconds I couldn’t mutter anything.

‘’he rushed into my room bleeding heavily. He muttered some incoherent words before collapsing. I can’t really tell what happened to him’’ I nervously explained.

‘’call the gateman, we have to take him to the hospital right away’’ she said to Jane who instantly dashed out of the room.

‘’he was stabbed, my son was badly stabbed. Oh my god don’t let Chuka die’’ she cried as she examined his wounds. I couldn’t do anything than stare. I had never experienced such a terribly horrific scene in my life.

The gateman soon showed up with Jane and together we carried Chuka’s lifeless body to the car and headed straight to a private hospital down the street but on getting there the doctor confirmed him dead.

‘’I’m sorry madam but your son is dead, there is nothing I can do to revive him. We will have to move him to our morgue if you approve and then you go make a police report’’ he said to the terrified woman who threw herself on the floor and wailed out her heart. You can’t imagine the state I was in that moment. Confusion, fear, regrets and tension all came together and took control of my body. I couldn’t say a word and no one cared to talk to me. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through the minds of Jane and her mother.

Unfortunately I didn’t have to wait long to know because as soon as we got to the police station to file the report I got the biggest shock of my life. There and then I was accused of stabbing Chuka to death.

‘’this little witch here stabbed my son to death. She’s my husband’s niece and the only one close to my son after she came to live with us few weeks ago. I can’t tell what happened between them but my son died on her bed. Please torture her for me, get the truth from her. Her motive is to destroy my family’’ she screamed and cried at the police station and trust the Nigerian police, the officer on duty instantly pounced on me as if I was an armed robber and dragged me to the back of the counter where I was forced to sit on the floor.

‘’I didn’t stab him, I had no knife with me. You guys need to go back to the house and follow the trail of blood to see things for yourself. He came to my room bleeding’’ I pleaded desperately.

‘’is the body still in the house?’’ the officer asked Jane’s mum, surprising me with the strange question.

‘’no he’s at the morgue now’’ she sobbed, narrating her side of the story over again.

‘’very well then young girl you will have a lot of talking to do because the crime scene has already been corrupted and there is no way we can tell if he was bleeding before getting to your room. Moreover you look like a sharp girl and you definitely had the time and space to hide the crime weapon and set things to look like he bled to your room’’ the officer said while tears instantly filled up my eyes. Of course I realized that moment that the officer would prefer following the less strenuous job of playing along with my accuser than carrying out a thorough investigation.

‘’officer I know my son wasn’t a very good boy. He must have tried doing something to her and she stabbed him to death. I’m sure he never left the house and I’m sure nobody else came to the house to stab him’’ the old woman chipped in quickly

‘’but you were not at home, how would you know. It’s better to ask the gateman. He might know something’’ I sobbed. The officer stared at Jane’s mum and I as he probably tried to figure out the next line of action. Surprisingly Jane never uttered a single word all through the confusion and my uncle equally was yet to show up.

To be continued

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